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Forum Discussion Rules


Posted: 11 Jul, 2019 19:04
Last Edit: 11 Jul, 2019 19:36
|Official Announcement|

The mods have been discussing for some time how we can prevent hot forum topics from degenerating into mud-slinging, trolling, memes, etc. In the past bad forum etiquette has been tolerated and often participated in by various admin/staff (me included), and productive conversation was stiffed because of it.

We have been making efforts to make a change. We intend to hold the forum to a higher standard. To maintain a forum where for positive, productive dialogue even for, especially for, hot topics. When people are allowed to insult one another, and some do it, it brings the conversation down to its worst level. Good points stop and people leave angry when the conversation has empty "points", ad homonyms, insults, aggression, passive-aggression and users making fun of others.

Here are some rules that we expect for good and productive forum behavior. Those who don't keep to these rules will be reminded, asked to remove inappropriate dialogue and if necessary correct action will take place.

You can see the rules here:

It's noteworthy that these are forum specific rules, and that on-site chat and chat in Discord is held to different standards and is treated more casually.

And here they are in their entirety:

Forum Etiquette

Post it!
- Your post is on-topic, it directly relates to the subject of the thread.
- Your post brings new ideas or outlooks to the discussion.
- Your post has your ideas and point of view on the subject.
- Your post is a direct answer to the question of others.
- Your post is reiterating long buried points that you believe need new light.
- Your post has reasoned criticism of other's view points and ideas.
- Your post has evidence to back up your claims.

Leave it out!
- Trolling, or making fun of the position or character of others.
- Vague complaints.
- memes, teasing.
- Off topic chatting or meta-discussion.
- Agreeing or validating other users, without adding reasoning.
- Disagreeing or criticizing the position of others with others without providing a reasoned counter-argument.
- Spam and content-less posts.
- Directly or indirectly attacking the character of other posters.
- Aggressively or passive-aggressively attacking the position of others.
- Arguing with or opposing moderator directions.
- If others are showing bad form do not play the moderator!

- It's fine and often good to have an argument, but it's important to keep it productive. See Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement to know what is appropriate. Anything below contradiction is not good enough for the forum, as in criticizing tone, attacking the character of others or name-calling isn't acceptable.

- Instead of matching or one-uping their tone be the bigger person and use good forum etiquette.
- Instead of telling them they are spamming/trolling/flaming/being toxic ignore that portion or all of what they've said and contact a moderator (if needed). Responding or playing moderator adds fuel to the fire and feeds trolls.
- If you feel moderation is needed direct your issues to , a shared mod-mail account, via PM.

If you have problems with how any moderation action takes place send a PM to or email This is a shared moderation account that all mods and admin see, the issue will be discussed and dealt with fairly.


Feel free to bring any concerns or thoughts on this topic here.


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