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New achievements for players who mastered and wants to new runs.


Posted: 11 Feb, 2019 16:17
Last Edit: 12 Feb, 2019 04:19
Hey how everyone is doing?

Im a new player and im loving the site and the new dinamic that old games are having for the achievements.

I like rpg games and mastered Pokemon Yellow in GBC, and noticed that i gain a award for mastered this game.

My sugestion is that in some games mastered or after the end game there is should be a new set of achievements, or better separated achievements with new runs for experienced players like the nuzzelocks or gimicky like ash only pokemons.

In this way new players should not be afraid of master a game and the experienced ones, have a new way to play the game.

Sorry if this is not allowed and im not know much of pragaming.

Posted: 12 Feb, 2019 07:05
Last Edit: 12 Feb, 2019 07:06
Hi , welcome!

There is indeed ~Bonus~ sets which are a place for tougher challenges, glitch-based achievements, funny stuff and anything that feels out of place in core sets. There is none currently for Pokémon Yellow, but there is for Pokémon Red/Blue:

Posted: 23 Feb, 2019 01:31
Hey thanks for the answer.
Yeah this is a cool way to dodge that.


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