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Barbie - Explorer


Posted: 21 Aug, 2019 19:48
Last Edit: 26 Oct, 2019 17:42
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Created 21 Aug, 2019 19:48 by

Barbie - Explorer (USA) [SLUS_013.61]
RA Checksum: c117dfd7dfa38f018b31845e96aae331

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I'll be working on this as my next PS1-WIP.

This is basically Crash Barbiecoot, and I intend to make it as challenging as a little-girls'-game can be. Nothing absurd, but there are no FAQs for this game for some reason? So I guess I'll just have to figure out most of what is possible for myself in testing.

OH, and by the way - most images of this game are corrupt. If you get a black screen, it isn't working.
So far the correct working version can be identified by having a Track 1 bin and Track 2 bin with their CUE file.

....also no, this isn't a cakewalk of a game. It's actually pretty difficult.

Posted: 27 Aug, 2019 22:33
Last Edit: 07 Sep, 2019 18:41
Some Notes:

This is basically a Crash Bandicoot game. It may not look like it, and with only 17 levels, it may not seem difficult, but it is. It's not nice. It's not a little-girls' game. It IS learnable, however.

Even if it's a well-hated game, I honestly do like this game for many reasons. As a Crash-clone, it's not horrible. Most of the time, the controls are remarkably solid. And despite the lack of levels, most levels are actually pretty lengthy. Graphics aren't bad. It's a mediocre game, but it has challenge and it can be learned... eventually. I honestly like it.

All Timer-Based Relic achievements are marked *NO PAUSE* simply because the timer itself(which is not represented in the main game itself, in any way) does not pause when the game is paused. You MAY pause the game with the emulator Overlay. But if you expect to win time-based achievements by taking a break and pausing the game naturally, you will likely lose.

All times are based on my best attempts. Timer based achievements are essential because of the nature of this being similar to Crash Bandicoot.

The game isn't similar to Tomb Raider at all, it's just themed that way.

Every No-Death achievement has been tested as possible(barring my occasional impatience in some areas), HOWEVER, I went ahead and reduced the requirements for Egypt Level 03 because one of its gimmicks involves RANDOMIZED PATHWAYS that lead to instant death if you choose poorly. Instead, that one achievement was changed to "beat the level while having ten lives and in Hard Mode". From my testing, the only difference of Difficulties is how many max/starting lives you have. So as far as I'm concerned, as long as you gain back enough lives to have 10 while in Hard Mode, you've basically beat that randomized section of level "deathless". In the event I feel like it really IS possible even with the randomization I might change it to match the others ... but being blindsided by an "invisible" pathway that changes every time is kinda not-nice.

All jewels are based on the level's description of how many there are; you still need to beat the level with those jewels to get the achievements. They must be gained in-level. I do not track how many you found in previous attempts, only the current-level-attempt. You must beat the level after gaining those jewels for them to count.

ALL-HEARTS ARE BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE. As far as I know, I found all of them in every level. This is not documented anywhere else that I know of. Unfortunately, the way they are counted, if somehow I did not find a hidden section filled with hearts, I do not have them in the achievement, and you will fail if that changes the addresses I have being watched. If you find more hearts than what is listed, please let me know where you got any that seem like ones I might have missed. At some point I might try to craft a guide of some kind to show where they all are, but maybe later.

Also you have to beat the level after gaining all of those hearts for it to count.

Neither the hearts or jewels are saved afterwards(for the purposes of the achievement anyway), regardless of whether the game does, so you will have to get them all in one run of that level.

As mentioned, I feel like difficulty-setting just determines how many starting/max-lives you start each level with(the game is still absurdly difficult even with 20 lives). So only the first-run achievements require Hard Mode(and the one deathless Egypt level). The rest are things you probably want more lives to help with collecting, although that will mean re-beating the game a second time to have a save-file that's not in Hard Mode.

Save-games should not load anything. Everything is earned in-level.

Right now, I have my own leaderboard times displayed mostly as proof that I did beat the level at around those times(some of them were done while I wasn't in hardcore mode, so they didn't get sent to the board). I don't especially need them to stay there, so I may remove my times at some point, but they are mostly there just as a sort of goal to look forward to.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 15:23
" It's not easy to become a Barbie Girl "
-2653, Matheus


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