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Picture Puzzle


Posted: 24 Apr, 2019 23:11
Last Edit: 09 Aug, 2020 04:09
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Created 24 Apr, 2019 23:11 by

Picture Puzzle (USA, Europe).ngc
Picture Puzzle (UE) [!].ngc
Picture Puzzle (2000)(Success)[b].bin
picture puzzle (usa, europe).bin
RA Checksum: 81d3c10271ad5b09032dd00321b41aa0
CRC32 Checksum: 67E6DC56


Posted: 24 Apr, 2019 23:12

There's 200 puzzles available from start, plus 24 extra puzzles.

Currently mostly considering separating the 200 puzzles in a) 40 achievements of five puzzles each or b) 50 achievements of four puzzles each; plus separating the 24 extra puzzles in 6 achievements of four puzzles each. It will result into 46 or 56 achievements.

Posted: 03 May, 2019 18:57
Set is up :)

Posted: 08 May, 2019 19:49
This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have a save file for this game with the extra puzzles unlocked? I was up to puzzle 207 when Retroarch crashed and my save is gone. Wouldn't be a problem as the achievements are for completing batches, but the final set only unlock when the first 200 have been cleared. As much as I enjoy picross I'm not sure I fancy redoing all 200!

Posted: 08 May, 2019 20:27
I'm playing the game as a player right now, am currently in puzzle 41. I can send you my save when I reach puzzle 207 in one or two days most likely.

Posted: 08 May, 2019 20:29
Thanks that would be great! Btw good work on the set. I had no idea there was a Picross game on the Neo Geo Pocket before.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2019 17:25
If you mastered this game, I want your help to rescore this set. Spending 10-15 minutes is much more important than not participating. Just look at the achievements list and go by your own memory and judgement.

This is the available points tiers: 0-5, 10, 25, 50, 100. If it helps, this is how I think:

0-5: easy
10: medium
25: hard
50: very hard
100: impossible (usually for bonus sets)

1. Open the game page - -, scroll down to the achievements list.
2. Open a text editor (e.g. notepad), and score the achievements.

3. (It's important to only do this step once you finished your list, so you don't get influentiated by other people's scorings!) Open the spreadsheet: Picture Puzzle. Input your list.
4. Hide your column on the spreadsheet. Right-click your column letter (B, C, D, etc.), and click on "Hide column".

You just helped RetroAchievements to have better balanced sets and it's greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Posted: 03 Jul, 2019 00:19
Last Edit: 03 Jul, 2019 00:36
I made a column. Enjoy!

Posted: 03 Jul, 2019 16:52
For the people who played through the game and would like to help with the rescoring process, remember that you can use your puzzle completion times to estimate how long each achievement takes. For reference, puzzles 1-20 are 5x5, puzzles 21-124 are 10x10, and puzzles 125-224 are 15x15.

Posted: 03 Jul, 2019 17:09
That's exactly what I did. Just gotta notice that, if you spend more than one hour in a puzzle, the timer resets.


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