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~Demo~ Official UK PlayStation Magazine 03

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Posted: 17 Oct, 2019 18:50
Last Edit: 04 Nov, 2019 18:32
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Created 17 Oct, 2019 18:50 by

1. Euro Demo 03 (Europe).cue
RA Checksum: 19fc84920bbe1e8b2364cbd6f5695021

2. Hi-Octane + Ridge Racer + Mortal Kombat 3 + Evolva (France).cue
RA Checksum: 6405368805d1ad1a6ef28a92d98ba5eb


Posted: 17 Oct, 2019 18:58
Last Edit: 29 Oct, 2019 02:49
Common name: "Euro Demo 03"
French Name: "Le CD de PlayStation Magazine Disc 1" or "High Octane + Ridge Racer + Mortal Kombat 3 + Evolva"

Included in the demo disc:
Mortal Kombat 3 (Playable)
Ridge Racer (Rolling Demo)
Evolva X (Rendered Artworks)
Hi-Octane (Playable)

My ideass for the set

Mortal Kombat 3:
Win the match with Kano
Win the match with Sonya
Win the match with Kano without losing any round
Win the match with Sonya without losing any round
Perform A Fatality
Perform an Animality
Perform a Babitality

Ridge Racer:
Watch the whole rolling demo

Evolva X:
Watch the whole FMV

Win a race with KD-1 Speeder
Win a race with Bezerker with 3 eliminations
Win a race with Jugga with only 1 AI opponent
Destroy 5 Opponents in a single race with Vampyr
Finish a Clone Race with Outrider
Win a race with Flexiwing without firing missiles (Minigun is fine)

Posted: 17 Oct, 2019 19:30
Last Edit: 20 Oct, 2019 17:47
I am reserving the set after some minor setbacks. Not all planned achievements will make it to core (mainly because I suck at MK3 if looking for Fatalities and, if possible, babytalities and animalities) but I am looking forward to bring the first proper ~Demo~ set.

Posted: 20 Oct, 2019 17:54
Rich Presence:

0x00df09 = Selected demo/video

Playing the [game] demo
00 - "Mortal Kombat 3"
03 - "Hi Octane"

Watching the [game] video
01 - "Ridge Racer"
02 - "Evolva X"

Demo Leaderboards
"Hi Octane Demo - Single Race" - Total Points
"Hi Octane Demo - Clone Race" - Total Points

Posted: 27 Oct, 2019 11:54
The set is now on unofficial. (And added a humorous touch in the descriptions.)

Posted: 29 Oct, 2019 18:54
The set is now live. The first proper ~Demo~ set on RA.

Posted: 30 Oct, 2019 13:57
Last Edit: 30 Oct, 2019 13:59
Important question

A demo is a free to distribute item, yes?
when shareware and demos were introduced we are encouraged to hand them around with out a care.
I know RA has its rules about links to roms, and this is for multiple reasons im sure (like dead links, no link lasts for ever) but i feel that if we are going to start doing demos sharing links at least via forums will be needed.
I live in Australia and i'm sure if i made a set for the Aus psm demos disc's that basically only i could earn, people would be a little pissy, and fair enough.

TL:DR I think homebrew and demos need to be shared or the life of them will dwindle.

sorry about the rant here, just this has been the hardest file to find.

Oh also, great set. love that the demos are gonna get some love, thats all a lot of us had as kids.
the yaroze disc would be amazing to see.

Posted: 30 Oct, 2019 18:50
No, a demo disc is NOT a free to distribute item. The attitude is that demo discs are still technically copyrighted work and while being sued over it is unlikely, treating a demo disc like homebrew isn't worth the risk.

Posted: 30 Oct, 2019 19:08
I now see the error of my ways.

Posted: 30 Oct, 2019 22:22
Rabbid, I want to thank you for creating the first Achievement set for a PS1 Demo Disc. I've waited for the day such a thing would occur. And now it arrived. So again, thank you.

Side note, what sets can we expect from you in the future? Some more Demo discs?

Posted: 30 Oct, 2019 23:23
That depends on how I feel like doing.

Posted: 04 Nov, 2019 14:45
Last Edit: 06 Nov, 2019 03:47
Would be nice if it worked with the French disc, since they're the same except the main menu.

Posted: 04 Nov, 2019 18:26

Posted: 05 Nov, 2019 19:40
Last Edit: 06 Nov, 2019 03:47
You're the best, thanks!

Posted: 08 Nov, 2019 02:08
Last Edit: 08 Nov, 2019 02:14
Thank you for all the positive feedback. Here's a good question: Which one of the three games would you like to see a full set? (Evolva X is not actually a game, by the way)

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