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Achievement of the Week #11

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Posted: 22 Apr, 2014 00:04
Last Edit: 29 Apr, 2014 04:32
Each week a new achievement will be chosen. Some weeks we will do achievements on obscure underplayed games and other weeks the challenge will be the hardest in that game's entire set.

If you can get the achievement you win 1 point towards the just for fun leaderboard, 2 for earning it on hardcore! (You Also must earn it in this week to get the point)

Scott: "Can I add - if you already have this achievement and want to enter the competition, please visit your settings page ( and remove the achievement from your account first. You will find the option to remove individual achievements from your account under "reset game progress", first pick the game (Super Mario Bros.), then the achievement ('Poor Plumber'). This will allow you to re-earn the achievement this week! Good luck all!"

This Week's Achievement: Poor Plumber by Scott

Current Leaderboard
Philintheblanks: 24
RyanRJ: 24
STHX: 24
popoki: 24
dude1286: 20
fluttershy: 18
cirellio: 14
msdmario: 12
SexyChazz: 10
yoyo: 8
jackolantern: 6
blackzwolf: 6
sebax: 6
scootaloo: 6
UNHchabo: 6
MK2k: 6
TrainerAbu: 5
AxelNL: 4
Mctavish: 4
Rhadamanthys: 4
Coczero: 4
rdannylor: 4
Scott: 2
Astrophil: 2
rubixcube: 2
Fernandes: 2
JonnyRetro: 2
StingX2: 2
Gaians: 2
denine: 2
mickeyt: 2
darkluigi3000: 2

#1 Kirby Victors: Philintheblanks, rdannylor, Mctavish, Astrophil, SexyChazz, Rhadamanthys, AxelNL, rubixcube, Fernandes, STHX, dude1286, RyanRJ, popoki, JonnyRetro, TrainerAbu, jackolantern, Coczero, Scott

#2 Ducktales Victors: Philintheblanks, AxelNL, Mctavish, SexyChazz, RyanRJ, popoki, Rhadamanthys, Coczero, dude1286, STHX, rdannylor, yoyo, TrainerAbu, cirellio, Fluttershy,

#3 Mickey Victors: Philintheblanks, RyanRJ, STHX, SexyChazz, dude1286, popoki, MK2K, cirellio, fluttershy, yoyo, TrainerAbu (normal)

#4 Star Fox: cirellio, yoyo, RyanRJ, STHX, jackolantern, dude1286, Philinthebanks, UNHchabo, Sexychazz, popoki

#5 Metroid 2: yoyo, Philinthebanks, StingX2, dude1286, RyanRJ, STHX, popoki, fluttershy, msdmario, sexychazz, unchabo, cirellio

#6 Fantasy Zone: Fluttershy, popoki, StingX2 (normal), philinthebanks, dude1286, STHX, msdmario (normal), Gaians, Cirellio, RyanRJ

#7 Mega Man X: denine, Philinthebanks, RyanRJ, Popoki, dude1286, STHX, Fluttershy, cirellio, msdmario (normal)

#8 Revolution X: Philinthebanks, STHX, dude1286, popoki, RyanRJ

#9 Valis: mickeyt, ryanrj, dude1286, scootaloo, popoki, fluttershy, sebax, sthx, philinthebanks, msdmario, jackolantern, blackzwolf,

#10 Sonic 1: MK2k, Blackzwolf, msdmario, popoki, fluttershy, philinthebanks, sthx, ryanrj

#11 Mario 1: Blackzwolf, Sebax, fluttershy, scootaloo, ryanrj, popoki, unhchabo, msdmario, sthx, mk2k, philintheblanks, darkluigi3000

Long 2 Weekers
#1 Oracle of Ages: scootaloo, dude1286, sebax, msdmario, fluttershy, philinthebanks, sthx, ryanrj, popoki

Posted: 22 Apr, 2014 00:54
I did it :D

Posted: 22 Apr, 2014 01:46
Last Edit: 22 Apr, 2014 01:48
Poor Plumber on hardcore

Posted: 22 Apr, 2014 01:48
Got it on hardcore! yay ^^

Posted: 22 Apr, 2014 05:28
Ohh, cool concept. I've never heard of a no-coin type run in mario lol

Posted: 22 Apr, 2014 07:03
Cleared on hardcore,Cool!

Posted: 22 Apr, 2014 09:57
got it on hardcore :) there's one part in 1-3 that is annoying, but the rest of it is easy

Posted: 22 Apr, 2014 13:49
Grabbed on hardcore -- MAN that was SOOO MUCH easier than Coin Allergy in Mario Land, hahaha.

Seriously the quickest and easiest AotW so far, but that's really not a bad thing; not all of us have a lot of time every week, plus offering more unique and interesting ones like this is a good thing. I actually feel that more AotW's like this would be cool, while making ones similar to ones you've chosen in the past like a near-perfect run of Star Fox or a super challenge-run of MMX which would require extensive practice of playing all the way through such games into 2-week achievements in the future.

Posted: 23 Apr, 2014 01:01
Got it on hardcore. :)

Posted: 23 Apr, 2014 04:50
Got the achievement on Hardcore. Really found it easy after I figured out how to get around that very last set of coins in 1-3.

Posted: 23 Apr, 2014 22:44
And done on hardcore.

Posted: 25 Apr, 2014 09:53
Got the Mario one on HC too :)

Posted: 25 Apr, 2014 13:34
I got it on both hardcore and non hardcore mode, but I don't think it's valid getting this achievement on both modes. Anyway, I got it on normal mode first.

Posted: 25 Apr, 2014 15:17
Well, in terms of the site's overall points system, when you get a hardcore achievement you're given the normal one as well.

In my case, that's the order I did this one too; I used savestates to practice the jump in 1-3 until I knew what I needed to do, then I started over on hardcore until I got it. :)

Posted: 27 Apr, 2014 18:52
Poor Plumber on Hardcore! Gimme something harder!
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