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Game Icon Gauntlet Submissions

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Posted: 07 Mar, 2019 01:22

Posted: 10 Mar, 2019 22:05
Nice Ill be adding soon! Either today or early tomorrow. Great work everyone!

Posted: 11 Mar, 2019 13:53
Last Edit: 11 Mar, 2019 13:55

This was submitted by in the topic for

Nice thing about this one is it uses art made for Final Fantasy (NES) (J manual cover), while current uses art from a remake.

If someone wanted to throw a border on this perhaps, that could be nice too.

Posted: 14 Mar, 2019 23:53

Posted: 16 Mar, 2019 07:26

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 01:23
Last Edit: 18 Mar, 2019 23:42

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 22:02
Last Edit: 18 Mar, 2019 22:06

Alexavelino123, in case you're reading this. Please try and retain the original aspects of the images you're using for your icons. It looks very off when images get squeezed. I re-did one of your icons just so you can see the difference. Please try to focus on quality instead of quantity. If you have problems with retaining the original aspects of images, message me. I'll gladly help you out

Posted: 19 Mar, 2019 22:14
Last Edit: 22 Mar, 2019 14:57

Posted: 19 Mar, 2019 22:15
Last Edit: 22 Mar, 2019 15:01

Posted: 20 Mar, 2019 17:21

I've seen the vote on Discord and even tho 13 people voted for it, I also saw that 7 were against the change. Taking a second look at it and now I can see why. The border blended too much with Fred. I decided to fix that. I made two versions, one with Flintstar and one without. The Flintstar is there just for those people that play it for the 7 GRAND DAD meme, (Which I'm assuming would be the majority) but it needed it to be related to the original game. Just in case people don't like it tho, I also included a version without it.

Posted: 20 Mar, 2019 19:15
Last Edit: 28 Mar, 2019 19:05

The current icon for Yoshi's Island isn't square, so I tried my hand at making one with a blue background (similar to Super Mario World 1's), and one with a Yoshi's Island background.

The current icon for Link to the Past is 40x40, I just resized it to 96x96 without making it blurry.

Posted: 22 Mar, 2019 01:30
Last Edit: 23 Mar, 2019 08:21
I'd already been intending a new take on LttP, (and I'd be willing to try other stuff too maybe, but here's what I've got.


The downside is link is small, it's pixel perfect. I might have to think about it more later.

Posted: 22 Mar, 2019 15:05
Last Edit: 22 Mar, 2019 15:06

Posted: 23 Mar, 2019 00:32

Posted: 23 Mar, 2019 13:49
Last Edit: 23 Mar, 2019 13:50
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