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Achievement of the Week 2019

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Posted: 10 Feb, 2019 05:08
down, down+forward, forward, down, down+forward, forward Y

Posted: 10 Feb, 2019 12:00
Yup, its like make 2 Hadouken.


I make it in CPU, but try in V.S Mode, or put CPU on Easy and make in 1st enemy.

Its easy, i take this achievement playing the game normally.

Good luck

Posted: 11 Feb, 2019 02:53
Last Edit: 16 Feb, 2019 03:18
Qu [hidden]

Posted: 12 Feb, 2019 01:25
Yes it worked, thank you ^^

Posted: 12 Feb, 2019 01:42
Last Edit: 12 Feb, 2019 20:35
Wrong thread :/ Supposed to post at leapfrog

Posted: 12 Feb, 2019 20:23
I happy @Yakurena, if need more questions ask us, we here to help.

See ya

Posted: 16 Feb, 2019 07:15
Last Edit: 16 Feb, 2019 07:20
Yay on the roster with my 1 done lol. didnt know there were benefits to doing these till after the fact so wont get top 3 for sure but will try for 40 done.good luck to the top 3 tho :)

edit- how does one get .5 on the roster btw? JW. is it not doing it on hardcore?

Posted: 16 Feb, 2019 08:29
Yeah, .5 points if you get the cheevo without being in hardcore.

Really been liking this so far, so props to the people behind the scenes and the people voting on which game/cheevo becomes the one for the week. This Zelda one was awkward for me since the path you need to take is kind of obscure. It's still fun tho. Gives me a reason to play games I might not otherwise.

Posted: 16 Feb, 2019 08:36
Yeah props to them. They made it so I kinda wanna make achieves for us too lol.and dude dont get me started on the zelda game this/ last week lol. went through the game without the cane just to realize I missed a key near the end :'( hack achieves can be brutal....honestly I liked this better than last weeks tho.couldnt finish it since I suck at fighting games lol. then again didnt look up any strats for it was like "ugh fighting game im out" lol
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