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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero


Posted: 08 Oct, 2018 04:26
Last Edit: 05 Dec, 2018 14:09
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Created 8 Oct, 2018 04:26 by

Parent set: gijoe
G.I. Joe (World, EAB, set 1)
RA Checksum: 94f40cd22046f82f39831d7ce1572c61


I'm definitely interested in working on this one. Will post plans soon.

Posted: 11 Oct, 2018 08:37
Last Edit: 18 Dec, 2018 18:44
WIP List - Open for ideas.

10-Defeat Tomax and Xamot
10-Defeat Metal-Head
15-Defeat Baroness
15-Defeat Major Bludd
20-Defeat Destro
25-Defeat Cobra Commander
20-Complete the game as Duke
20-Complete the game as Snake-Eyes
20-Complete the game as Scarlett
20-Complete the game as Roadblock
15-Complete Mission 1 without using a continue
15-Complete Mission 2 without using a continue
15-Complete the final Mission without using a continue
35-Complete all missions on hard
5-Score 250 points
10-Score 500 points
15-Score 1000 points
20-Score 1500 points
25-Score 2000 points
15-Shoot a total of 50 grenades or rockets out of the air
15-Destroy over 100 vehicles in one session
10-Stock up on 9 rockets
5-Try out all four characters in one session

Posted: 22 Oct, 2018 05:05
Konami arcade games seem to only work in RALib when they want to. Current cheevos might be in unofficial limbo for a bit and the rest of the set will come when RALib is ready :P

Posted: 18 Dec, 2018 20:18
Set's live. Will likely be expanded on in the future, though.

Any bugs, you know what to do.

Posted: 20 Dec, 2018 18:01
Last Edit: 20 Dec, 2018 18:13
what rom i need to use, because i try every rom and no one works. on retroarch always appear that rom works, but the achievements doesn't appear.

Posted: 20 Dec, 2018 20:07
Last Edit: 21 Dec, 2018 01:21
It is not working for me as well...

The rom Works, the achievements load, but I cant earn any of them...

Is it a core problem?

I am using Final Burn Alpha in RAlibretro

Posted: 20 Dec, 2018 22:22
I'll look into these issues when I get home in a couple hours. I didn't touch dip switch settings when developing, so as long as those are defaults, it should be fine.

Also, I suggest making sure RALib or RetroArch cores are up to date. Support for Konami boards is still fairly new, so it's best to at least rule out the updates.

Posted: 22 Dec, 2018 14:13
everthing its ok now.

Posted: 07 Jan, 2019 16:57
The three coin limit cheevos haven't been working how they should and there's not much I can do about it at the moment considering RAlib has decided to start crashing on me whenever I try to load the game. Will work on fixing them when this issue is resolved.

Posted: 07 Jan, 2019 17:51
That's sad. I'll be wait, though

Posted: 18 Jan, 2019 15:57
Hopefully they'll work now...


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