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Posted: 25 Oct, 2018 02:47
Last Edit: 23 Feb, 2019 18:04
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Created 25 Oct, 2018 02:47 by

1. Stargate (USA).sfc
Stargate (U) [!].sfc
stargate (usa).sfc
RA Checksum: 8d4249cf09bb6e63a7ef4b80d05da2ad
CRC32 Checksum: 526CE576

Do Not Link EU and J Versions. They are incompatible.


Posted: 10 Feb, 2019 18:05
Currently working on a set for this game.

Posted: 11 Feb, 2019 17:09
Achievement Plan:

Story Progression
- Cross the desert to the city of Nagada
- Open Nagada's east gate
- Rescue your men and leave the ruins
- Rescue Shau'ri
- Find Skaara in the ruins
- Escape the city
- Free Daniel
- Destroy Ra's gliders
- Take care of Ra's spies
- Defeat Anubis in the ruins
- Arm the villagers
- Get back to your men
- Enter the pyramid
- Prevent the gliders from taking off
- Defeat Anubis in the pyramid

A few of them could be removed, the game doesn't exactly have a clear level structure so I'll try to find a right progression pace.

- Get the good ending (6 nuke parts)
- Get the canon ending (6 nuke parts + 7 hieroglyphs)

Not sure what to do here. Obviously achievements for easy/medium/hard difficulty, but should they be awarded for the bad or good ending? I think the bad ending is enough (you still need to beat Ra).

Optional Story Elements
- Save Kawalsky (You can skip this part for some reason)
- Go through the slave mines (When you have to choose between two doors, one will lead here. A bit of luck involved unless you know which is which, but a challenging level to clear. Two different opportunities to get there too)

Optional Collectibles
- Collect all 8 supply crates
- Rescue all 6 marines
- Rescue all 13 civiliants
- Execute all 7 traitors
- Destroy all 28 computers
- Destroy all 12 bay switches

Secrets and Such
- 1-Up in the ruins (part 1) after the rings
- 1-Up in Nagada on the roof

They are not exactly hidden, but a little out of the way.

- Find Ra's secret storage room

- Get a 1-Up
- Get Better Ammo
- Get Best Ammo
- Get Coolant
- Get Wide Fire
- Get Rapid Fire

All of the above is relatively easy to obtain, not sure it makes for good achievements.

- Have a fully upgraded gun (All upgrades at once, must not die for a moment)
- Get Alien Grenades (Impossible to miss but late in the game, superfluous?)

Posted: 11 Feb, 2019 17:41
Just in case it can be useful to someone in the future, here are all the map IDs I've found (stored in $00079 as a 16-bits value)

0xB630 Desert (part 1)
0x81A4 - Health Cave
0x8000 - Supply Cave
0xFD49 Nagada (part 1)
0xEB47 - Elder House
0xB6BC Desert (part 2)
0x82BC - Ammo Cave
0x8348 - Kawalsky Cave
0x808C - Marines Cave
0x91B1 Ruins (part 1)
0xE9CF - Daniel's Room
0xFDD5 Nagada (part 2)
0xEAE6 - Civilian House
0xEA8B - Anubis Room
0x9355 - Treasure Room
0x923D Ruins (part 2)
0xB900 - Slave Mines
0xEBA5 - Cellar
0xFE61 Nagada (part 3)
0xEC03 - Civilian Room
0xEC61 - Shau'ri's Room
0xA3E6 Desert (part 4) // does not change for glider scene
0x83D4 - Nuke Cave
0xA68E - Holding Cell
0xB95E - Slave Mines
0xECBF - Cellar
0xFEED Nagada (part 4)
0xED1D - Traitor House
0xED7B - Nuke House
0x92C9 Ruins (part 3)
0x93E1 - Glyph Room
0x946D - Ugrade Room
0x94F9 - Anubis Room
0xA71A Alien (part 1)
0xA472 Desert (part 5) // does not change for glider scene
0x8460 - Upgrade Cave
0x84EC - Grenade Cave
0xA4FE Desert (part 6)
0xFD48 - Computer Room
0x8118 - Elder Cave
0xFC2E Pyramid (part 1)
0xFDA6 - Computer Room
0xFE04 - Computer Annex
0xFC8C Pyramid (part 2)
0xFEC0 - Computer Room
0x9F19 - Ship Exterior
0x9E01 Ship (part 1)
0xA7A6 Alien (part 2)
0x9E8D - Exterior
0xFE62 Pyramid (part 3)
0xFCEA Pyramid (part 4)
0xA832 - Ra's Chamber
0xA9D6 - Ra's Storage
0x9F5A Destroyed Ra


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