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AOTW16 + A Month Longer

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Posted: 27 May, 2014 13:26
Last Edit: 09 Jun, 2014 14:31
Each week a new achievement will be chosen. Some weeks we will do achievements on obscure underplayed games and other weeks the challenge will be the hardest in that game's entire set.

If you can get the achievement you win 1 point towards the just for fun leaderboard, 2 for earning it on hardcore! (You Also must earn it in this week to get the point)

Scott: "Can I add - if you already have this achievement and want to enter the competition, please visit your settings page ( and remove the achievement from your account first. You will find the option to remove individual achievements from your account under "reset game progress", first pick the game (Ninja Gaiden/Super Mario RPG), then the achievement ('Jaquio Mastered/Hidden Treasure Hunter'). This will allow you to re-earn the achievement this week! Good luck all!"

This Week's Achievement:Jaquio Mastered by PManningFan1618


Hidden Treasure Hunter by TrainerAbu

Current Leaderboard
The Super 10
1.RyanRJ: 36
2.STHX: 34
3.popoki: 28
4.Philintheblanks: 26
5.dude1286: 20
5.luttershy: 20
7.cirellio: 16
8.msdmario: 15
9.scootaloo: 11
10.SexyChazz: 10

yoyo: 8
jackolantern: 6
blackzwolf: 6
sebax: 6
UNHchabo: 6
MK2k: 6
TrainerAbu: 5
AxelNL: 4
Mctavish: 4
Rhadamanthys: 4
Coczero: 4
rdannylor: 4
Scott: 2
Astrophil: 2
rubixcube: 2
Fernandes: 2
JonnyRetro: 2
StingX2: 2
Gaians: 2
denine: 2
mickeyt: 2
darkluigi3000: 2
xxkcspaldinxx: 2

#1 Kirby Victors: Philintheblanks, rdannylor, Mctavish, Astrophil, SexyChazz, Rhadamanthys, AxelNL, rubixcube, Fernandes, STHX, dude1286, RyanRJ, popoki, JonnyRetro, TrainerAbu, jackolantern, Coczero, Scott

#2 Ducktales Victors: Philintheblanks, AxelNL, Mctavish, SexyChazz, RyanRJ, popoki, Rhadamanthys, Coczero, dude1286, STHX, rdannylor, yoyo, TrainerAbu, cirellio, Fluttershy,

#3 Mickey Victors: Philintheblanks, RyanRJ, STHX, SexyChazz, dude1286, popoki, MK2K, cirellio, fluttershy, yoyo, TrainerAbu (normal)

#4 Star Fox: cirellio, yoyo, RyanRJ, STHX, jackolantern, dude1286, Philinthebanks, UNHchabo, Sexychazz, popoki

#5 Metroid 2: yoyo, Philinthebanks, StingX2, dude1286, RyanRJ, STHX, popoki, fluttershy, msdmario, sexychazz, unchabo, cirellio

#6 Fantasy Zone: Fluttershy, popoki, StingX2 (normal), philinthebanks, dude1286, STHX, msdmario (normal), Gaians, Cirellio, RyanRJ

#7 Mega Man X: denine, Philinthebanks, RyanRJ, Popoki, dude1286, STHX, Fluttershy, cirellio, msdmario (normal)

#8 Revolution X: Philinthebanks, STHX, dude1286, popoki, RyanRJ

#9 Valis: mickeyt, ryanrj, dude1286, scootaloo, popoki, fluttershy, sebax, sthx, philinthebanks, msdmario, jackolantern, blackzwolf,

#10 Sonic 1: MK2k, Blackzwolf, msdmario, popoki, fluttershy, philinthebanks, sthx, ryanrj

#11 Mario 1: Blackzwolf, Sebax, fluttershy, scootaloo, ryanrj, popoki, unhchabo, msdmario, sthx, mk2k, philintheblanks, darkluigi3000

#12 Power Blade: RyanRJ, STHX, PhilintheBlanks, popoki

#13 Mr Nutz: RyanRJ, STHX, scootaloo

#14 Naruto Ninja Council 1: msdmario, ryanrj, sthx, scootaloo, xxkcspaldinxx

#15 Buster Busts Loose: RyanRJ, STHX, msdmario (normal)

#16 Ninja Gaiden: Ryanrj, scootaloo (normal)

Long 2 Weekers
#1 Oracle of Ages: scootaloo, dude1286, sebax, msdmario, fluttershy, philinthebanks, sthx, ryanrj, popoki

#2 Chrono Trigger : Fluttershy, cirellio, popoki, STHX, RyanRJ

#3 Mario RPG: mickeyt (will be credited at the end)

Posted: 27 May, 2014 13:58
Cool mario rpg. Been too long

Posted: 02 Jun, 2014 11:37
Ninja Gaiden is evil. I don't know if I can get this one. Maybe 1 point.

Posted: 02 Jun, 2014 11:37
I think you mean super 11 :D

Posted: 02 Jun, 2014 11:48
okay, i used save state on it and got 1 point. will try more later if i have time later. not sure what the deadline is

Posted: 02 Jun, 2014 12:52
Last Edit: 02 Jun, 2014 16:03
Oneweek extension, nobody got this on hardcore :(

Posted: 02 Jun, 2014 16:05
With finals done and out of the way, I will be attempting Ninja Gaiden this week. Thanks for the extension, Sting!

Posted: 02 Jun, 2014 17:30
Got on Normal,for now

Posted: 03 Jun, 2014 12:38
I don't know if someone will get this on hardcore. Whoever decided that losing even 1 life against the final boss means restarting from the beginning of stage 6-1 must have been mad.

Posted: 04 Jun, 2014 11:29
time extention is great idea! It's my first aotw try and I hope I'll get it ;)

Posted: 04 Jun, 2014 12:59
To me, beating this game is an achievement unto itself. Defeating the bosses without losing damage might be a bit crazy for hardcore moders.
I just reached 6-1 for the first time last night, game on pause til I get home.

Posted: 04 Jun, 2014 13:56
Yea I'm not sure its possible yet two people have it >_>

Posted: 04 Jun, 2014 19:35
This game gets a lot easier once you practice. I've beaten most of the bosses without getting hit now, and I know I can get this AOTW. It just has to go right.. and you get one shot every time you go through.

Posted: 04 Jun, 2014 19:38
I wonder if 2 weeks is enough time to practice :D
Well, I'll reach the final boss for the first time in my life tonight, and I'm sure he'll eradicate me and send me reeling back to stage 6-1.

Posted: 04 Jun, 2014 19:59
I just came really close. I am determined!
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