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(Pokemon Red) Previously earned achievements not unlocked


Posted: 12 May, 2019 00:40
Okay so this isn't really a bug report, but, I have been playing Pokemon Red on my PSP up until I got the thunder badge (I'll even send pictures/my save file if you need proof), then I decided to move my save over to Retropie, it worked! But it didn't unlock the previous badge achievements (which isn't surprising). But I wanted to know, is there a way I can get these achievements without playing the game again?


(And sorry this is my first post)

Posted: 12 May, 2019 02:07
The admins do have the ability to give manual unlocks but they're meant more for faulty achievements and network issues and not for something you've done before joining the site/done on another emulator because other emulators don't have certain protections that our emulators/RetroArch have.

If you'd like to ask an admin directly here's our process for manual unlock requests.

Posted: 12 May, 2019 04:07
Ahh okay, thanks anyways! :)! I'll just work up until I get those 2 badges then return to my old save.

Posted: 14 May, 2019 02:00
Hi ,

I can give you the manual unlocks for the first two badge achievements. The first three badges in this game must be earned in order, so having earned is proof enough.

Since the other achievements you've earned for this game are in softcore, the best I can do at the moment is award both badge achievements in softcore as well. In order to earn the hardcore achievements you'll need to have hardcore mode enabled in Retroarch.

Hope I was able to be of some help to you. :)

Posted: 14 May, 2019 02:42
Last Edit: 14 May, 2019 02:42
Thank you so much, Flara! I see that the achievements have unlocked on my end!

And I am starting to use hardcore mode more often now as I don't feel as proud using save states and rewinding XD!

Thank you again for the help and I will try to make sure to not make the same mistake again! :)


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