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~Homebrew~ Sudoku


Posted: 11 Sep, 2019 10:31
Last Edit: 07 Nov, 2019 22:19
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Created 11 Sep, 2019 10:31 by

1. sudoku_no_sound_v1.rom
RA Checksum: 94476e431aca0f9590964d6797d5dee9
CRC32 Checksum: 12144312

2. sudoku_no_sound_v2.rom
RA Checksum: e34e775b40367815197dc4086aab2f89
CRC32 Checksum: 2AA3ABB2


Posted: 15 Sep, 2019 21:49
Gonna do this for beating 25 puzzles, 5 on easy, 5 on normal, and 5 on each difficulty with a countdown timer.

Posted: 10 Jan, 2020 04:03
I did a revision to this game due to getting to many complaints about no master badge so I hope everyone enjoys the revision.

Posted: 10 Jan, 2020 05:07
100 sudokus a single session? Am I missing something?

At 5 minutes for each one (time allowed per puzzle in the harder achievements) it would take more than 8 hours without a single break. Don't you think that's a bit too much for a single session?

Posted: 10 Jan, 2020 05:59
Not really people said this needed a a master badge so that is what they got. Im just gonna leave it like this. Thats all you can really do in this game. Its not intended to be very fast ether you get this or 25 puzzles no master badge.

Posted: 10 Jan, 2020 06:05
This seems to be keeping up with Colecovision sets, None of them have been Mastered

Posted: 10 Jan, 2020 06:41
I guess by "people said" you mean the one single comment in the achievement page. No matter how many people make comments you don't like on the internet, it shouldn't be an excuse to make a bad set.

Posted: 31 Jan, 2020 22:38
Since this is a homebrew, can we get a link to download the rom?

Posted: 23 Feb, 2020 21:37
It's on Atariage


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