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Discussion about Fast Forward

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Posted: 17 Mar, 2019 17:53
Last Edit: 17 Mar, 2019 17:57
Everyone in favor of keeping fast forward just wants to ignore the fact it dose remove challange even if valid points are made. Just because you may not use it for said purposes does not meen its not possibe. All effort and challange of trying to make the game faster is lost if you game just super speed to level grind passed a part. Thats just exploiting fast forward to make the game easier because you think the games to slow. Lower level vs high level is more of a challenge. Your patiance in doing something at a lower level is harder or spending hours level grinding to make it easier. Your ultimatley changing the games difficulty because you cant be patient and just not speed it up. Im sorry these games are slow but thats not excuse to make these games easier and faster for you to complete. Your playing these game at an enhanced easier diffculty.

People dont have to use save states to make the game easier either what if there only purpose it to save save at a random spot so they dont to repeat something. They are still playing the game fully and no challange is changed.

Posted: 17 Mar, 2019 18:12
If you make a good run to a point and then create a save state, every time you die you don't have to 're-attempt' the first part. Part of most challenges is getting there and finishing it in one try. Like . I can run through the level easily enough but I can't do it perfectly every single time, which is what save state allows at that point. Fast forward isn't granting me any of that.
Please someone just shoot me.

Posted: 17 Mar, 2019 18:28
No depending on the achviement someone doesnt have to use save sates for that purpose. lets just say they played super mario bros they get to world 5 and they have to do something so they save so they can come back later and continue. If they where to die as per design they would restart from level 1 thats not using it to making the game and easier or harder. There still playing the game as intended.

Explain to me whats harder in an rpg doing something at a lower level or doing something at a higher level.

WHat about fighting game that said just beat the fighting game which there are plenty of your saying its not changing the games diffutly to speed up and just play a game of chance.

Take a visual novel no difficulty is change and you saying its 100% ok if this game was gonna take 20 hours for the to speed up the game and get all there hardcord and softcor point and get 200% in a matter of an hour so that means 400 or more points.

Your 100% ok if with someone speeding up monopoly to get 400 points because they just didnt want to sit threw over 5 to 10 hours+ of a game because a game of monopoly is slow and they just dont have the patience to sit threw it.

Posted: 17 Mar, 2019 19:10
wtf this is still going

Posted: 17 Mar, 2019 21:01
*Checks monkeytoung Site Rank*
It's still untracked... OK, I won't waste my time then

Posted: 17 Mar, 2019 21:10
, I recommend to dont waste your time here. Euclide is not at discussion anymore apparently. monkeytoung is just a troll, he exploit games vulnerabilities to earn achievements and then say the people who uses fast forward are the current cheaters.

Posted: 17 Mar, 2019 21:25
im not saying anyone is a cheater that just puting words in my mouth. ITs simply a discustion about fast forward.

Posted: 17 Mar, 2019 21:35
Last Edit: 17 Mar, 2019 21:36
I am not putting words on anyone mouth... You said that earlier: "If saving time by using a password is a cheat then saving time by using speed up is a cheat."

Using passwords not earned by yourself is indeed cheating, if you consider both as same then you are indirectly stating that fast forward is cheating.

Another quote from you: "Also when to the arguement play the games as intended then yes its 100% cheat when fast wordward is not built into the game its an external feature of the emulator."

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 00:51
"By the way you can already mute the emulator and listen to something else in the background. Is this cheating now too? "

GenericDude - Nope, as those things don't involve modifying the way the game runs. Playing on real hardware you can still turn down the volume and listen to something else if you want to.

"So basically you've got worse experience and less fun and want others to do so too."

Getting achievements is not about picking and choosing which elements of a game you dislike and getting an emulator to nullify them for you. If there's a cheevo for a hard boss without losing health after a 5 min cutscene then you should damn well eat that cutscene every time. Knowing that failure means having to sit through it yet again both increases the pressure and increases the sweetness of the eventual victory.

Why is asking that in Hardcore mode people should be playing the game AS IT ACTUALLY IS such a shocking concept for people?

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 01:34
Why be like original hardware when we can be better than original hardware? Sitting through an unskippable 10 minute cutscene 100 times to get an achievement isnt fun or challenging at all. It just adds pointless tedium that is already fixed with the quality of life addition that is the ff button. RPGs (at least well-designed ones) arent hard because you have to grind, they're hard because you have to plan which attacks you're going to use and whatnot. While fast forward makes fights go faster it doesnt affect the main difficulty of the game. In fact it might make it harder due to missing what the enemy did or something. I can use shaders to add a border to my game or sharpen the graphics a bit - cant do that on original hardware therefore anyone that uses shaders to improve their experience should be punished. I can use an xbox controller to play atari games - cant do that on the original hardware buy an adapter and original controller or get banneduntracked. In fact, ban anyone that emulates the game instead of playing on original hardware, because last i checked opening an .exe file instead of plugging in a real console to a tv and inserting a real cartridge isnt like playing the original hardware.

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 01:38
Here's my opinion on this matter.

Fast-Forward should be left allowed/legal for achievements. That opinion will never change.

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 01:46
Last Edit: 18 Mar, 2019 01:50
Fast forward does make games easier same as save states and slowdown yes, but unlike the last 2 which lower a games actual difficulty, ff lowers what i like to call "artificial difficulty" aka this used a lot of my time to do so it must be hard aka stupid fake difficulty that nobody likes. Achievements are meant to test your ability to overcome challenges, not sit through boring cutscenes. While yes there are achievements for sitting through cutscenes those are stupid and should be demoted. There is like one acceptable "sit through this cutscene without skipping" cheevo imho and thats only for cultural reasons.

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 01:53
Last Edit: 18 Mar, 2019 01:56
Yes fast forward does make it easier. You can level grind to get passed that. Just because you dont choose to do doesnt change the fact it making it easier. Once your over leveled you dont have to plan out your attacks you can button mash your way to completion. Outside maybe the final boss or optional bosses i dont think the games are designed with level grinding in mine yes you can choose to do so if you want to make it easier and waist tons time. Speeding that up does make it easier as no you dont have to patiently wait. Being max or level half max ect.. Is probrobaly not the intended design choise 30 minutes into an rpg. Just because you may not do it doesnt meen its not possible.

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 01:59
Last Edit: 18 Mar, 2019 02:01
even with fast forward i find it easier to brute force my way through than sit there grinding even if grinding only takes half the time. There are games where grinding is required but again thats just bad game design thats fixed with the fast forward button. Grinding is usually never hard or challenging, its only purpose for existing is to waste time and prevent kids from finishing the game too fast. Its a stupid part of older game design logic that was abandoned for a reason and most people agree that they do not like their time being wasted.

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 02:51
"Why be like original hardware when we can be better than original hardware?"

Because it's RETRO achievements. Retrogames never pandered to casual-gamer mentality with things like fast-forward, save states, or rewind function.

Practise with FF in Softcore mode all you like, leave Hardcore with the pure experience.
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