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AOTW #10 + 2 Weeker #1 Last Week for it

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Posted: 15 Apr, 2014 03:49
Last Edit: 22 Apr, 2014 00:02
Each week a new achievement will be chosen. Some weeks we will do achievements on obscure underplayed games and other weeks the challenge will be the hardest in that game's entire set.

If you can get the achievement you win 1 point towards the just for fun leaderboard, 2 for earning it on hardcore! (You Also must earn it in this week to get the point)

Scott: "Can I add - if you already have this achievement and want to enter the competition, please visit your settings page ( and remove the achievement from your account first. You will find the option to remove individual achievements from your account under "reset game progress", first pick the game (Sonic The Hedgehog/Oracle of Ages), then the achievement ('Complete Victory/I'm Slimey'). This will allow you to re-earn the achievement this week! Good luck all!"

This Week's Achievement: Complete Victory, by Scott
Deadline: Monday, April 14th 9pm EST


2 week Challenge Achievement: I'm Slimey!, by dude1286
Deadline: Monday, April 21st 9PM EST
Note: This also counts for 2 points to the leaderboard.

Current Leaderboard
Philintheblanks: 22
RyanRJ: 22
STHX: 22
popoki: 22
dude1286: 20
fluttershy: 16
cirellio: 14
SexyChazz: 10
msdmario: 10
yoyo: 8
jackolantern: 6
TrainerAbu: 5
AxelNL: 4
Mctavish: 4
Rhadamanthys: 4
Coczero: 4
rdannylor: 4
UNHchabo: 4
MK2k: 4
blackzwolf: 4
sebax: 4
Scott: 2
Astrophil: 2
rubixcube: 2
Fernandes: 2
JonnyRetro: 2
StingX2: 2
Gaians: 2
denine: 2
mickeyt: 2
scootaloo: 2

#1 Kirby Victors: Philintheblanks, rdannylor, Mctavish, Astrophil, SexyChazz, Rhadamanthys, AxelNL, rubixcube, Fernandes, STHX, dude1286, RyanRJ, popoki, JonnyRetro, TrainerAbu, jackolantern, Coczero, Scott

#2 Ducktales Victors: Philintheblanks, AxelNL, Mctavish, SexyChazz, RyanRJ, popoki, Rhadamanthys, Coczero, dude1286, STHX, rdannylor, yoyo, TrainerAbu, cirellio, Fluttershy,

#3 Mickey Victors: Philintheblanks, RyanRJ, STHX, SexyChazz, dude1286, popoki, MK2K, cirellio, fluttershy, yoyo, TrainerAbu (normal)

#4 Star Fox: cirellio, yoyo, RyanRJ, STHX, jackolantern, dude1286, Philinthebanks, UNHchabo, Sexychazz, popoki

#5 Metroid 2: yoyo, Philinthebanks, StingX2, dude1286, RyanRJ, STHX, popoki, fluttershy, msdmario, sexychazz, unchabo, cirellio

#6 Fantasy Zone: Fluttershy, popoki, StingX2 (normal), philinthebanks, dude1286, STHX, msdmario (normal), Gaians, Cirellio, RyanRJ

#7 Mega Man X: denine, Philinthebanks, RyanRJ, Popoki, dude1286, STHX, Fluttershy, cirellio, msdmario (normal)

#8 Revolution X: Philinthebanks, STHX, dude1286, popoki, RyanRJ

#9 Valis: mickeyt, ryanrj, dude1286, scootaloo, popoki, fluttershy, sebax, sthx, philinthebanks, msdmario, jackolantern, blackzwolf,

#10 Sonic 1: MK2k, Blackzwolf, msdmario, popoki, fluttershy, philinthebanks, sthx, ryanrj

Long 2 Weekers
#1 Oracle of Ages: scootaloo, dude1286, sebax, msdmario, fluttershy, philinthebanks, sthx, ryanrj, popoki

Posted: 15 Apr, 2014 17:46
Yes! I'm Slimey! on hardcore!... I will need to practice those special stage at Sonic t.t

Posted: 15 Apr, 2014 20:29
Last Edit: 15 Apr, 2014 20:30
Got the Sonic one on HC too :)

Posted: 15 Apr, 2014 21:04
Last Edit: 15 Apr, 2014 21:05
I just re-earned the one from Sonic.

Posted: 15 Apr, 2014 22:24
Woo! Just got I'm Slimey (HC) out of pure luck from a gasha Seed!

Posted: 18 Apr, 2014 03:50
Re-earned the Sonic achievement earlier today on Hardcore. First time I ever used the reset progress feature.

Posted: 18 Apr, 2014 19:14
Complete Victory grabbed on Harcdore (phew! had enough of those super luck-based Sonic 1 special stages!); still working on the Zelda one, but you can bet I'll get it soon!

Posted: 19 Apr, 2014 00:53
Last Edit: 19 Apr, 2014 00:54
Got the Sonic one on hardcore! yay :D!

Posted: 19 Apr, 2014 23:59
Just got sonic on hardcore!

Posted: 20 Apr, 2014 14:36
Both Zelda and Sonic are done on hardcore. Playing Ages again made me realize that I actually prefer Seasons lol

Posted: 20 Apr, 2014 18:57
Last Edit: 20 Apr, 2014 18:58
I concede defeat on the Sonic cheevo, I'm never going to get it.

Posted: 20 Apr, 2014 22:48
I just got Slimey on hardcore. I had to fight all the way through the 7th dungeon and I haven't had a lot of time this week.

Gonna try sonic......

Posted: 21 Apr, 2014 10:32
I GOT IT! (sonic on hardcore)

I've had such a rough, long week and not too much time to game, so I was kind of bummed out about not getting it. I thought my streak was ending here for SURE. I am not a Sega kid at all, and I've never played Sonic 1. It's SO out of my comfort zone. (that should be an act name - Comfort Zone :D)

I watched a Let's Play for the bonus stages and I thought I'd NEVER be able to complete this, but I actually managed to get each chaos emerald on my first try per bonus. O_O I tried to play really slowly, but I died a lot in the Star Zone and ended up beating that + the final zone on one life and no continues left. AHHHHHHHHHH.

I am really proud of myself and I consider this my greatest accomplishment on this site so far!

I didn't get the cheevs for beating/reaching the acts or for beating Robotnik, so I was scared the challenge one wouldn't pop either, but some other ones, including that, did. Maybe it's because I entered via the level select code? I wanted to get an early start on the special zone. Not sure why beating Robotnik didn't pop, though.

Posted: 21 Apr, 2014 10:34
Last Edit: 21 Apr, 2014 10:35
STHX said:
Both Zelda and Sonic are done on hardcore. Playing Ages again made me realize that I actually prefer Seasons lol

This is hilarious because I always preferred Seasons, and playing Ages made me realize it's so much more inspired (in my opinion). I think Seasons was created as an afterthought at this point. The areas and dungeons in Ages are so, so creative and I love how much more of a puzzle element there is to it.

Posted: 21 Apr, 2014 10:56
Last Edit: 21 Apr, 2014 10:58
Scott said that if you've ever used the level select, it will stop you earning any level-based achievements,you need to reload the rom...

And as for me,I give up with this AOTW ,too hard for me ;(
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