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Vigilante 8 - Second Offense


Posted: 25 Nov, 2018 22:19
Last Edit: 25 Nov, 2018 22:19
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Created 25 Nov, 2018 22:19 by


List of all people interested in working on a set for this game:

List of ideas/planned achievements:

Posted: 05 Feb, 2020 00:18

Complete all objectives Arizona in story mode
Kill the alien on the meteor crater in Arizona

Complete all objectives Lousiana in story mode
Causes a water floodin in Lousiana

Complete all objectives in Florida in story mode
Kill an enemy on gas outlet of the launcher in Florida

Complete all objectives in Pennsylvania in story mode
Destroy all wagons in Pennsylvania

Complete all objectives in Minnesota in story mode
Hacker: Cause caos in Control Room in Minnesota

Complete all objectives in Utah in story mode
Take your pride of first place on Utah

Complete all objectives in California in story mode
Get a flying on the lighthouse in California

Complete all objectives in Alaskain story mode
Kill an enemy with the oil fire in Alaska


Complete story mode with Dallas 13
Fully upgrade Palamino XIII

Complete story mode with Nina Loco
Fully upgrade El Guerrero

Complete story mode with Molo
Fully upgrade Blue Burro Bus

Unlock Lord Clyde
Complete story mode with Lord Clyde
Fully upgrade Excelsior Stretch Limo

Unlock Obake
Complete story mode with Obake
Fully upgrade Tsunami

Unlock Boogie
Fully upgrade Marathon

Complete story mode with John Torque
Fully upgrade Thunderbolt

Complete story mode with Sheila
Fully upgrade Wunderwagon

Complete story mode with All-Star Trio
Fully upgrade Dakota Stunt Cycle

Unlock Convoy
Complete story mode with Convoy
Fully upgrade Livingston Truck

Unlock Houston
Complete story mode with Houston
Fully upgrade Samson Tow Truck

Unlock Dave's Cultsmen
Fully upgrade Xanadu RV

Complete story mode with Agent R. Chase
Fully upgrade Chrono Stinger

Complete story mode with Astronaut Bob O.
Fully upgrade Moon Trekker

Complete story mode with Garbage Man
Fully upgrade Grubb Dual Loader

Unlock Padre Destino
Complete story mode with Padre Destino
Fully upgrade Goliath Halftrack

Unlock Chassey Blue
Complete story mode with Chassey Blue
Fully upgrade Vertigo

Unlock Dusty Earth
Fully upgrade Wapiti 4WD

Wasted: catch a weapow with 1 ammo
Noooo: loose an especial weapon catching common weapon

Perform a combo with Bruiser Cannon
Point-blank: hit a shot touching in the target

Perform a combo with Bull's Eye Rockets
Eagle's Eye Rockets: hit a Rocket 50 meters away

Perform a combo with Bull's Brimstone Burner
Easy Piece: Totalize a car using Brimstone Burner

Perform a combo with Bull's Interceptor Missiles
Have 4 missiles flying at same time without using combo

Perform a combo with Bull's Sky Hammer Mortar
Special Delivery: Perform Turle Turnover while flying above enemy

Perform a combo with Bull's Roadkill Mines
Hard Piece: totalize a car using a mine

Hit 2 cars with Mega Collider at same time
kill 4 dakota using Molo in survivor without shot
Win a arcade with convoy without lose ur payload
perform 4x whammy
Have 3 power-ups at same time


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