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Community Set Re-scoring Master Thread

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Posted: 30 Jun, 2019 19:49
Last Edit: 16 Jul, 2019 05:38
⭐The Rescoring Contributor Community Event is active. (14 July — 28 July) Details are in the second post of this thread.

We want your help!

Our goal is to get a baseline of how popular sets and important sets from various genres should be scored. We are doing this by asking many players to share how they feel a set should be scored, averaging the results. We will only do this for a short time and we need community involvement.

The more who contribute, the better the results.
You will be credited and it will have a big impact!

How to do it
1. Familiarize yourself with the new scoring system (see below the games list).
2. Open the rescoring link.
3. Find the link to the game in the Table of Contents for a set where you've completed ~50% or more on hardcore.
4. Find a new column, write what you think each achievement is worth using the new scoring tiers (0-5, 10, 25, 50)
5. When you are finished, hide your scores. (So you won't sway how others re-score the set)
- To hide your scoring, right click your column letter, for example column "B", and select "Hide Column".

You're done!

Rescoring sheets table of contents for all sets

If a game you want to work on isn't on the list, post a request in this forum topic or in Discord message @rescore in the #rescore-event channel.

Tips and Links
Scoring Tiers
0-5 Easy / Minor Significance
10 Medium / Intermediate Significance
25 Hard / Major Significance
50 Very Hard / Completion Level Significance
100 Impossible (for bonus sets)

Factors to Consider While Scoring Achievements
4 main factors: Difficulty, Significance, Achievement Spread, Game Length

Set Stats for Nerds
Includes: age of set, total number of players, current set score, number of times mastered, mastery rate, mean time to master in hours:minutes, minutes per 1 point, minutes per 1 point to master)

Set cap removal announcement thread
Examples by type of achievement
List of all sets that have been rescored

Posted: 30 Jun, 2019 21:46
Last Edit: 16 Jul, 2019 05:48
|Official Community Event|

Rescoring Contributor Community Event Details

Duration: 2 weeks (14 July — 28 July)
Who can participate: Retroachievements players
How to participate: Rescore sets within the event period, each rescore will earn points.

Here's the sheet for all the rescoring.

Scoring system
40 points are needed to get the badge
4 points for a set with less than 5 others rescored
2 points for a set with less than 10 other rescored
1 point for a set with 10 or more rescores
1 point for meme sets
The top 3 with the highest scores will get a special reward.

- Any sets rescored before the event will count towards your score.
- To qualify for getting points for rescoring a set you need to have completed roughly 50% of the set in hardcore.
- Score using the provided tiers.
- If you feel strongly you are qualified to rescore a set but don't meet the 50% hardcore completion standard you still might be allowed to qualify. Message @rescore in the #rescore-event channel with details or post a message in this forum topic.
- Each set you rescore needs to be done in good faith; if it appears low-effort or trolling the score will not qualify.
- If a game you want to rescore isn't on the list message @rescore in the #rescore-event channel with details or post a message in this forum topic.

- An event badge for anyone with 40 qualified points
- The users with the top 3 rescores points will get special recognition and an emoji in Discord made in their honor (or one they submit).

Event is hosted by: , , , ,

Posted: 30 Jun, 2019 22:28
I don't know how to re-score MegaMan 2. Seriously. The point distribution for it is already good enough.

Posted: 30 Jun, 2019 22:41
Rather than looking at the set as a whole, look at each achievement and match it up with the nearest score level.

Posted: 30 Jun, 2019 22:42
Last Edit: 30 Jun, 2019 22:43
I mean, they are balanced, each one. There is no achievement worth more than 10 points in this set, really.

Posted: 30 Jun, 2019 22:45
You could then, perhaps, re-score it by that estimation, and give it the score it already has or close to it.

Posted: 01 Jul, 2019 04:50
Although I didn't try these sets in RA yet I would like to contribute. I played some of these games in the past a lot, and know enough about the different aspects of them. At least is a little something I can do in return for all the fun this site has gave to me.

Posted: 01 Jul, 2019 10:11
Last Edit: 02 Jul, 2019 03:56

Posted: 01 Jul, 2019 12:47
You should reset all scores on the ranking, everyone with zero points, from the beginner with this new sets!

Posted: 01 Jul, 2019 13:07
Last Edit: 01 Jul, 2019 13:08
I was under the impression that devs would get to re-score their own sets eventually (referring to Paper Mario).

Posted: 01 Jul, 2019 13:09
You should reset all scores on the ranking, everyone with zero points, from the beginner with this new sets!
ROFL. How about no?

Posted: 01 Jul, 2019 13:29
Are you admin?

Posted: 01 Jul, 2019 13:34
Should I be? Why the hell should I lose all the points and achievements I gained in 2 years? Just because of new point system?

Posted: 01 Jul, 2019 13:34
It's just a suggestion man, no need this arrogance. But ok.

Posted: 01 Jul, 2019 15:46
Meh. I don't agree on what said. I would lose all the achievements I earned with pure dedication. It would be a complete waste of the time I spent on these games.
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