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Achievement editors in multiple RA emulators not working correctly with alt condition groups


Posted: 05 May, 2019 17:44
The achievement editors in multiple emulators are broken.

In RANes 0.015 and RASnes9X 0.026, trying to add an alt group to an achievement adds two groups, and attempting to delete the second group deletes both.

In RAVBA 0.057, trying to add an alt group to an achievement adds two groups, deleting the extra alt group triggers a message saying "can't delete core", deletes any empty groups (including core if nothing was entered yet), and prevents any further addition/removal.

I haven't tested the other emulators yet.

Posted: 06 May, 2019 14:37
The "cannot delete core" error was a bug in 0.75 and was patched. Just delete your RAIntegration.dll and download the newer version from the server. We didn't feel it was impacting enough to force everyone to upgrade their DLLs.

The delete functionality as you describe it (deleting both groups when only two exist) has been present for the longest time. It was believed that there was no reason to only have one alt group: core & (alt1 || alt2) makes sense, but (core & alt1) can be simplified by putting the alt1 conditions into core.

However, we have found reasons to allow for a single alt group, so there have already been changes made that will be released in the 0.76 DLL to allow deleting just one group when only two remain.

Posted: 07 Aug, 2019 20:05
Last Edit: 07 Aug, 2019 20:06
Where can I find and read about the changes? I checked some achievements I made and it doesn't work anymore, now I'm checking and changing, (core & alt1) proved useful to fix some of them.

If you know a logic code to avoid the (core & alt1) "see this: ", could you share it with us?

Posted: 07 Aug, 2019 22:33
The release notes are here:

This referenced change is simply:
* delete alt group will no longer delete both alt groups if only two alt groups remain

There's no change to the processing. For an achievement to trigger, the core group must be true and at least one alt group. The only difference is it's now allowed to have only one alt group.

Your example falls into the "we have found reasons to allow for a single alt group". By putting a PauseIf in an alt group, part of the trigger can be paused without pausing the entire trigger.


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