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Televandalist Dev Journal

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Posted: 07 Aug, 2018 15:16
Last Edit: 08 Oct, 2018 22:41
I figured I'd write one of these up to keep myself organized on here. I'll update this part periodically.

I originally found this site a few years ago by chance. I was bored at work and made a fake trophy list for Suikoden. Decided to look into it on Google to see if there was a community for something like that. Ended up finding this site and have been following it ever since.

I decided to try out developing achievements in July 2018 and I have to say, it's about as addicting as actually earning them.

Primary Focus
While I enjoy games of all types and plan to develop achievements for all platforms and game types, I have a preference for developing sets for hidden gems/sleeper hits and fan translated/English-friendly Japanese-only releases. The reason for this is to encourage players to try out some of the games I deem to be underdogs. The most I can hope for is strengthened fan support for these games. Of course, I will occasionally break this rule with cheevos for requested games (see later posts) and "I can't believe no one has done this yet" games (such as Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones).

Seconary Focus
I try to pretty things up around here. I look for game pages that are lacking info and images and fill them in accordingly. I do not keep track of the games I've done it to simply because that list has gotten ridiculous by this point.
I also want to clean up and organize the database as much as I can without having direct access to it. Fixing titles that are in all caps, renaming junk entries, trainers, duplicates, etc. to a general "~Z~Junk" type name so they're easier to find for the ones who are in charge of the database.

- I do almost all of my game badges using assets from the games. Assets are pulled from screenshots or spriters-resource. If there is text in a badge, it's safe to assume that I mix and matched letters using the game's in-game font. I also do these exclusively in MS Paint for some reason.

Posted: 07 Aug, 2018 15:17
Last Edit: 12 Oct, 2018 14:27
Sets I Have Worked On:

(Jul 2018)
-I feel this game was decent practice for developing. Almost all conditions are based on the current screen and text that appears. For the most part, I view this as complete. I've been tempted to add an achievement for only collecting the most necessary items, but we'll see.

(July 2018)
-Incomplete set that is all progress based as well as no damage. Left the points at a bit less than half the limit because I feel there's still room for plenty more achievements, particularly ones for getting so many kills with the different weapons. Will likely go back to finish at some point.
(Aug 2018)
-Finished the set. Added four achievements for getting over 250 kills with each of the weapons, and a couple other achievements. Now a full set.

(Jul 2018)
-Original set by
-I added a handful of achievements for collectibles throughout the stages, and ended up coming back to it to make it a full set. Still missing the extra life cheev for Level 4, though...

(Jul 2018)
- is interested in changing things up a bit and I'm cool with it.

(Jul 2018-Aug 2018)
-Needs to be linked to and tested for compatibility with USA rom. Currently only supports EU rom due to additional language support.
-Thanks to for the notes and help.
-Thanks to for creating the other two FE GBA sets, which as I used as a blueprint.
-Thanks to for all the bug reports and helping me narrow down several problems.
-By far the hardest I've worked on a set so far. I definitely learned a lot from it. Especially that I shouldn't promote to core unless I know for damn sure it's ready. I couldn't help it. I got too excited.
-While I view this as a well-rounded and complete set, I would like to eventually add a couple more cheevos based around the arena and skirmishes. And dare I say, the tower and ruins on difficult? ;)
-This is also the set that convinced me to stick around as a developer and to work harder to become a better one. It's something I'd like to be good at.

(Aug 2018)
-I still need to fix some of the icons and most of the achievement names, but other than that, I think it's done.
-Thanks again to , this time for the .sav file that spared me the hours it would have taken to get back to the end of the game so I could fix the last three boss achievements.

(Aug 2018)
-Needs to be tested for compatibility with Volfied, what it's known as outside of North America.
-Wow... that was a drain and a half. I swear I'll never unhear that siren noise that plays throughout the entire game.
-I'm ready and waiting for the hate-mail to roll in. This one is tough!
-Fun story: I rented this game when I was about 8 or 9 years old. At one point, I got so mad that I pressed on my eyeballs with my thumbs hard enough to see stars for a few minutes. Never had a gaming moment like that since.

(Aug 2018)
-I did a lot more testing than I normally do.
-This is my first set that I put anti-cheat conditions in.

(Sep 2018)
- I jokingly said that I was going to do it, but I ended up doing it anyway.
- Full set is 100 points because I really don't know what else could be done with it

(Sep 2018)
-Had a few obstacles to overcome in developing this set, but it went pretty smoothly. We could always use more PC Engine/TG-16/CD games here.
- Thanks to for pulling stage names from some fan site that probably one three people even know about.

(Aug 2018-Oct 2018)
-Spent most of its life in unofficial limbo. Randomly came back to finish it and pushed it to core.

(Sep 2018-Oct 2018)
-Request by
-Holy shit wave 100 is no joke.
-Thanks to for helping with "no warping" conditions. Dude's a wizard, for sure.

(Oct 2018)
- Had been meaning to do this one for a while. Randomly decided to start working on it again and before I knew it, I was almost done. First time using "add hits" conditions and they surprisingly worked.

(Oct 2018)
-Originally planned as a double-feature with Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but decided to do this one closer to Halloween.
-Once again, not much to do with an Atari 2600 game other than focus mainly on points and try to get creative.

Posted: 07 Aug, 2018 15:19
Last Edit: 15 Oct, 2018 07:15
To Do List:

Deja Vu
- There is a bit of a bug with the cheevos that deal with inventory, but you really have to go out of your way to experience it. It will be fixed in time.

Ninja Spirit
- Add leaderboard for high scores

Holy Diver
- Add an achievement for obtaining the extra life in Level 4

Jack Bros.
- Fix achievement icons
- Add leaderboard for floor reached (normal)
- Add leaderboard for floor reached (hard)
- Add achievements for defeating bosses without using special attacks.
- Add achievement for getting your health/time up to a certain number.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
- Add compatibility for US version of ROM. The set uses the EU version due to additional language support.
- Add leaderboards for the Creature Campaign
- Adjust RNG Superstar to be compatible with multisession achievements once they're supported.

Ultimate Qix
- Add High Score leaderboards for each game mode on each difficulty
- Add leaderboard for amount of blocks created in one game
- Check compatibility with Volfied, its EU and JP name.
- Finally fix the achievements that are in unofficial limbo

Conquest of the Crystal Palace
- Add high score leaderboard
- Make tweaks to cheat protection

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The
- Make for damn sure the Texas Chainsaw Marathon achievement works for everyone (in progress)

- Adjust names of miniboss cheevos to be less generic.

Zombie Hunter
- Make difficulty adjustments and verification for Game B and speedrun cheevos.
- Add leaderboard for completion time.

- Make difficulty adjustments
- Add leaderboard for high score

Cosmo Police Galivan
- Make compatible with multisession achievements once available.

- Add leaderboard for high score

Posted: 07 Aug, 2018 15:21
Last Edit: 09 Oct, 2018 02:54

Posted: 07 Aug, 2018 15:21
Last Edit: 08 Oct, 2018 22:49

Posted: 07 Aug, 2018 15:21
Last Edit: 09 Oct, 2018 19:25
Games I'm interested in working on (I'm by no means calling dibs, if you want to do one of these, more power to you!):

PC Engine/Turbografx-16/CD

- Needs translation

Sega Master System

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive


- Translation is unfinished

- Translation is unfinished



Game Boy/Game Boy Color

Game Gear

Neo Geo Pocket Color

Nintendo 64

Sega CD - Not Yet Supported

PlayStation - Not Yet Supported


Posted: 07 Aug, 2018 15:21
Last Edit: 14 Oct, 2018 04:24
- I have decided that in order to keep myself from being even more slammed and scatterbrained, I need to make some rules for this:
- Please do not request more than 20 games for me to choose from.
- I will only list up to five active requests per user that I will consider doing. As I mark them as completed, I may or may not add another one from the list.
- Please do not make additional request posts. If you want to make changes to your requests, please wait until your queue is finished and then edit your original post. Yes, I will see it. I make edits to this page almost daily.
- Please be patient with me. You will be the first to know when I begin actively developing a set you requested. You will be the first to know if there's significant progress. You will be the first to know when it's pushed to unofficial and core.
- Since my own set plans have priority, I cannot give an estimated date of completion for requests unless I have already begun working on the set. Please remember that the whole reason I am even open to requests is because sometimes I want to develop cheevos, but am dealing with roadblocks or I just plain don't know what to work on. This helps me stay busy as a developer.

- - done


Posted: 07 Aug, 2018 15:31
Last Edit: 04 Oct, 2018 13:26
Site/Community Projects:

- I am maintaining an unofficial list of the bestselling and highest rated games that are currently supported by RA, but do not have cheevos. The list can be found here.

Posted: 16 Aug, 2018 02:28
Last Edit: 01 Oct, 2018 08:29

Posted: 22 Sep, 2018 10:12
Last Edit: 22 Sep, 2018 14:58
Can you add the following games?

Namco Museum 64 (N64)
LEGO Bionicle (GameBoy Advance)
Worms (GameBoy)
Xs Moto (Gba)
Ford Racing 3 (gba)
Hollywood Pinball (Gbc)
Pac Man (Neo Geo Pocket)
V-Tetris (Virtual Boy)
Ms Pac Man (Game Gear)
Klax (NES)
Hydra (Lynx)
Off the Wall (2600)

They are my suggestions

Posted: 22 Sep, 2018 23:12
Last Edit: 28 Sep, 2018 23:00
Other ones I forgot to mention:

Worms Armageddon (Gbc) -
Tempest (2600) -
Bionicle Heroes (GameBoy Advance) -
Worms (Snes) -
Puyo Puyo Sun 64 (N64) -
Tapper (Atari 2600) -

Posted: 29 Sep, 2018 13:04
I can always suggest more if you want

Posted: 29 Sep, 2018 21:52
Last Edit: 30 Sep, 2018 00:17
Other Suggestions (To be updated occasionally)

Frogger (2600) -
Skiing (2600) -
Super Off-Road (Lynx) -
Shanghai (PC Engine) -
Test Drive Cycles (Game Boy Color) -
WordZap (GB) -
Gremlins (2600) -
Donkey Kong (2600) -
Rampage! (2600) -
Millipede (2600) -
Qix (Lynx) -
Space Invaders (N64) -
Grand Prix (2600) -
Dodge 'Em (2600) -
Pocket Reversi (Neo Geo Pocket) -
Columns (Game Gear) -
Majesco's Sports Pack (GBA) -
HAL 21 (Arcade) -
Pang! 3 (Arcade) -
PlayStation Picks Purple (PS1) -
Super Smash TV (Master System) -
Bust-A-Move Pocket (Neo Geo Pocket) -
Wipeout (PS1) -
Spy Vs. Spy (Master System) -
Klax (Master System) -
Xenophobe (2600) -
[Homebrew] Video Simon (2600) -
[Homebrew] Pac-Man 4K (2600) -
[Prototype] Sydney 2000 (N64) -
Test Drive 6 (GameBoy Color) -
Zoop (GB) -
Popeye (2600) -
Pooyan (2600) -
Zaxxon (2600) -
Puyo Pop (Neo Geo Pocket) -
Turmoil (2600) -
Shinobi (PC Engine) -
Wizard Pinball (Game Gear) -
Missile Command (2600) -
A Bug's Life (N64) -
Double Dragon (Lynx) -
Battle Lode Runner (PC Engine) -
Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition (N64) -
Atari Anniversary Advance (GBA) -
Gradius (PC Engine) -
Bookworm (GBA) -
Lode Runner 3-D (N64) -
LEGO Racers (N64) -
Hydro Thunder (N64) -
R-Type Complete CD (PC Engine) -
LEGO Racers (GBC) -
Earthworm Jim (GB) -
Microsoft Pinball Arcade (GBC) -
Frisky Tom (GB) -
Virtual Pool 64 (N64) -
Wetrix (N64) -
Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry (N64) -

Posted: 11 Oct, 2018 21:47
this is gonna take years.

Posted: 11 Oct, 2018 23:17
Last Edit: 11 Oct, 2018 23:31
Well it's probably impossible that I'll get to all of them. They're more or less games I want to have sets, whether I work on them or not.

And I'm holding back a ton of ps1 games since I can't add them to the database.

Not to mention all the consoles that aren't supported but are in the pipeline. Whew.

Either way, I just realized that I've been working kind of fast. 12 full sets and 1 partial since late July...
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