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MoM ([Hardcore] Master of [the] Month)

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Posted: 03 Feb, 2019 02:43
Last Edit: 27 Feb, 2019 03:48

400 (657)
Achievements: 15
Start in: 02/01/2019
Mastered in: 02/01/2019

400 (508)
Achievements: 26
Start in: 02/02/2019
Mastered in: 02/02/2019

400 (795)
Achievements: 32
Start in: 02/02/2019
Mastered in: 02/03/2019

400 (622)
Achievements: 38
Start in: 02/03/2019
Mastered in: 02/03/2019

400 (1008)
Achievements: 46
Start in: 02/03/2019
Mastered in: 02/04/2019

400 (869)
Achievements: 45
Start in: 02/04/2019
Mastered in: 02/06/2019

400 (1466)
Achievements: 25
Start in: 02/06/2019
Mastered in: 02/06/2019

400 (1236)
Achievements: 33
Start in: 02/07/2019
Mastered in: 02/09/2019

400 (113)
Achievements: 33
Start in: 02/09/2019
Mastered in: 02/10/2019

400 (937)
Achievements: 19
Start in: 02/10/2019
Mastered in: 02/10/2019

400 (3131)
Achievements: 26
Start in 02/11/2019
Mastered in: 02/12/2019

400 (1262)
Achievements: 55
Start in: 02/12/2019
Mastered in: 02/14/2019

400 (766)
Achievements: 43
Start in: 02/19/2019
Mastered in: 02/21/2019

400 (2220)
Achievements: 37
Start in: 02/21/2019
Mastered in: 02/22/2019

400 (859)
Achievements: 40
Start in: 02/27/2019
Mastered in: 02/27/2019

My Hardest Achievement in this month is:

I end the progress of MoM of February here now on Day 02/27/2019 - 03:48h

Posted: 03 Feb, 2019 15:16
Last Edit: 03 Feb, 2019 15:54
Gratz . You deserved to win last month also, but event rules were pretty confusing at that point, the deadlines were not clear and some criteria became subjective (ie. my voided Category D title because my hardest achievement came from a revision and others achievement were considered harder despite the one I earned had the least %). I like to play by the rules, and if rules says 9 easy games worth more than 8 hard games then I will play for quantity not difficulty. That was the reason why I decided to retire from event for now, but probably the event may mature and I will return. Anyway, good luck for all February contenders.

Posted: 03 Feb, 2019 16:42
I believe that this was my last participation in this event, I'm already a little tired and not knowing what to play to make 200%, it's true that it turned out to be a better organized host, but the problem is my skill that is no longer but the same, I can continue participating, but I not believe it will be possible anymore.

Posted: 03 Feb, 2019 18:43
Hi guys, i understand your feelings about MoM, and i more sad because we have lots of active players, and less of 10 players is in event, but it depends on us make the MoM become better, with suggestions, patience, and make the posts of games mastered, or this event die.

I know its hard for all have time to play, i for example dont have time, but i make my part, mastering at least one game per month kkk.

The point if i want to reach, is do not quit the event, and make a invite to others friends to enter.

Thanks for attenction...

Posted: 04 Feb, 2019 13:06
Good news everyone. Another very skilled player may possibly participate. He already have 100% completion ratio. And he don't start the new game until mastering the already started.

The winner is you! Over 6000 points that you got last month is an awesome result! Take a rest and
return in future if you'd like to.

I like to play by the rules, and if rules says 9 easy games worth more than 8 hard games
That's why category E was changed for this month. For next month maybe category B will be replaced by something else.

I'd like to suggest the little change and clarifying in the rules.
1. In months like this (where the goal is to complete started games) all achievements in the set are counted.
2. Remastering the set (after revision) is OK but at least 3 months should pass before you submit the same game again. To prevent situations like master the set, submit it, add 1 cheevo in next month, remaster it, submit again, add 1 cheevo later, remaster it, sumbit again.
3. Resetting cheevos to remaster and submit the set is forbidden. This is not Leap Frog. To prevent situations like player X have 50 games mastered. He resetted 1 easiest achievements in each and he is master of the month because of mastering 50 games!
4. Users involved in cheating or were/currently untracked will be most likely disqualified.

Posted: 04 Feb, 2019 17:34
Hello Jam

Ok bro i understand the new rules.

And... who are the new player with 100% Completion ration?

Posted: 05 Feb, 2019 11:29
Last Edit: 24 Feb, 2019 04:52
250 (354)
Started: Dec 20, 2018
Mastered: Feb 5, 2019
400 (725)
Started: Dec 16, 2018
Mastered: Feb 10, 2019
400 (1087)
Started: Apr 3, 2018
Mastered: Feb 12, 2019
270 (582)
Started: Jan 9, 2019
Mastered: Feb 13, 2019
400 (813)
Started: Sept 14, 2017
Mastered: Feb 16, 2019
400 (1021)
Started: Sept 6, 2017
Mastered: Feb 24, 2019

Posted: 06 Feb, 2019 18:54
Last Edit: 06 Feb, 2019 18:58

@Bendyhumam, only us participate this month?

Posted: 06 Feb, 2019 19:30
About the prohibition to reseting achievements... It's hard to track if that really happens. Since event have no signup phase anyone can reset a couple achievements and re-earn in the last week to remaster the game. Since the badge will be moved to end of the list its impossible to know if it was just mastered or remastered.

Posted: 09 Feb, 2019 01:00

He'll join us if he'd like the idea. And I'll join this month but a bit later. Still have my ass on fire after Lady Une. It's hard to participate in 3 events in the same time.

Posted: 09 Feb, 2019 02:29
Yeah, its hard participate in 3 events, i trying this, but i already fatigued kkk

Posted: 19 Feb, 2019 17:02
Finally a single mastered game started before this month. I hope there'll be more.

400 (577)
Started: 18.01.2019
Mastered: 19.02.2019

Posted: 19 Feb, 2019 21:37
Great Jam congratulations, yeah you mastered more.

Posted: 01 Mar, 2019 03:36
I hope there'll be more.
I will not say this thing again. Anyway. The new month is started. Results will be soon. You can submit your result today but achievement inself should be gained in february (server time).

Posted: 01 Mar, 2019 03:49
Ok Jam no problem, for me already finished the post.
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