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Super Robot Wars J


Posted: 26 Jun, 2019 17:19
Last Edit: 29 Jul, 2019 20:44
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Created 26 Jun, 2019 17:19 by

1. Super Robot Taisen J (J) [T+Eng_Aerie].gba
RA Checksum: 6caff32286c768d3bf9f7986d535ef7b
CRC32 Checksum: 3B3CD715

2. Super Robot Taisen J (Japan).gba
Super Robot Taisen J (J).gba
super robot taisen j (japan).bin
RA Checksum: ef32f93816b6dbcf788f08faf1e71450
CRC32 Checksum: C956FD37


Will be making a set for this at some point; as it is a VERY tedious/lengthy Strategy RPG, it will likely take anywhere from 2 to 6 months to complete. There are also a few routes and two different characters, but from what I'm hearing, you can't change some things after starting a new game, but I'm also hearing it probably isn't worth forcing the player to replay the game that many times just to select both robots/characters.

Also thinking about points, I feel like this game series deserves at least 500, if not 1,000 base points before Hardcore mode. At least this game will have that, but I also need to some day remake points for the other two Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation games... just depends on whether that requires a revision-request or not. But these games definitely deserve more points for the time and dedication that is required to beat them, let alone "master".

Posted: 26 Jun, 2019 18:20
Looking foward to it

Posted: 17 Aug, 2019 16:29
Also looking forward to this. I´ve finished the game twice with both characters (and was gunning for a third run so I could unlock the secret mech, but lost my data on a hard drive crash. Now using cloud for saves, lol), I suggest you analyze what you´re going for. I think you nailed it on the previous sets with a balance on replayability and completion, and left the game itself to tell the player to play differently ("Battle Masteries").

This time, I believe there are no Battle Masteries, so the incentive to play differently comes from the secrets and route splits. If you´re going for progression + some secrets and fewer replays, then a more standard (400ish) point attribution may be fine.

However, if you´re going for completion, this set would greatly benefit from your idea of making those points be worth more (ie make unlocking that secret mech that requires 3 playthroughs worth 200 points before hardcore; basically earning you the value of another set for your time invested here).

Either way *very* excited to see what you come up with!

Posted: 18 Sep, 2019 03:08
Renewing the set as a WIP, definitely going to need more time for this game.

Not much has changed other than what me and jeftah have talked about over messages, trying to sort out and figure up what is really achievement-worthy and what's just a common reward for simply choosing a route. Although I'm hoping to make it so that when/if people do the minimum(?) required four-runs of this game, they have at least SOMETHING to gain as achievements while they're working on each route. Otherwise going for hours on end just to get one achievement at the end of a run would be really tiresome and annoying.

As far as I know, the original version cannot be used... but if possible I will try to find a common ground between them. I just know that right now, if I use my old Dialog-ID method, the translated version that most people will be using is quite different, and I don't want to drag my feet through a version I can't FULLY read hoping to find the differences between them accurately.

Posted: 24 Oct, 2019 10:27
One idea that I didn't think of back when you did the OG games: use all the spirit commands in one battle.

Posted: 11 Nov, 2019 03:40
I don't think I can do that with this RAM, sorry. Personally, I think some of the Puzzle Robo stages do that kind of similar-challenge on their own anyway, and they will be included in the set. So I think that will cover it well enough.

For now, my plans are for -
26 first-time progression-achievements,
28 per-robot-type playthrough achievements(seven for each of the four protagonist robots),
3 sub-pilot based achievements,
10 groups-of-five Puzzle-Robo achievements,
and if I can manage to make them, 10 unlockable-based achievements, for a total of 77.

I'm trying to avoid using Dialog-ID for achievements in order to hope it can be compatible with the original Japanese version, but depending on how difficult to find the Unlockable stuff is, I might end up needing to use it in a few places.

I actually have 67 already code-finished, but it's the extra 10 unlockables that I need to grind up to really test for by trying to do all requirements as quickly as I can, and a lot of those have multi-episode requirements spread apart by two or four hours of grinding. So those will take a while.

Posted: 14 Nov, 2019 03:22
Finding the debugger for this game has made it very easy to deal with things. So, since it's an interesting part of the game and the TV-series the robots are all from, I'm adding in the "Combination Attacks" as achievements as well. NOT all of them(there are like 10 Brain Powerd combination attacks that are basically all the exact same thing).

Some of them are very specific on which pilots/robots initiate the attack. Others are vague because I couldn't see a difference in each version to know exactly which one it was attached to, but you still need a specific pilot to start those attacks. For instance you COULD start Double Gekigan Punch with Gai or Akito, but for character-reasons and for simplicity on making the achievements as un-complex as I can, only Gai can start the attack for the achievement. Likewise since canonically Gai wasn't even around for the Artillery Frames, I've made it so that Akito is the one who initiates the ArF Ganger Formation Attack with Gai for the achievement.

It also worked out that by ignoring all-but-one-Brain-Powerd combination attack(which will be Yuu Brain Chakra x Hime Brain), there are 23 more achievements added for a nice round total 100 achievements.

The achievements check the Attack-Animation-ID, and also will not work when the Episode-ID is lower than when the robot is available in story. For example, the Urzu Strike attack is available early for the M9 Gernsback Arm-Slaves, but the achievement is for the Arbalest, so the Arbalest version of the Urzu Strike is not available until much later.

Unlike before with the other SRTOG1/2 games you couldn't load the game without the right save-file type, this game WILL load .... but your save-game WILL BE CORRUPT if you don't start out with "Flash 64K". This does not mean "load the game and then change the save-type" or "use auto-save-type". If your save-file already exists, delete it, do not start the game, switch to Flash-64K first, then start the game.

This is also apparently true with savestates made prior to changing the save-type... if you load them, it corrupts your save-file. Sure, you have a savestate to restore-from if you're playing in not-hardcore, but it also corrupts your save for "Continue" if you accidentally savestated over where you wanted to be, and thought you could reload with Soft-Reset/Continue .... but no, you will return to a black screen with the cursor in the upper-left corner and the game will be frozen. So even if it doesn't crash the game to be in the wrong save-type, you still need to be in the right save-game type for this game to work, as far as I can tell.

Posted: 21 Nov, 2019 12:55
GREAT work and thanks, I'm a big fan of SRW games. I have already finished two times this game in japanese language years ago, but this is an excuse to replay it (English + achievement, sounds good to me). I have one question: the set will work on RetroArch?

Posted: 21 Nov, 2019 19:45
As far as I know it should work in RetroArch. I think maybe the save-game-error may not be an issue in that one, but you have to be careful with it in RAVBA for sure. Also, I did have to fix some copy-errors I made with 28 different ones that I set backwards by mistake, but they should be fine now.

Posted: 22 Nov, 2019 07:46
Okay, thanks. The set is complete now or is better to wait?

Posted: 23 Nov, 2019 02:30
Should be done, yeah. I think all of the "combination attacks" do need animations turned on for them to work, of course.

Posted: 24 Nov, 2019 08:19
Okay, thanks! ^_^


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