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Clarifying what rcheevos is


Posted: 21 Apr, 2019 00:42
Last Edit: 21 Apr, 2019 01:05
Currently the official RetroAchievements emulators (aka RAEmus) and RetroArch are using different code to do the same thing, and then when a new feature is added to the official emulators, the same logic had to be coded for RetroArch, duplicating the work. And due to the different coding styles, some incompatibilities can be found, leading to frustrations for both players and achievement creators.

And that's why rcheevos was created!

rcheevos is a C library created by (with many contributions from ). It is the code responsible to process achievements, leaderboards and rich presence. It was created as an an effort to avoid double work and also to fix incompatibilities between RAEmus and RetroArch.

Also, in the future rcheevos will allow creation of achievements using the Lua scripting language!

(For those who know more details about our software, RAIntegration will NOT be replaced by rcheevos, but use it. Actually RAIntegration is already using rcheevos, since 0.75, but only to process achievements/leaderboards. Features like Memory Inspector, Achievement Editor, etc. are still a RAIntegration-only thing)

Today, 20-April-2019, an important step towards integrating rcheevos into RetroArch was taken. Starting from today the RetroArch nightly gives to the users the opportunity to test rcheevos on RetroArch (the first time we tried it some issues happened on the android build and the change had to be reverted, but this time it seems to be fixed).

So, if you want to help testing rcheevos on RetroArch:

1. Install the nightly (starting from 20-April-2019).

2. Add this line to your retroarch.cfg (yeah, it must be added by editing the file):
cheevos_rcheevos_enable = true

3. Enable the "Verbose mode" in the Achievements menu.

4. Play some game with cheevos. If you did it correctly, you'll see a message saying "cheevos: using the new implementation" right after the login message.

Don't expect fancy stuff, the expected behavior is to see everything working as they should. :)

If you find any difference in behavior between rcheevos "true" or "false", please, post here on this topic.

Thanks in advance! ;)

BTW, I know many of you are eager to see the badges popping when you earn an achievement on RetroArch... This effort is happening on another front, by . If you want to promote the development of such feature, consider a donation to the bounty put on it.

Posted: 21 Apr, 2019 06:31
Last Edit: 21 Apr, 2019 06:32
I cant pause hardcore mode from the quick menu with rcheevos true. It just restarts in hardcore instead

Posted: 29 Apr, 2019 20:44
i think it's fixed, worked ok for me in Android Retroarch


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