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~Homebrew~ SplatooD


Posted: 04 Jan, 2019 14:40
Last Edit: 06 Jan, 2019 18:25
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Created 4 Jan, 2019 14:40 by

1. splatood.nes
V14- RA Checksum: e0819b2883f10dce3fa99988e7048930
V15+ RA Checksum: ce2ce72ec3f43bcd34c40de152253365
ROM Checksum: 62c5cc981614f0027a559f44fe0c2fcc
CRC32 Checksum: 504B4D13

You can download Version 1.0.5 here.


Posted: 04 Jan, 2019 22:37
Last Edit: 04 Jan, 2019 22:38

Posted: 04 Jan, 2019 22:46
I added leaderboards for highscore but I don't know if there should be a set because the current version needs at least two players and there isn't much to do.

Posted: 05 Jan, 2019 14:40
I'll add some score based achievements. The game doesn't have a lot content and so I make something like a puzzle set so that you have to find a route to get a specific score in 60 secounds.
So my small plan for a 25 points set:

- 4x Reach score X on Map Y with the Roller (3 Pts.)
- 4x Reach score X on Map Y with the Charger (3 Pts.)
- 1x Finish your first Turf War (1 Pts.)

Because the achievements needs nearly perfect score I'll remove the leaderboards.

Posted: 06 Jan, 2019 01:05
I don't think the hash is linked right. When I download the one from github, I get 62C5CC981614F0027A559F44FE0C2FCC. The game loads ok, but no cheevos are listed..

Posted: 06 Jan, 2019 11:36
So, Chargers, how do they work?

Posted: 06 Jan, 2019 12:04
Game Manual:

Hold A for a while to shot the Charger. Also you can press A to flick the Roller.


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