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Introducing the RetroAchievements Challenge League, Starts March 31st

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Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 02:48
Last Edit: 21 Mar, 2019 02:49
Welcome one welcome all to the RetroAchievements Challenge League.

Starting on March 31st

Season 1 of the League will consist of 12 Weeks
Teams will be made up of 4 players (All 4 must join here and you need a TEAM NAME)

Each week there will be 4 challenges, 1 Team Challenge and 1 Bonus Challenge
Each member can complete one of the 4 challenges for their team
The team challenge requires all 4 to complete
The Bonus challenge will be related to design, creativity

Challenges will be posted in a new topic weekly
(Example of Challenge: Earn an achievement involving a secret path)
To Redeem credit you must post in the topic OR the discord with a link to the achievement you earned and for which challenge it applies
Each challenge earns your team a point
Bonus points will be handed out for most creative or unique way of finishing a challenge at weeks end
Cheating will not be tolerated, especially as the prize is a fictional crown

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 03:36
Hi !

Des joueurs français pour former une team ? :)

(Some french player for team?)

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 06:55
4 players? This is bad news for me, I can not find three more people for the team. Maybe for a week or a month, but I can't get people to play retro games regularly for three months.

Cool event, but unfortunately not for everyone. Can do something similar for solo players? Let's say two challenges per week, plus a bonus challenge.

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 10:07
@Deonix if this cant fill we can try duos, but for solo stuff see Achievement of the Week

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 10:34
I think duos (or 3 player) would be good because I don't think there are many groups of 4 friends on RA

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 11:07
Maybe not, but I think it could be a good way to make friends. If you have a friend, get him on your team. And then your friend gets his other friend. And then soon enough you have four people.

Well, in theory it could work, anyway.

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 15:25
I agree with Rimsala, we here are all friends, just ask someone you find in discord channel.

Its make new friends here, i have 4months here in site and have 40+ friends. One's is more closer to others, but we are good friends.

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 15:27
I from Brasil, my focus is to former a BR team.

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 15:33
Last Edit: 21 Mar, 2019 15:44
Yo, sou br também bro. Se precisar de alguém, tamo ae

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 21:20
I think I'm interested in trying this. Although I agree with Rimsala and Denguinho, we should keep the four-person-team thing going. I like the idea of people interacting with each other and meeting new people on the site by having them added to your team. RL's a bit crazy at the moment, but I'm definitely interested.

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 21:54
Last Edit: 21 Mar, 2019 21:55
Hardcore mode only?

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 21:55
Last Edit: 21 Mar, 2019 21:56
I don't think I know 3 other people who'd want to team up with me. 1? Definitely. 2? Possibly. But 3? A bit of a stretch.

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 22:04
Last Edit: 21 Mar, 2019 22:16
Okay, we comes up with a team which include:

=== Team 42 ===

Let's have fun during this event !

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 22:13
Last Edit: 21 Mar, 2019 22:14
Getting that good green in there, slam dunking into the competition:


=== #Celgang ===

Posted: 21 Mar, 2019 22:14
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