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Some of My Collection


Posted: 17 Jun, 2014 03:27
Last Edit: 17 Jun, 2014 03:53

Posted: 25 Jun, 2014 01:01
I see some wicked stuff here, some boxed GB and GBA including some factory-sealed...
Rocket Knight Adventures and Battletoads/Double Dragon on GEN, Secret of Mana for SNES, Castlevania trilogy representing NES (hard to see the rest of the titles because of blur), Rocksmith 2014, nice!, ToeJam & Earl III on XBox?!? That exists???, some quality boxed N64 titles ... and Conker's Bad Fur Day!, Eternal Darkness on the 'Cube, and some cool statues and tech. Very nice man!

Posted: 25 Jun, 2014 02:34
Last Edit: 25 Jun, 2014 04:44
Thanks. I have the Double Dragon Trilogy on the nes as well. I'm gonna try to get a better picture of the my nes collection. I also have a rare version of Legend of Zelda Wind Waker / Ocarina of Time Master Quest on the Gamecube.

*I updated the photos of my NES Collection*

Posted: 25 Jun, 2014 07:27
I never knew that was rare.

Posted: 25 Jun, 2014 08:41
I heard it was rare as well, isn't it the only legal way to play ocarina of time on a gamecube? Very nice collection :D

Posted: 25 Jun, 2014 13:22
My friend let me borrow that a few times, would love to own my own copy.
It cleans up the visuals of the N64 versions nicely and Master Quest mode is pretty cool.

Posted: 15 Dec, 2017 15:47
I have the German version of that one, it was the first time I actually finished Ocarina of time despite the fact that I already had bought it on N64 back then. Being able to play it in 60Hz was neat, though, back then most games in Europe ran only in 50Hz, which meant 50fps instead of 60, or 25fps instead of 30. Most games were not reprogrammed to compensate, resulting in a net speed loss.

Posted: 25 Mar, 2018 06:34
Damn op. Looks amazing. Did you buy the posters in retrospect ?


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