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Achievement of the Week: Easter Event ~March 29 - April 26~


Posted: 29 Mar, 2019 02:38
Last Edit: 20 Apr, 2019 02:44
🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣

It's time for another seasonal AotW event - this time, the theme of the featured achievements will be related to Easter. This event runs for the next 4 weeks, from March 29th until April 26th.

Each week will have a slightly different theme. We'll be revealing the theme each Thursday night before the new contest begins. Because each week has a different theme, we will be using a different selection process to determine the week's featured achievement:

-Each week beginning on Thursday night, AotW winners will be asked to suggest achievements that fit the theme. The suggestion phase takes place in the #aotw channel on Discord, and will last until about 12:00pm ADT on Friday.
-5 achievements will be randomly selected from all the suggestions. These achievements will be put into a poll, where winners can vote on their favourites. The achievement with the most votes will be selected as that week's featured achievement.
As with last year's Halloween and Christmas events, we will be offering a Site Award to those who earn all achievements in the month (in Hardcore). This Site Award will be given out during the final week until Friday, April 26th.

Seasonal achievements will be featured the following weeks:
🐤 March 29 - April 5
🐇 April 5 - April 12
🙏 April 12 - April 19
🥚 April 19 - April 26

Current AotW:


🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣

Winners' List
All players who have earned all seasonal achievements to date will be listed here. This list is updated weekly.
Last Updated: Friday, April 19, 2019

There were no eliminations this week!

🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣

More information on the Achievement of the Week contest can be found in the official AotW topic.

Posted: 06 Apr, 2019 22:07
does this apply to people who already had the achievement

Posted: 06 Apr, 2019 22:30
According to Achievement of Week rules if you already have the achievement you can either reset it and earn again or use an alt to earn it.

Posted: 09 Apr, 2019 23:38
Last Edit: 09 Apr, 2019 23:38
Oh, I just started Paper Mario yesterday, I'll try this challenge for the first time then.
Though, the game has many slowdowns for me, and it's especially grating because of the crackling sound when that happens. I'm using the RA emulator with the Gliden64 plugin, I've messed around in the options but no luck. Anyone else has the same issue? It's the first time I play an N64 game on emulation and I don't know if Paper Mario is especially known to have issues like these.
I also tried on RetroArch with different cores and it's even worse.

Posted: 10 Apr, 2019 05:35
Reduce screen resolution to 640x480. If doesn't help, use another plug-in.


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