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πŸ’€The Big Achievement 2020πŸ’€

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Posted: 01 Mar, 2020 07:49
Added Ikari Warriors II.

DuckTales has been mastered well over a hundred times.

Posted: 01 Mar, 2020 18:30
Last Edit: 03 Mar, 2020 02:10
It's been a short time since I decided to earn retro points and this challenge sound great for it. I'd like to add something to the list. This game can be very challenging also one of my favorite platformers.


Posted: 02 Mar, 2020 00:25
Oh. Okay.

So how about Virtual Boy Wario Land?

Posted: 02 Mar, 2020 01:15
hmm... Flappy on the 2600

Posted: 02 Mar, 2020 04:08
What about Yo! Noid for NES?

Childhood favorite of mine.

Posted: 02 Mar, 2020 15:36
Last Edit: 02 Mar, 2020 17:50
(my mistake, you are the #10)

The very first rule:
a game with less than 10 masters

Posted: 02 Mar, 2020 20:50
There's some cheevos from Yo Noid that haven't been earned. Am I missing something?

Posted: 03 Mar, 2020 02:20
Last Edit: 03 Mar, 2020 02:23
On a gamepage you can see high scores which is actually masters according to the points of any set. If the points shown are differents than softcore plus hardcore that means the game have been mastered less than ten times. So, if any game has 400 points for softcore plus 400 points for hardcore, its high scores should be 800 points.

Posted: 03 Mar, 2020 05:02
Flappy hasn't been mastered much. I've completed it, but not quite mastered.

Posted: 03 Mar, 2020 05:03
Update: NVM. Flappy has been mastered a ton.

Posted: 04 Mar, 2020 17:55
"won by 0" is visual bug when the first achiever was a cheater and was banned.

Posted: 05 Mar, 2020 08:35
How do you determine if an user is cheating or not? Most of sets are protected against cheating and retroarch disable hardcore mode automatically when using them. Can you detect others method of cheating?

Posted: 05 Mar, 2020 14:40
Last Edit: 05 Mar, 2020 14:41
Wah! I've mastered Turok 2 but there are 2 achievements that won't pop for me. Submitted tickets for them but am I screwed if they don't get fixed by the end of the month?

Posted: 06 Mar, 2020 04:53
Never mind, with a bit of detective work I have finally become the first to get the 800 on Turok 2!!!
(What a cool guy)

Posted: 26 Mar, 2020 02:58
Last Edit: 26 Mar, 2020 03:03
πŸ’€ The current bi-weekly cheevo is - participants have until 23:59 GMT April 7th to earn it and receive their TBA2020 point πŸ’€
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