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Wii,Wii U, Gamecube, N64DD , DS, Flash, and Dos Games

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Posted: 07 Nov, 2018 19:10
Last Edit: 04 Feb, 2019 06:45
DOs Games

DOS Game ideas

Putt-Putt Joins the Parade

The Lion King (Dos Version)

Mario Teaches Typing 1

Mickey's Runaway Zoo

And Jazz Jackrabbit

Wii Games

Wii and Wiiware Game Ideas

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Pokemon Rumble

Lilt Line

Super Mario Galaxy

Learning with the Pooyoos - Episode 1

And Fish Em All

Gamecube Games

Gamecube Ideas

Super Smash Bros Melee " It's Not Melee"

Super Mario Sunshine

Curious George

Finding Nemo


Chicken Little

and Kirby Air Ride

N64DD and N64 games Share the same list

N64DD Ideas

Super Mario 64 Disk Version

Doshin the Giant DD Version

DS Games

DS Ideas

Super Mario 64 DS

New Super Mario Bros.

Mario Party DS

Cake Mania

New Carnival Games DS

Maybe a Troll Achievement set for the DS Browser

Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, White 2, Platinum, Diamond And ( All Main Games)

Pokemon Trozei! ( Pokemon Spin-Off Game)

And Ratatouille DS

Flash Games Are Going Away in 2020

Flash Game Ideas

Super Mario Crossover

Super Mario 63

Bullet Bill 2

Super Smash Flash

Papa's Freezeria


Oswald's Speicals Of The Day

And Goofy's Hot Dog Drop

Games ideas for these systems : post them here

If Wii U Gets Supported

The only 2 game i want to have achievements are

Smash Bros for Wii U

And Super Mario 3D World

Edit: RIP WiiWare

Posted: 07 Nov, 2018 20:06
Wii U games or maybe even Wii is a delicate topic, and I'm not talking about developing the achievements
I'm talking about the law 🔨
To be honest I don't think this is a good idea, I don't support this 😕

Posted: 07 Nov, 2018 20:07
About DOS Doom 1 & 2 please 😁

Posted: 07 Nov, 2018 22:05
Last Edit: 07 Nov, 2018 22:05
i am sorry eldexter

Posted: 07 Nov, 2018 22:13
i may update this with Gamecube N64DD and NDS

Posted: 07 Nov, 2018 22:37
I Updated the Main Bubble like Crazy

And i may make a new topic for Flash Games

Tell Me If i you like the idea

Posted: 07 Nov, 2018 23:34
none of those are real priorities atm guys, sorry.

Theyre on the menu as placeholders only - someone just took the time to add the consoles to the database.

Posted: 07 Nov, 2018 23:55
@deividokop In fact 😁

Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 01:14
Would Flash games even be possible? If it would that'd be amazing. There's games like Super Mario 63, Super Smash Flash 1 & 2, Evilgeddon Spooky Max and tons of more games that'd be absolutely amazing

Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 01:35
As I understand it, for ANY game to have achievements, a> the emulator for that system needs to support RetroAchievements b> There has to be a local file on your computer/console/handheld that it can use to identify that you're using the correct version c> A talented developer needs to sift through a huge array of tiny little encoded memory bits and bytes to figure out what's going on inside the game's brain.

DOS - a> not yet, b> Difficult issue since DOS games consist of more than one file and who knows the best way to check that, c> kinda blocked by A and B there. However, I vote for DOS DOOM 1 & 2 as well! :-D

Flash - a> There's really no "emulator" for Flash games, since it's a scripted / interpreted language and it just runs inside a web browser. Interesting idea but unlikely b, c blocked by A>.

GameCube/Wii - what eldexter said. Big N is a notoriously poor sport.

I think since those more modern consoles are not exactly current but certainly not retro, you might have to wait another 5-10 years for them to be eligible for the "retroachievement" treatment. Provided Big N doesn't see what's before their eyes and do it themselves and make people happy WHILE earning tons of money. o.O

There are still hundreds upon hundreds of good classic retro games that need some achievement TLC - before we spread out into newer systems, let's keep our focus on old games. That's what retrogaming is all about, right?

Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 03:09
Last Edit: 08 Nov, 2018 03:10
SWF File Player is a Flash Emu

In 2020 Flash Games Are Going Away

So Suggest

Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 03:11
Download the RetroAchievements mobile app to see all games that can have achievements

Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 03:12
russolini77 What about N64DD

Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 03:57
russolini77 if GBA has achievements than GCN should too because they where realesed in the same year

Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 06:11
Maddie, I don't think you fully understand how achievements work and what emulation actually is. I politely suggest you do a little research and learn more about what Flash is and how it works and the idea behind RetroAchievements. We're not here to throw achievements at everything and anything. Then we'd end up like Steam where people buy new games with 1000 achievements just to get more achievements. RetroAchievements mobile app? Do you mean RetroArch? You realize these two things are completely separate, right?

N64DD is an add-on for the N64 system, I don't see why people couldn't make achievements for that.

It's interesting that you use the word "should". The Gameboy Advance is a small handheld system that uses ROM images under a certain size. The NGC is a relatively complex home console that uses a high density storage medium and a variety of hardware and software and requires a lot of computing horsepower to properly emulate. Why "should" the gamecube have achievements too?
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