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Final Fight

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Posted: 20 Jun, 2014 01:42
Last Edit: 24 Jan, 2020 03:36
Official Topic Post for discussion about
Created 20 Jun, 2014 02:42 by

1. Final Fight (USA).smc (headerless USA original ROM) *MAIN*
Final Fight (U) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: f638224ce95e2101c2948edf7569ac73
CRC32 Checksum: 4cab21db

2. Final Fight - MSU-1 - (Sega CD By Pepillopev) [ff_msu1].sfc
RA Checksum: 85360c27567caad1a33967b513789c45
CRC32 Checksum: 961E765E

3. Final Fight (USA).sfc (no-intro with MSU-1, 2019-06-03 version)
RA Checksum: 2bca7c39496dd6f8d09eb1c8237f35fa
CRC32 Checksum: F8DBAEE1


Linked files updated by

Posted: 20 Jun, 2014 01:45
Do we want to keep the current box art, or assign the proper one?

Posted: 20 Jun, 2014 08:20
Last Edit: 20 Jun, 2014 08:22
The current box art is the wrong game so it needs to be changed. Cheers for the pointer.


updated with correct box art.

Posted: 24 Sep, 2014 20:56
Achievement Suggestions

Get a Knife
Get a Sword
Get a Pipe

Find a Chicken
Find a Hamburger
Find a Pizza
Find a Sushi
Find a Pineapple
Find a Apple
Find a Orange
Find a Beer
Find a Soft Drink
Find Whiskey
Find Gum
Find a Diamond
Find a Gold Bar
Find a Ruby
Find a Necklace
Find a Dollar
Find a Yen
Find a Hat
Find a Radio
Find a Hammer

Posted: 19 Jul, 2015 15:59
The achievement list seems to be in line with Final Fight for the PS3 (whatever the package name for that list is). So it's fine.

Posted: 31 Jul, 2017 20:47
Rich Presence Done.

Posted: 25 Aug, 2017 20:41
Last Edit: 25 Aug, 2017 21:53
List of demoted achievements with the reason of demotion:

Crude code, making achievement unlocking on next stage, instead while clearing the actual stage. Achievement was demoted because the new version took a lot more time to be done then the old one, not much of the effort is needed to regain it, and you will regain it regardless, going for the new content.
Same as above
Same as above
Same as above
Same as above
This was unnecessary freebie achievement for passing through the Bonus Stage even if you failed
Same as above
Duplicate of
Redundand ultimately (for the new concept of the set)
Same as above
Same as above
Same as above

Posted: 27 Aug, 2017 15:10
Last Edit: 29 Aug, 2017 01:55
I'm moving a game wall conversation verbatim as there was not enough space there for it and it was obstructing others' comments.

27 Aug 12:01 russolini77 I thought you had developed a way of making a game have a separate set of achievements for no-dying and no-damage and all the other ridiculous acrobatic achievements so you didn't have to infect the base set with achievements that prevent normal...
27 Aug 12:03 russolini77 ... players from 100%ing the game. Why didn't you just do that here? For heaven's sake, this game is hard enough as it is without requiring players to get past the bosses without damage. Try and remember that one of our goals is to COMPLETE games.
27 Aug 12:26 Salsa Geez, if anyone want's back these 2 hours of progress, they would gain regardless, going for the new content. I can grant it back. Just ask.
27 Aug 12:33 Salsa These are really not that ridiculus. This is an arcade game, and it require practice to memorize the behaviour of enemies, their layouts, game mechanics, hitboxes, frame data etc.
27 Aug 12:39 Salsa To show you I am not extra defensive about these achievements, because they are mine, I will reduce requirements. I still don't agree it should be availible for any player to be mastered within first play throughs - it's an arcade port.
27 Aug 13:01 Salsa In the bonus set I would include challenges that are really ridiculus, like finishing a stage without turning back or without taking damage etc.
27 Aug 13:07 Salsa I've reduced all "damageless" achievements into "half bar of life" achievements
27 Aug 13:38 russolini77 I agree with practicing and memorizing enemy behavior and mechanics, and not be able to master in a few play throughs, but when a set is made and meets the 400 point standard and players have started unlocking achievements that have taken them...
27 Aug 13:39 russolini77 ...hours (2 or probably more, I doubt most players can master this game in 2 hours) then they get reset it sets a precedent that a game can be mastered and then a player could have to do it all over again in the future, which should never happen....
27 Aug 13:41 russolini77 ...because once a game is mastered, it should be mastered for good, otherwise we'll all be running around in circles redoing games again and again and there are too many games and not enough time. Maybe this indicates new sets should be reviewed by
27 Aug 13:45 russolini77 ...a number of different devs to make sure they don't go outside guidelines and once approved, never change so players can be confident their hard earned achievements won't be lost. I think mastery should have a certain level of difficulty, but..
27 Aug 13:47 russolini77 ... also attainable by a reasonable majority of gamers, otherwise it becomes an elitist community and many players will become frustrated and not feel able to participate. It's supposed to be fun, not professional gaming / eSports.
27 Aug 15:16 salsa But this set really didn't require any skill to be mastered... it was disrespect both for the game and the word "mastered". I have "mastered" the old set within 1 hour and 38 minutes.
27 Aug 15:29 kdecks @Russolini77. Salsa asked the admin about this set, as she noticed it had problems and she wanted to make something better. The active group of admins discussed it in depth and we decided that the previous set in place was very poorly made.
27 Aug 15:29 russolini77 That's just the point, Salsa :) You are an awesome gamer, props to you - but not everyone is as good as you are, and you have to remember that. I've been playing this game since it came out on and off and I've never been able to beat it without..
27 Aug 15:30 russolini77 ...using a continue. I'm still working on it but please understand that there's gamers that are excellent gamers, but not as good as you, and you can't hold everyone to your standard.
27 Aug 15:32 kdecks We had a vote and approved the demotions that Salsa made. Your mastery remains. Sorry for other inconveniences, but salsa has put in place now many challenges that expect a mastery of the game, not just the completion of it.
27 Aug 15:36 russolini77 @kdecks, that's great and all, but there's still 900 players that potentially lost achievements. My point is that once a set is established and been around a while and people have started finishing it, it shouldn't change. This doesn't happen on...
27 Aug 15:40 russolini77 ...Xbox Live or PSN or Steam. This site needs to match that. My mastery remains? What? I lost all but one of my achievements. I have to do everything again. Not to mention the other 899 odd players. Are you trying to alienate the community?
27 Aug 15:48 kdecks We discussed that as well, and demotions are not taken lightly. As far as you should be concerned this is a brand new set and the old one was deemed unfit for the site.
27 Aug 15:49 kdecks game walls are really not the idea places for such a discussion. If you want to discuss it further lets take it to chat or the forum.
27 Aug 15:55 kdecks I'll move this conversation to the forum verbatim and you can continue it there if you'd like.

Posted: 28 Aug, 2017 22:38
Study youtube play throughs both speed runs and if you can find no damage runs, longplays etc. Great way to train for bosses I use this method a lot for different cheevs.

Posted: 07 Mar, 2019 06:27
Last Edit: 08 Mar, 2019 15:06
Putting the Abigail achievement and Stage 4 in one life up for demotion voting (not official, but anyway, if people agree)

I just don't know if there's any true way to do this legitly. I've seen the bubu strat, but it entirely relies on turbo to pull it off. Unlike the arcade, Abigail instantly goes into iframes immediately after being hit, knocked down, forcing you to essentially perfect him or else. I have looked for strats for this in the past two years, and the only thing I can find is bubu's run, which relies entirely on turbo and possibly cheats (not sure on the latter though). I did no-death the stage and got Abi to the blue before it ended (so clearing the stage before Abi is definitely possible without turbo; albeit very difficult)

How do you guys feel about this?


EDIT: Some stats:

Abigail: 92 states. With 27 minutes a state, that'd be 41 hours of playtime of an elite player to get it.
Belger: 20 states. Far more managable, but longer to get there AND to do with the stage. I think that one can stay as is though. Also patternable as well, which is good.

Posted: 08 Mar, 2019 21:07
Considering 36 People have managed to get that achivement, including Salsa, who made it, I'd say it's presumably reasonably attainable.

Posted: 08 Mar, 2019 21:31
Last Edit: 08 Mar, 2019 21:39
Considering the lack of evidence on YouTube and other places on it on it I'd consider it otherwise, or at least without some sort of assistance (whether it be Turbo, states, something)

Bubu, used Turbo.

NintendoComplete, died once.

This guy, is the only one who did it, but he took the patch out plus added Roxy and Poison, so IDK how legi8t it is.

This is "about" all I can find, along with my state data. One other run, but still researching it to see if cheats are used anywhere.

, you mind chiming in on this? I could be missing something, but it's hard without much information on how to do this.

Posted: 08 Mar, 2019 22:10
Last Edit: 08 Mar, 2019 22:11
It's duable without turbo, but you need know his behaviour perfectly (by frame), and quite a bit of luck with timing with the safe spot, where you can hit him.
This patch don't change the sprites frame data, only update the tiles, so it's the same game by gameplay technically.

Regardless, I could consider making it easier, allowing to die only once for example - it would be a bit redundand in front of the deathless stage achievement, still I guess it could count as lower tier, and just one won't hurt the concept.

Posted: 08 Mar, 2019 22:14
Last Edit: 09 Mar, 2019 03:34
I think that would be more fair, lower the point value to 5 for Abigail (and maybe lower bosses like Damnd/Thrasher), and make the beating one life to 20/25. That'd be more fair I "think", for now


On a second note, the deathless stage might not be so bad, I'll run it again soon for stats. The half damage, is a no-hit and definitely needs more leeway though, as you're pretty much guaranteed to take one throw and you need the rest of your life to use your life-draining attack, effectively making it a no-hit achievement on a character it's hard to do without turbo or states.

Posted: 09 Mar, 2019 07:41
Last Edit: 12 Mar, 2019 06:56
Sorry for the double , but here's my report from tonight's run.

I had 4 attempts at Abigail on Hardcore in an hour and a half, I actually did infinite him once, got him to the light green before it went downhill. I'm either getting super punched trying to set up or thrown off of my life-taking attack, ending most. If you allow after a continue there are chances (especially if you can manip the dogs before attempts for extra credits.

There is food before Abigail, so that's your second "life".

So really, the no hit achievement is the general issue here. 92 attempts, the same time as going for the stage in one life on that one.

It still is highly RNG dependent though, and tonight's was disgusting to no chance in hell.

Nothing newer to report. 8 more attempts, 2 made it to Abigail, one got to the blue, the other I got RNG hosed. Silly mental mistakes good players absolutely never make killed me today.

Edit: I just discovered that hypertapping in Final Fight on RA SNES causes an INSANE amount of lag and slowdown. In light of this, I think turbo is indeed required to do this and this definitely needs to be adjusted.


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