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Join the Knights of the Retro Table for fair and legitimate competition!


Posted: 24 Sep, 2018 17:14
Last Edit: 24 Sep, 2018 17:17
Greetings, my fellow RA users. I would like to introduce my new concept and invite you all to join me in my table of ancient lore. I have devised a system to gather a small group of friendly rivalry with those who are willing to take extra steps to prove their authenticity. As a collective, we aim to be the first organized group to clear every achievement on RA.

All members of the Knights of the Retro Table receive credit for achievements they earn while following the guidelines listed below. The rules are as follows:
1. You must stream your achievement-hunting attempt on the designated Twitch channel for the group. We want to have an archival record of every achievement set we clear.
2. The game must initially be loaded while the stream is running, not before. The exception to this is if the stream gets momentarily cut off.
3. Only those achievements earned while streaming shall be counted.
4. You must play in "hardcore mode" - no exceptions.
5. No use of slow-down or fast-forward is allowed for any reason. If slow-down/fast-forward is used, all subsequent achievements are invalid until the game is reset. This also goes for savestates, movie files, or anything that forces you out of hardcore mode.
6. If you're playing a game that utilizes SRAM-saving, you must start with a fresh save file.
7. When a knight completes a game's achievement set, the points they earned from that achievement set are multiplied by 2 and added to their score. Example: A set worth 800 points in Hardcore mode would net a knight 1600 points, only if they were the first knight to clear that game. All subsequent knights who clear it would only gain 800 points. All achievements in the set must be earned on stream.
8. Your score shall be calculated and compared to others on a Google Drive spreadsheet. Ultimately we all are working together to achieve a goal, but those knights who contribute more will receive higher honors from the Order of Nescalibur.
9. Any illegal or unsanctioned activity streamed on the channel will get you thrown into the Pit of the Damned for all eternity, and all your achievements revoked from the royal records.
10. If a Knight doubts your authenticity while playing, you must prove it by showing that Hardcore mode is on and no movie file is being played back for achievements. A Knight or Squire caught cheating for achievements will be listed on the Hall of Shame for their misdeeds, and receive a permanent point penalty.

My name is Uther Pendragon, and my knights have all been scared off and need to be replaced. I'm looking for talented and trustworthy retainers to fill the chairs and assume the identity of these knights:

Arthur - Claimed by Mutawarrior

If you would like to join under another name of Arthurian legend, post your desired name here.

You may also join as a "watchtower squire" whose only job is to watch the streams and keep the knights in check. Watchtower squires don't have to stream or complete achievement sets, but those who identify errors, discrepancies, or other nuances in streams shall earn points of recognition for their keen eye. In short, we want you to watch the streams and keep an eye out for knights who try to sidestep these rules. The 4 most active watchtower squires become watchtower knights and earn modship in the Twitch channel.

Right now, our table only has room for 6 knights. Anyone else who wishes to join the knights after our six knights have been chosen must begin as a squire, and earn their way to knighthood by completing achievements. A squire must outperform a knight to take their place at the table. A knight who has been overthrown from their seat at the table moves to guard duty. However, as of right now the table is empty, and the first 6 people to sit down shall be knighted. Order of command is as follows: Hero > Knights of RT > Watchtower Knights > Guard Knights > Watchtower Squires > Squires

New members may start as either a Squire or a Watchtower Squire. Squires are lowest in command, but have highest potential to move up. As soon as a squire's accomplishments surpasses those of the lowest-ranking Knight of the Round Table, that squire gets promoted 4 places to Knight of the Round Table, and the former Knight of the Round Table gets demoted 2 places to Guard Knight. Guard Knights are a collection of knights who were formerly of the Round Table, and retain power over all Squires. The Watchtower requires less effort to move up in, as it only requires activity and not achievements. However, its maximum ranking is lower than that of the Retro Table knights.

The Hero is the highest in command, and cannot be demoted through any means other than resignation. If the Hero resigns, the position of Hero gets passed down to the highest-ranking Knight, and the highest-ranking Squire assumes the position of Knight as well. All former Heroes become Legends and retain their power over the Round Table.

General scoring is the same as the points you get in RA, except you get an extra double bonus for being the first person to clear an achievement set on the stream. The top 6 scorers enter the Retro Table as knights. The score of the Hero doesn't count, and the Hero cannot receive a doubler bonus. Watchtower scoring is more complicated and is based on analysis of watchtower squire/knight activity during streams. Users who have caught cheaters get a watchtower bonus.

For more information, join our Discord server

Posted: 26 Sep, 2018 20:45


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