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RA Challenge League Week 6

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Posted: 05 May, 2019 03:51
Sugar and Snails and Snips and Spice: 42
The Upper4: 36
There is No Error: 36
#CelGang: 35
Super Ultra Mighty Koopa Bros. The Great!!: 27
The Admons: 24
The Fabulous Custodes: 21
Speed-Leaping Devs: 21
The Deadbeats: 17
Team Goomba: 6
Team42: 4

Bonus Point 1:
Keltron3030 gets it for Upper 4, the stealing a basketball was the exact kind of whacky dumb crime I was hoping for.

Bonus Point 2:
Sugar X4 for their live approach to the team challenge, we had individuals do that but not an entire team have that chemistry

Bonus Point 3:
Speedleaping Devs committed the worst crime killing 100 people

Bonus Point 4:
The Admons for Jamiras team challenge
A.obscure ass game
B.the worst icon you could have
C.its not even properly capitalized
Its quite amazing

Bonus Point 5:
Take your pick but its going to There is No Error, thank god they are all on the same team cause I couldn't decide between DrDros language, Earflys bribe, and the poll icon which I love to death

==========Week 6 is Road Trip Week!===============
Team Challenge? Also a Solo? I really don't know how to classify
1.Each team will declare their starting spot in the world, I advise not your home country if it doesn't benefit you.
2.You then must earn an achievement in this starting spot
3.To move forward on your trip you must unlock an achievement that discusses/related to a location (A tony hawk level perhaps?). Each spot you wish to travel too you must unlock an achievement related to that destination space
4.This is where the challenge opens up, because I'm allowing fictional locations like Zanzibar Land from Metal Gear Solid, you will just need to google where this place is 'supposed to exist'. You can get even crazier if you put some imagination to it
5.The goal is to make 12 pitstops

Each post must include your trip
Chicago > Pittsburgh > Philadelphia > etc
6.Also if you wish to go from say Chicago USA to France you are going to need to unlock a plane/airship achievement, but you better check if that place has an airport or not.
Chicago > Airship > France
7.You could also go by boat requiring you to exit the country from a non landlocked area
8.Travelling via vechile will cost one of your 12 moves
9.You can make it across a single state or adjacent country to skip before needing to earn an achievement in that state/country
France > Poland (skipping germany in this move)
10.If you need to do multiple vechile trips then yes you need multiple vechile achievements
11.On your final stop please announce TRIP COMPLETE
Reward: Each member that completes a legal trip earns a point
Warning: 75% chance all 5 Bonus points are going to come from this challenge unless someone pulls off something crazy in solo

want to start in japan
play soccer game win as japan (counts as japan)
Travel to another place use Fly HM achievement (counts as airplane)
Want to land in New york. so unlock tmnt achievement (counts as New York)

BTW your gonna need this
Use the marker button if need to plot your road trip out

HINT: Think about games like Karate Kid, find out where the movie was supposed to take place. Think and google!

***PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS, this is super unique and different so its gonna field a lot of questions. Slide in my dms on site or in discord***

Solo Challenge 1:
One team member will need to visit the (country or state if you do america) one of the companies I made markers for on the map during their road trip
Reward: 1 point

Solo Challenge 2:
One of you will be hitting Transylvania, say hi to Drac for me
Reward: 1 Point

Solo Challenge 3:
One of you needs to not take any vechile trips
Reward: 1 Point

Solo Challenge 4:
I need one of you to end your journey in the Antartic
reward: 1 Point

Creative Challenge:
Make a team postcard that has all 4 of you in the photo represented by well whatever you wish, we gotta mail this to your family back home.
Reward: If a team submits an entry they get a point, there will be a second point awarded based on a poll friday. Those submitting after poll starts can still earn a point
Deadline for the Poll: *Friday at 9pm EST*

Posted: 05 May, 2019 04:02
The Super Ultra Mighty Koopa Bros. The Great!! are looking for 2 new team members! Please message me if you are interested in joining!

Posted: 05 May, 2019 06:12
Last Edit: 05 May, 2019 16:53
Creative Challenge:
fun in the sun
Team: #celgang

Posted: 05 May, 2019 14:34
its a dead link

Posted: 05 May, 2019 16:54
sorry, fixed

Posted: 05 May, 2019 18:15
Last Edit: 10 May, 2019 20:16
California>Plane>France>Italy>Flying Pokémon>Las Vegas>Jetpack>Brazil>Boat>Easter Island>Boat>Antarctic

Our team (There is NO error) decided to start at California, USA
On our stay, we decided to try the famous "California Games"
I choosed the BMX event, and after falling a million times, I figured that my body wasn't ready for sports (yet)
At least I made it to the end

After rushing and attacking my way through, I arrived at an airport

After picking up the plane, I arrived at France, and I was enjoying my time, until someone challenged me to a race
If they knew any better, they woundn't had called me a "stupid gringo"

I used my free car to go to Italy, and walked around Rome a bit, seeing a small guy running through town... weird

I catched a Zapdos to meet my teammates that called me out to a special meeting

Our destination was Vegas, where we bet everything we didn't had and still won lotsa money

With my free money and free of people, I bought the Rocketeer's jetpack and flied to my new destination

My fuel ended when I was flying above the Amazon, wich was full of treasures that made me even richier

I had a lot of money, but bad habits don't like to go away, so I stole a boat from the natives

My boat sended me to the mighty Easter Island, where I found a small Moai trying to save little pink dudes. He wasn't the best jumper in the world, so I helped him with vertical distances

Time is money, and I needed to waste these two things, so I got aboard the S.S. Anne and found my old rival, who said that his Pokémon were better than mine
I proved him wrong

Solo Challenge 4:
I need one of you to end your journey in the Antartic

My journey was almost over. The S.S. Anne sended me to Antarctic, the place where I could use my money to finance some researches. I arrived at the Penguin Outpost and started my Antarctic Adventure

Posted: 05 May, 2019 18:39
Last Edit: 11 May, 2019 12:37
Solo Challenge 1 : One team member will need to visit the (country or state if you do america) one of the companies I made markers for on the map during their road trip.

Personal Challenge: Visit all continents.

California > Plane > Israel > Egypt > Jetpack > Las Vegas > Ship > Antarctica > Teleport > New Zealand > Warp Pipe > Frankfurt (Germany)

1 -
We decided to start our journey at America, my choice was to surf at California beaches.
2 -
From USA I borrowed a plane from Pero to go to Israel.
3 -
I arrived at Western Asia to watch an Israel's soccer match.
4 -
I crossed Gaza and reached Africa. When I reached Egypt I found a crazy duck.
5 -
I was enjoying the pyramids then I received a invite from my friends. Had to borrow CJ's Unlimited Fuel Jetpack to reach the next destination.
6 -
Friend's meeting at Vegas. I am glad everyone made on time. [POSTCARD TIME]
7 -
Time to learn how Mario pipes works. I wish I can reach my destination by entering this one.
8 -
I reached Antarctica. That odd duck was there also...
9 -
It's time to visit another continent. I stole a battleship and sank it after reach the destination to leave no trace.
10 -
Two more steps to complete my World Tour. New Zealand is my destination at Oceanic continent.
11 -
It wasn't a good idea to sink the battleship. Now I have no more vehicle to exit this cold continent. I will have to rely on magic to do that.
12 -
All done! And I finish my trip winning a race at Frankfurt before visiting Nintendo of Europe.

Team: There is NO error

Posted: 05 May, 2019 18:51
Last Edit: 10 May, 2019 23:53
Solo Challenge 2:
One of you will be hitting Transylvania, say hi to Drac for me

California > Mexico > Guatemala > Ship > Oregon > Las Vegas > Pedicopter >Hawaii > Plane > India > Dragon > Transylvania

We decided to start our journey at California.

From California I drove to Mexico.

After that, I decided to visit the coast of Guatemala to look for the sacred book of Maia's civilization (Popol Vuh), but I had an unexpected encounter...

Pirates attacked my expedition group and destroyed our ship, we had to fight them and steal their ship. Now I'm going back to the USA.

When I arrived in Portland I received a message from my friends calling in Vegas, I will take the opportunity and make some money with races and casino...

From Portland I drove to Las Vegas to participate in a race and meet my friends.

In Vegas I won a strange vehicle on a 'rock, paper and scissors' bet.

I arrived in Hawaii to meet a famous super model.

After that, I hired a different plane service in Hawaii

I decided to go to India and enjoy the 'Arabian nights'.

I met a guy who said he had a dragon, when I saw it was real, I used all the money I earned in Vegas to convince him to sell it to me.

I could not finish my trip without going through Transylvania and say hi to Dracula.


Team: There is NO error

Posted: 06 May, 2019 14:59
Last Edit: 11 May, 2019 02:48
Solo Challenge 1:
One team member will need to visit the (country or state if you do america) one of the companies I made markers for on the map during their road trip
Reward: 1 point

The Upper4 is starting in Keltron's home state; New York. We finished our tea and parted ways.

Took a ride down south on the i-95/i-85 corridor with the Road Fighter.

Visited Televandalist's home in Alabama but he was off fighting crime in Detroit.

While in Alabama grabbed a rocket launch at the Marshall Flight Center.

Visited the lunar base and got an emergency call from Shmelyoff. Sent him what he needed and made my way back to Earth for a soft landing in...

Visited Shmelyoff's home outside of Moscow to let his Mom know he was fine.

Hopped on the Trans-Siberian Railroad to the Trans-Mongolian Line and made my way west to...

Hung out with the communists in Beijing for a bit.

Reached the Port of Tianjin and hopped on a submarine bound for...

Visited MrGauss' family in Brazil and had some more of that Ayahuasca tea.

Made my way to GIG - RIOgaleão - Tom Jobim International Airport and took a direct flight to LAX - Los Angeles International Airport.

Had a Rad Race down the Los Angeles Nightway to make it to my final destination at SEGA USA in Irvine California... Hi Sonic. Jeez what happened to your face?

Team: The Upper4

Posted: 06 May, 2019 23:11
Team Speed-leaping devs have a replacement.
is replaced by

Posted: 07 May, 2019 00:08
Last Edit: 11 May, 2019 11:09
California>Arizona>New Mexico>Colorado>Utah>Nevada>Arizona>Colorado>Texas>Louisiana> Mississippi>Alabama
Our team (There is NO error) decided to start at California, USA
On our stay, we decided to try the famous "California Games"

1) Had a totally tubular time playing footbag, even though I never heard it called that before.

2) Met up with Captain America in Arizona to bust some heads

3) Went to Area 51 in New Mexico to kick ass and chew bubblegum...was all out of gum though. Oh and saw little grey men.

4) Next, traveled to Colorado and saw Captain America again. Think He is stalking me....

5) Treasure hunted in Utah with Indiana Jones, yes this part was in Utah. Figured it would help our team get enough money for our next stop.

6) Sold the treasure and met up with the team in Las Vegas. Decided to gamble on some pool.

7) Decided to head back east through Arizona. While there met up with another Avenger, the web-slinger himself.

8) Went to visit Aspen, hoping to hit the slopes. Instead, ended up stopping a riot with Judge Dredd

9) In Texas, went from locking up criminals to killing 15 people.

10) After Texas, hid out in the swamp with Bayou Billy. He gave me a "Whomping Stick" to fend off gator attacks.

11) Being tired of constant gator attacks I decided it was time to keep going further east to Mississippi. There, I met another green native and floated down the Mississippi River.

12) Finally, I decided I'd make my sweet home in Alabama. My stalker, Captain America, had other plans though and took me in for my crimes in Texas. Least I wont have to walk anymore!

Trip concluded and solo challenge completed without the use of the free vehicle.
Solo Challenge 3:
One of you needs to not take any vechile trips

Posted: 07 May, 2019 02:27
Last Edit: 12 May, 2019 03:05
Texas > Dragon > Great Britain > Bat > France > Germany > Italy > Ship > Greece > Ship > Romania > Transylvania

Solo Challenge 2:
One of you will be hitting Transylvania, say hi to Drac for me

Our team will start in Texas. A home of John Morris. A good place to upgrade my vampire killed bullwhip using modern technologies. It could dealing high damage without killing the enemy. Too bad I must be in a perfect condition to use that power

Last night I was attacked by dragon. A good chance to test my weapon. I decided to tame the dragon, not kill. I've used him to cross the ocean to get to be Great Britain.

Dragon took me right to old castle in Great Britain

In the castle a giant bat attacked me. So it's not the end of journey. I tamed the bad as I did with dragon. Another water hazard to cross.


In Germany I saw a lot of skeletons coming out from old factory. Look like, it was used to produce weapons during WW1. Now the factory is operated again and produces undead. I had to pass through the giant engine where I was almost squished by pistons and I barely avoided rotating blades. Boss of the factory is weird thing. Gears were forming a robot and there even was Frankenstein protected this Thing. I've heard he is big but didn't expected he's 5 meters tall! He's big but dumb also. So, it wasn't big problem to clean this place.

Arriving to new country I finally decided to visit the famous place. Pisa, the leaning tower. A lot of flying medusa's heads were blocking be. I had to whip them good.

When I finished my business there a ghost ship appeared. That's what I need to make a shortcut. But it's invaded by creepy things. I need to clean this place out of evil before I can trasfer using it.


A lot of Medusa heads were in Greece too. Where they came from? Now I have the answer. Group of ghouls tried to hijack my ship leaded by the snake monster. I have to defeat it and continue my journey.


Defeated Dracula and saved 2 girls.

Team: Speed-leaping Devs

Posted: 08 May, 2019 23:38
Last Edit: 11 May, 2019 21:24
Solo Challenge 4:
I need one of you to end your journey in the Antarctic

The Upper4 met up in New York, had some tea that MrGauss had brought with him, and then set out on our personal journeys. I waited for the rest of my team to leave before destroying New York City.
Once I was done eating people and fleeing from the military, I planted a bomb, found a raft, and made my way across Lake Erie.
I arrived in Michigan and visited where I used to live. I figured while I was there, I may as well do some spring cleaning.
I received a text stating that something sweet was waiting for me in Chicago, IL. So I hopped on I-94 and went through Indiana.
I finally arrived in Chicago, where I continued my crime spree.
So, what was waiting for me? My very own Rush Jet!
By the time I figured out how to use it, I was already in Florida.
Where a very shady person tried to sell me a black market Lakitu's Cloud. After failed negotiations, I stole it.
I didn't know how to use that thing either. I lost control and ended up in the Bermuda Triangle, where I lost consciousness.
When I came to, I discovered that I was in Australia. I'm not exactly sure what happened.
I accepted that I survived one of the world's greatest mysteries, and proceeded to travel to the HMAS Stirling Australian Naval Base, where I stole a submarine.
I made it to Antarctica, where I saved the lives of many penguins by destroying countless killer balloons. They built a statue to honor me.

That was the first and last time I took LSD... and whatever the hell was in that tea.

Team: The Upper4

Posted: 09 May, 2019 11:05
Last Edit: 09 May, 2019 12:40
Solo Challenge 2:
One of you will be hitting Transylvania, say hi to Drac for me

The Upper4 started our trip in New York.

1. I met guys in New York. After the meeting, everyone went about their business. As night fell the streets became dangerous so I decided to go to Boston.

2. I was traveling with my cat Fluffy. We were at the Boston aquarium when I noticed the cage was empty. There was a note from a Mr. D. He said he kidnapped Fluffy and I would never see her again. The paper on which the note was written was unusual and contained the name of the emblem Transylvania. I was as angry as the Hulk, and I gave chase. In port I found out that a suspicious man with a cat sailed on a ship not long ago.

3. I had to act quickly and I agreed with the pilot of a light aircraft that we will fly to the ship of Mr. D and we set off. However, when the plane approached the ship, that sneaky Mr. D, with the help of his henchmen "The Cloud" caused a terrible storm. I was forced to eject and missed the ship of Mr. D so now I am stranded on the open ocean. I was surrounded by water and exhausted. I thought it was the end and I passed out.

4. When I awoke I found myself on a strange island, as it turned out it was somewhere in Bermuda. I found myself on a pirate base and I had to earn their confidence in order to leave this island with them. I showed them my skill and they made me one of the crew.

5. We went to the coast of Spain where the pirates had some important business; however, our ship was surrounded by the coast guard and I miraculously managed to escape and get to the shore.

6. What should I do next? The authorities of Spain are looking for me, and I need to get to France somehow. I contacted Keltron and described the situation.

7. By a lucky coincidence, he recently flew from the Lunar base and found a time machine there. Thoughtfully he sent it to me and I went back in time, back to where I wasn't wanted for piracy.

8. I had travelled too far back and had to make my way through France in 1943 during the war. Fortunately I managed to collect 5 spheres of time and return to our time.

9. I stopped in Switzerland to stock up on quality Swiss supplies for the difficult battle that awaited me.

10. I was off to Germany where I could reach Transylvania by train.

11. On the train it wasn't long before Mr. D sent his men to intercept me. Still, I got there.

12. "Tremble Mr D, you're gonna pay!" "Hang in there Fluffy I'm close." There I was at the final battle; Mr D vs. Me and my whip.

Just as I struck the decisive blow I woke up in my room with a fly swatter in hand, pursuing a mosquito. I also remembered that I never had a cat in my life... Televandalist, what was in the tea that we were drinking at the meeting?

Team: The Upper4

Posted: 09 May, 2019 12:34
It was definitely Ayahuasca Tea. Blame MrGauss.
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