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Super Mario Bros. Special


Posted: 23 Dec, 2018 02:51
Last Edit: 08 Jan, 2019 10:54
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Created 23 Dec, 2018 02:51 by

1. Super Mario Bros. Special [Alt 2].d88
RA Checksum: ae02fab35b9e4374353d927435e64693

2. Super Mario Bros. Special [Alt 1].d88
RA Checksum: b91d5929e5d62ac34b0f7732236cb492

Do NOT Link:
1. Super Mario Brothers Special (1985)(Hudson).d88
Super Mario Bros. Special [Set 1].d88
RA Checksum: abbd60aecfd393288601460bf076475f

2. Super Mario Bros. Special.d88
RA Checksum: 21ce0376c58d66b5f9204a86611961f2

Reason: Compatable, but bad dumps.

Place in Drive 1, leave Drive 2 empty.

Posted: 23 Dec, 2018 16:01
This one is quite interesting.

Posted: 25 Dec, 2018 23:51
Last Edit: 25 Dec, 2018 23:52
started working on a set. I'm open to anyone wanting to collaborate to make challenge achievements. Already finished most major code notes needed and progress achievements (unless there's some secret hard mode cheat I missed).

Posted: 26 Dec, 2018 01:04
sounds like a good gift for christmas next year

Posted: 26 Dec, 2018 01:52
nah, pc-88 will still be unofficial only by xmas next year

Posted: 29 Dec, 2018 22:54
added rich presence

Posted: 04 Jan, 2019 17:49
Last Edit: 09 Jan, 2019 21:32
After analyzing existing dumps, here is my conclusion:
1. TOSEC unlabelled (= Neo Kobe [Set 1]) is corrupted and is missing two sectors. Otherwise it corresponds to TOSEC [a2] (= Neo Kobe [Alt 2]).
2. TOSEC [a] (= Neo Kobe [Alt 1]) is likely a clean rip of one version of the game.
3. Neo Kobe unlabelled (not in TOSEC) is likely a bad dump of TOSEC [a] (= Neo Kobe [Alt 1]), as one sector is empty and the context (content of the surrounding sectors) makes it seems like an error.
4. TOSEC [a2] (= Neo Kobe [Alt 2]) is likely a clean (or at least cleaner) rip of a second version of the game.

As for the differences between those two versions, I assume that the second version mentioned above is a revision of the first. There are some code changes which lead to memory shifting around a bit, so alts are needed to support both. Gameplay-wise, it seems to me that the second version draws screens slightly faster, and it implements double buffering, while the first version draws directly to the screen, and one can see the background being drawn in real-time.

The file headers are identical between the two rips, so I prefer to refer to this "second" version as an alternate ([a], to use standard labelling) version.

Posted: 05 Jan, 2019 07:01
Last Edit: 05 Jan, 2019 19:44

Posted: 07 Jan, 2019 22:50
I'd hate to leave it at such a basic set but I don't really have many ideas for good challenges. The lack of continue cheat and warp zones as well as lack of documentation online and the general jankiness of the game means that stuff like and would suck even more than they already did in SMB1 and Lost Levels.

Posted: 08 Jan, 2019 00:00
Seems fine, copy-pasting from other sets would not be any fun anyway. Just need to distribute the points.

Posted: 08 Jan, 2019 00:01
Last Edit: 08 Jan, 2019 00:39
should we make it 400 points or a bit smaller like 200 or 300 since the set is so barebones and will probably be revised

edit: made the set 400 points. just gotta wait for pc-88 to be official before promoting to core.

Posted: 08 Jan, 2019 05:00
Last Edit: 08 Jan, 2019 05:00
Added support for [Alt 1] via Alts, and fixed rich presence for it too; in my tests nothing falsely triggers during the load process, but since memory is randomized feel free to give it a few shots.

Posted: 06 Feb, 2019 19:32
What about the World 4-4 Patch?? can you link the Patch?


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