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Laplace Demon


Posted: 14 Sep, 2018 15:59
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Posted: 16 Sep, 2018 01:05
Last Edit: 16 Sep, 2018 01:06
Thanks Altomar, I can now post the cheevo ideas I was working on. There really is only one-two events that would be considered worthwhile achievements for the 1st half and that is finding all the missing people in the mansion and ringing the bell to dispel the evil infesting it, the real meat and potatoes comes in the 2nd half of the game, in the castle area

* Missing Persons: Find all the lost people who went into Weathertop Hall aside from Amy
* We Can Pass On: Put to rest the spirits of Weathertop Hall
* Mine, Mine, Mine!: Defeat the Griffon with Germaine in your party
* Peter Pan?: Escort Jambon to the Lake Witch
* Wizard Fight: Defeat Moldiv with Adolph in the party
* The Mysterious Foreigner: Rescue Kusakabe from the castle
* Unwelcome Reunion: Find Joanna's lover with her in the party
* Distant Sister: Rescue Anita without Ryan in the party
* Siblings Reunited: Rescue Anita with Ryan in the party
* The Brave Knight Arrives: Rescue Cassandra with Beyard in the party
* Emerald Effigy: Rescue Benedict Weathertop
* The Lizard Man: Recruit Sioux
* I Can Finally Rest: Return the Oarmen's body to his grave
* That's Right, Forgot About the Kid: Rescue Amy
* The Gauntlet: Clear the Trial of Strength
* I Fight Alone!: Clear the Trial of Strength with 1 party member
* Pop Quiz: Clear the Trial of Wisdom
* The Mad Conquerer: Defeat Laplace
* Driven Mad From Revelations: Defeat Laplace by reducing his MP to 0
* The Signs Are Right: Accept Luerain's offer
* Shadow Of A Tyrant: Defeat Luerain
* Shredded Mind Beyond Death: Defeat Luerain by reducing his MP to 0
* Eldritch Slayer: Defeat Laplace's Demon
* I See The Truth: Defeat Laplace's Demon by reducing its' MP to 0
* Alone In The Dark: Defeat Laplace's Demon with only 1 Party Member
* I Deny the Occult: Complete the game as a Journalist/Detective/Scientist
* There Are Things Out There...: Complete the game as a Dabbler/Medium
* Master of the Mythos: Find all Mythos Spells
* For Science!: Find all Machine Parts
* Professional Photographer: Take photos of all possible monsters that can be recorded
* Warrior: Max out a character's Fighting talent
* Marksman: Max out a character's Shooting talent
* Loquacious: Max out a character's Fast Talk talent
* Keen Insight: Max out a character's Find Clue talent
* ESP: Max out a character's Psychic talent
* Cthulhu Fhtagn!: Max out a character's Mythos talent
* Doctor: Max out a character's Surgery talent
* Psychologist: Max out a character's Therapy talent
* Say Cheese!: Max out a character's Photography talent
* That's How This Thing Works...: Max out a character's Technology talent
* Cartographer: Find all Maps
* Completely Rich: Have $99,999 Dollars

You can defeat an enemy by reducing its' MP to 0 (Needed on incorporeal enemies, if one of your character's MP runs out, that character acts erratically and you cannot control them), I do not know if it works on Laplace, Luerain, or Laplace's Demon, I do not know the quantity of the MP they have, to reduce an enemy's MP, you need special weapons to do damage to it or use the Scientist's Spirit Machine's Magnet Line. The Luerain fight that the cheevo should be coded for is near the very end of the game before fighting the Final Boss, you have to fight him in an earlier part where you are forced to wait several turns before you can progress.

The only way you can make cash in this game is using a Journalist to take pictures of monsters and then sell them, there is a log of monsters of whose photos you took, late in the game there is a point of no return so you cannot sell the photos you got beyond that point. The photos will not be logged if they are blurry (Low Photography Talent Level) despite selling them.

I do not know if you can solo the final boss though, I never really tried.

Posted: 16 Sep, 2018 07:26
Great , thanks for the suggestions. As soon as i map the memory i will add every single achieve that you suggested.


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