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Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest

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Posted: 22 Mar, 2014 23:17
Last Edit: 24 Jan, 2020 04:17
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1. Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (USA).sfc
Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (U) (V1.0) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: da08f0559fade06f37d5fdf1b6a6d92e
CRC32 Checksum: 6B19A2C6

2. Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (USA) (Rev 1).sfc
Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (U) (V1.1).sfc
final fantasy - mystic quest (usa) (rev 1).sfc
RA Checksum: f7faeae5a847c098d677070920769ca2
CRC32 Checksum: 2C52C792

3. Mystic Quest Legend (Europe).sfc
Mystic Quest Legend (E) [!].sfc
mystic quest legend (europe).sfc
RA Checksum: 92461cd3f1a72b8beb32ebab98057b76
CRC32 Checksum: 45A7328F

4. Mystic Quest Legend (France).sfc
Mystic Quest Legend (F).sfc
mystic quest legend (france).sfc
RA Checksum: a5356b9bad50d4a9191bc1fe50316b5b
CRC32 Checksum: F997DEBC

5. Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (USA) (Rev 1).sfc (no-intro with MSU-1, v2)
RA Checksum: a6cf65a5abee9e9f3a31f001f278a554
CRC32 Checksum: 00B5369F


Posted: 22 Mar, 2014 23:26
I added a bunch of memory locations, but some of them aren't useful for making achievements without finding out other things first.

For instance: 0x1fc2 contains the amount of damage just dealt to someone, but it also seems to be just general scratch space for anything having to do with updating on-screen text.

Posted: 24 Mar, 2014 15:05
Great job! Are you planning on doing some achievements for this one? Looking for ideas?

Posted: 24 Mar, 2014 17:32
Yeah, I'm planning on making some, but if you want to start, I have no problem with that. :)

I think next thing I'll start looking for is the memory location for the quest items. That's much harder to figure out since you can't just do it over and over. :)

Posted: 24 Mar, 2014 17:42
It's all yours, if nobody beats me to it, I'm moving to Earthbound next. I enjoy playing through other people's achievements. Can't wait to see the final results!

Posted: 20 Apr, 2014 20:09
Last Edit: 20 Apr, 2014 21:47
Hmm... the game seems to load each save file in succession at startup, so if you have a finished game in your list, it'll throw practically anything I add.

I'll have to see if there's a "startup timer" or something I can query.

Edit: Found it! The game also loads all save files before entering the load screen, but I found a timer that doesn't start til that's all done. :)

Posted: 22 Apr, 2014 03:51
I think some chevos should get an upgrade in the points, like Battlefield Expert. That could take some good amount of time to complete, so I suggest to give at least 15 points for it.

Another good, and obvious cheevos to get are to get each of the crystals, and get some items that are missables, like the Aero Spell.

Posted: 23 Apr, 2014 03:22
Yep, I'm working on the game as I go through it; I'm only just past the first crystal right now. Even then, I don't know what to query for the crystal, but I do have achievements on both the Elixir and the Sand Coin.

Once I'm done making achievements, I'll adjust point values to hit 400.

Posted: 23 Apr, 2014 20:16
Suggestion: acitvate the cheevo when you get the corresponding elemental coin.

And missables too. :-P

Posted: 14 May, 2014 03:53
How many different names trigger the Wrong Game achievement :P

Posted: 14 May, 2014 06:03
I put in three from the most popular FF games; there's a fourth popular one that wouldn't fit in the space given. :)

Posted: 14 May, 2014 12:30
Zelda? :P

Posted: 14 May, 2014 13:11
And here I was going to try Firion... You should probably add the main characters from each series :)

Posted: 14 May, 2014 14:15
If Squall doesn't work I dislike your intent good sir!

Posted: 18 Jun, 2014 08:21
Just making a note: for anything that we need to query whether the game is running in "demo mode", I've decided to query the Max White Magic, 0x101b. This is set to 99 (0x63) for the demo, but the max value in-game is 42 (0x2a). So far I've only done this for the Giant's Axe.
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