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Hello. Most, if not all of my Emulators keep hard crashing my PC. Advice would be gladly appreciated


Posted: 13 May, 2019 08:37
EDIT: I originally posted this in the wrong section so I'm posting it here. My apologies.

Hello all, I apologize if this isn't the place to ask this question, but this is the only place that I can really think to ask about this issue. A lot, if not all, of my emulators seem to hard crash my computer 50% of the time that I load them up. This isn't just the retroachievements versions either, this is the normal versions as well. Here are the ones I'm talking about.

Kega Fusion
and even Retroarch gives me issues.

I've tried all the latest versions of them and this still happens. Fifty percent of the time that I load these emulators I get a hard crash. I get no error messages and my computer just freezes up forcing a hard reset. What I don't understand is why this is happening with these emulators when I can run modern PC games just fine. I don't believe it could be an overheating issue in that case right? I just find it odd how all of these are related to just my emulators for whatever reason. I've also tried compatibility mode for them to no avail unless I'm setting them to the wrong OS.

I have Windows 10 (64 bit)
Radeon HD 7770 which I updated to the most recent driver

I've tried searching the internet for any issues like mine but I can't find any other issues where people have problems with more than 2 or so of the emulators causing the same issue in the same exact way.

Any help would gladly be appreciated. I love retro gaming and would hate for it to end because of some strange error. Thank you.

Posted: 16 May, 2019 21:36
Update: I solved the issue. Apparently there was an optional update driver for my graphics card. Downloading that has solved the issue. Thought I'd leave this here for people that might be googling a similar issue that they are having.


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