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~Hack~ Quickie World 2

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Posted: 16 Mar, 2019 14:16
Last Edit: 06 May, 2019 23:28
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Created 16 Mar, 2019 14:16 by

1. QW2.sfc
bps Patch + Super Mario World (USA).sfc [B19ED489]
RA Checksum: 6d21c8d656d526d086d5bca57c7bb005
CRC32 Checksum: F824218C


Posted: 16 Mar, 2019 14:42

Posted: 27 Apr, 2019 19:19
Me and jared6502 made this set! thats why not one of us just wrote WIP under it! just to explain it!

Posted: 27 Apr, 2019 19:19
Last Edit: 27 Apr, 2019 19:20
So nobody else can work on it now! Because it's finished 50 Achievements with a total of 400points!

Posted: 27 Apr, 2019 19:33
Achievements By: jared6502 © and Skystarmania ©

Posted: 27 Apr, 2019 19:36
I'm just waiting for her to arrive.

Posted: 27 Apr, 2019 20:00
Right now, this is what we have come up with for the achievements for this game:
-level completion (20 normal exits + 2 secret exits + 1 final boss) - 10 pts each
-hitting all switches (2 switches) - 10 pts each
-finding all secret rooms (23, the last level also has a second extra room to visit) - 5 pts each
-completing all exits - 30 pts
-not going for the bait in the first level - 5 pts

for a total of 400 pts.

Posted: 27 Apr, 2019 20:14
Why 20 normal exits? Too many normal exits! ->

Posted: 27 Apr, 2019 20:19
They could possibly be lumped together into "beat world x" achievements instead if it's a problem.

Posted: 28 Apr, 2019 12:00
suggestion icon


Posted: 28 Apr, 2019 12:59
thank you alot!

Posted: 28 Apr, 2019 19:00
@Steffen for Kaizo games its ok with 20exits dude you gotta understand this is not claustrophobia with 100+ one screen Levels the levels here have a good lenght etc also on full moon island also were alot of just beating that level cheevos or something like that that i dont see a problem for this. its not like you are getting for that level an achievement but for the other one not that doesnt make sence like looking at a dude who is good at bomb juggling will have no problem with the first level but if someone than sucks at the tight jumps around rotten mushrooms and have a challenge there and dont get their reward for it i think it would suck for a player and thats why this is the normal standard of beating a level with finding everthing also we build one special challenge so far getting the moon without getting killed and reach the checkpoint you must see there are many things we could add there isnt a way like getting big cause taking a bomb or something to the end this is not possible and a no deaths run also should be at some points too jank if you know what i mean your easter hack also had almost no hard (like over just beating while collecting everything aswell and nobody hated it) like here levels + finding all stuff (like at this hack its the secret rooms at non kaizo hacks it would be the yoshi coins) there are alot of hacks what have just beat all levels cheevos like sui and at all levels there it isnt even requrierd to collect all yoshi coins and here you must collect all collectbles (in this case secret rooms) i hope i could explained to you a bit and the rules are true for the most games but not for this one like if you know "sheffy world 2" it has 15exit and is tough as hell like harder than everything on this site from romhack base and if this would have 15 beat level achievement you just will make sure that the guys are not making some levels with savestates cause it saves after every exit i hope you understand my point to this!

Posted: 28 Apr, 2019 19:39
Personally I don't see any issue with having an achievement for each exit, as, like said above, there's not very many levels and beating each level is not necessarily easy, and time required will vary based on skill level. I don't think anyone would feel like they're getting spammed with achievements.

The only reason I can think of to change the way this is currently set up is if there are other achievements people want, which would require changing how the points are distributed or combining achievements together.

Posted: 07 Jul, 2020 19:50
Last Edit: 07 Jul, 2020 23:01
Edit: dumb me should have contacted the dev instead of unneeded vote

Posted: 07 Jul, 2020 22:29
Last Edit: 07 Jul, 2020 22:39
The Linkdeadx2 achievement isn't currently protected from using Yoshi to avoid the midair.

As far as adjusting the one achievement down to 25, I don't know if it needs an actual vote or not. I'm fine with it, I can always ask Skystarmania just to make sure he's fine with it too, in which case it could just be changed in a few seconds.
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