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Battle Unit Zeoth


Posted: 11 Feb, 2019 02:55
Last Edit: 11 Feb, 2019 02:56
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Created 11 Feb, 2019 02:55 by

Battle Unit Zeoth (USA, Europe).gb
Battle Unit Zeoth (U) [!].gb
battle unit zeoth (usa, europe).bin
RA Checksum: 023a8fd8eacad0656b5110da26dcdd44
CRC32 Checksum: E67A92B3


Posted: 11 Feb, 2019 03:13
Last Edit: 11 Feb, 2019 07:47
Final set is 140 points with 23 cheevos.

5 For consecutive No Death Runs staggered across the game. They are disguised as High Score Achievements, but they're pretty much what's described above. This game is stingy with in level points, and you can miss the cheevos in earlier levels if you don't put in effort. Cheat Disables Cheevos.

5 For No Damage In level. You can Use the Cheat if you want. But you should be able to get many of these in game if you're careful.

5 For No Damage against Bosses. Use of Cheat is also Allowed.

3 For Challenges - Two specific to two levels. Cheat not allowed, but recommended for practice. If You fail before you finish the level, you can probably try again by going to the beginning of the level.

5 For Killing a Certain Amount of enemies in Each Level. Kills must be individual (special move is a liability) , so best gun and power level for each stage is a bit different. Cheat is recommended. There is a little bit of wiggle room, but you may need to attempt this a few times. You can actually use the special attack, but kills only count per individual shot, so use only when there is one enemy left and it's about to get away. Still risky if you're close enough to kill one offscreen. If you kill several enemies with the same shot, you only get 1 count. You will have to strategize and shoot carefully, move quickly.

Strong weapons not recommended on levels with only weak enemies (2 & 4). If you miss the quota, you may go back to the beginning of these levels, the enemies respawn, and you may be able to reattempt (not guaranteed all respawn). Level 4 is a bit harder than 2. I gave a 3-4 enemy grace and I still failled 80% of the time, so I lowered the quota by another. Still hard. But practice and you will get it.

Cheat: Press A+B together while holding down on the title screen. Press A+B again to select the next level.

Every Chime up to 6 selects a level, then it loops. Only 8 Cheevos can't be obtained if you use this. Make sure you reset/reload if you are attempting a normal run after you've used this or you might not get the achievement.

Despite the decent art, and variety of enemies, this game isn't very creative with how it is structured. This game is very much by the numbers. Including the starting weapon, there are 3 weapons in game, with three power levels. Although they have different firing and damage rates, it's not enough of a difference to worry about. You'll be getting them in game anyway, so it would be redundant.

I had one more cheevo in the wings for completing the game without upgrading your weapon, but i didn't bother because it's lame and boring. Same with Actual High Score. I made a leaderboard instead. Getting higher scores requires repeated runs. You'll break 10Mil starting on your 5th Run*. Boring.

*Press select at the credits end to start another run from level 1.

Still, despite what I've said, not a bad game.

Should be an easy set for experts. Whatever your skill, it should be possible to clear 100% in under an hour.


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