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Leap Frog

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Posted: 23 Sep, 2018 22:01
Last Edit: 04 Oct, 2018 21:06

What is Leap Frog?

Leap Frog is a format where you must get 1 achievement in hardcore the first day then on the second day get 2 achievements in hardcore etc then keep this going till you're the last one remaining could be day 50 or day 100!

When is it?

The competition starts on Sunday September 30th at 00:00 (UTC+0)


Each period is 24 hours and you have until 23:59 (UTC+0) to get your achievements for the day. Then next period will begin at 00:00 (UTC+0). All your achievements must be obtained in hardcore. You can reuse achievements you have already obtained prior to the competition or have gotten during the competition as long as you have not submitted them before, you can not use the same achievements twice or you will be disqualified. You must get the achievements you intend to submit within the 24 hour period or they will not be eligible (No stockpiling). You may post in the google docs which achievements you would like to use for the period but if you don't it will just be assumed you intend to submit the achievements you've gotten first in the period. You may re obtain any achievements you decided not to submit in later periods.


Only prize you get is the honor of being the champion of Leap Frog. More may be added later though but for now just honor.

How Do I Enter

Post a message on thread stating your interest to join. You have until the end of the first period to join.


I'll post who "leaps" daily

Posted: 23 Sep, 2018 22:35
Alt account is allowed?

Posted: 23 Sep, 2018 22:56
You are allowed to delete your own achievements and reearn them so alts shouldn't be necessary

Posted: 23 Sep, 2018 22:57
This was made just because it would be rather unfair if you didn't access to a whole bunch of meme sets like color a dinosaur and other people didn't

Posted: 23 Sep, 2018 23:37
Last Edit: 24 Sep, 2018 20:51
Yup, Makes sense. I only asked cause all those meme sets might destroy my retro ratio xD, but I can delete them after anyway. So count on me for the competition :)

Posted: 24 Sep, 2018 03:47
You know I'm game.

Posted: 24 Sep, 2018 03:47
I'll join, it sounds pretty fun.

Posted: 28 Sep, 2018 01:24
Last Edit: 28 Sep, 2018 01:40
I'll join

Posted: 28 Sep, 2018 01:25
sure, why not

Posted: 28 Sep, 2018 02:01
I'm in. Last place, here I come~

Posted: 28 Sep, 2018 10:31
Sounds interesting. So I can choose by myself which achievements to do? Then I'm in. Pixel, Blaze, we'll do it again! Just one question about progressing.

Day 3 requirement is 3 achievements or 4?
Day 4 requirement is 4 achievements or 8?

I suppose first because 633825300114114700748351602688 achievements for day 100 is too much.

Posted: 28 Sep, 2018 11:27
I'll join as well.

Posted: 28 Sep, 2018 13:27
Last Edit: 28 Sep, 2018 14:13
I'll gladly join, sounds like a fun little competition!

Posted: 28 Sep, 2018 18:30
Yes day 3 is 3 then day 4 is 4 etc I mean if we somehow reach day 100 I'd be impressed since you would have gotten 5050 achievements in the span of like 3 months

Posted: 28 Sep, 2018 18:49
Last Edit: 28 Sep, 2018 18:52
Important question: what are the rules with regards to save files? If somebody has 100% save files left over from games they played before the competition, they can be used to earn achievements faster than with a fresh save. Either due to the achievement being directly tied to data tracked by the save file (I could potentially re-unlock every Final Fantasy II key term, key item, and stat grinding achievement instantly), or simply due to the player having access to lategame elements (The minigame and boss rush modes in Kirby's Adventure, only accessible with a beaten file).

Banning save files started before the competition may be reasonable (albeit sacrificing peoples' ability to reasonably earn any achievements in games they're in the middle of playing already; there's no way I'm starting over Picross 2), but what about save files made during the competition on prior days? It would be too extreme to ban them outright, since it would make the competition rely entirely on single-sitting games, making any game where the player is expected to play for more than one day off-limits. But it could potentially allow a roundabout method of stockpiling achievements.
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