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~Hack~ Super Luigi Land


Posted: 08 Dec, 2019 20:31
Last Edit: 08 Dec, 2019 20:39
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Created 8 Dec, 2019 20:31 by

1. Super Luigi Land Rev. 11-20-2019.sfc
bps Patch + Super Mario World (USA).sfc [B19ED489]
RA Checksum: d2f9e515fc4a0fcaaeee14dc593df26e
CRC32 Checksum: D5994137


Posted: 08 Dec, 2019 20:46
Last Edit: 20 May, 2020 11:55
Added save protection, now it's 100% safe.

The patch modifies the original rom.
Link to patch: CLICK HERE

Posted: 12 Dec, 2019 01:26
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Posted: 13 Dec, 2019 23:02
This set is completed!

Posted: 18 Dec, 2019 13:11
Last Edit: 18 Dec, 2019 13:11

Posted: 30 Dec, 2019 19:13
Last Edit: 30 Dec, 2019 20:00
Mastered the set very recently. Thanks for doing it! Another cool SMW hack, this Gamma V dude does some good content. Gonna drop some feedback on how I think some minor things could be improved:

Demote these very simple achievements (, , , , and ) because people who play hacks don't feel like these are achievements anymore.

Have upgraded to 5 points because it's not our usual Super Mario World bonus room, it's custom and it's not super easy to get the 1-up. Have the switches achievements (, etc.) upgraded from 1 to 3 points, as they're kinda hidden in the game.

Would have every , and achievements worth 5 instead of 10. This hack is a regular difficulty hack, these are single stage challenges, they're not that hard, specially once you get a fire flower or cape upgrade. The only one I would have at 10 is , which is a longer and tougher stage, with a difficult boss.

Enjoyed the series and think they're fair at 10 points, same about .

Posted: 09 Feb, 2020 12:05
Proposing a rescore for this, because it's a long 110 exit hack and has less than 300 points.

above should go 1>3 since every switch is a secret in a secret stage

above should go 1>5, you have 1 in 5 chance of getting it, so you can get it late or early in the game, depends on luck

above should go 25>50, since it a completion achievement, even vanilla SMW one is worth 50, and has less exits and is easier

Posted: 15 Sep, 2020 00:41
This hack is really good.
I would suggest to add progression achievements.
Actually you have nothing to access a new level or beating a boss or a sub boss.


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