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~Hack~ Super Mario 64 - Last Impact

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Posted: 30 Jul, 2018 11:06
Last Edit: 01 Oct, 2019 03:01
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Created 30 Jul, 2018 11:06 by

1. SM64 Last Impact V1.2.z64
RA Checksum: 70059d4d7ba7ac0f0741b44aec8b44dc
CRC32 Checksum: 0C693CED


Posted: 01 Aug, 2018 13:09
I'm excited to truly try this. Now with a Gamepad. And with achieves!

Posted: 07 Feb, 2019 13:41
What an incredible Hack! i hope the work on this Set hasn't been abandoned.

Posted: 07 Feb, 2019 15:46
It's still planned but at the moment I don't find time to play it. I hope it'll change soon.

Posted: 05 May, 2019 05:40
Last Edit: 05 May, 2019 07:53
Changed the icon to a new one from to match most of the other hack icons. Here's the old one if someone prefers it and wants to make a vote if/when the set releases:

EDIT: Changed it back at Spory's request, here's the other one:

Posted: 17 May, 2019 05:42
I'll start deving this weekend and I will add achievements for the following things:

- collect all stars in each level
- finish the races with X seconds left
- find easter eggs

Sadly I can't add achievements for highscores in the Toad House because the memory of the score is random each time you start the minigame.

Posted: 09 Jun, 2019 02:22
Last Edit: 11 Jun, 2019 01:26
Have you tried messaging Kaze about the Toad House issue? He might be able to help out with a work around of some kind.

Posted: 09 Jun, 2019 08:43
I don't think he can solve it because that's a problem the rom itself has. Many games have the problem that the memory acts random sometimes.

Posted: 10 Sep, 2019 23:22
Last Edit: 10 Sep, 2019 23:27

Posted: 30 Sep, 2019 20:48
Last Edit: 30 Sep, 2019 20:49
The set is online now. There are still some easter eggs I didn't cover with achievements because they either have something to do with bad gameplay or using glitches. So this is the list I know about but didn't create achievements for:

- Game Over encounters
- Too many Game Overs so the counter doesn't show a number anymore
- Reach the Mansion in Above the Clouds to see painting from a Boo and Weegee (needs BLJ)
- Talk to the Monty Mole inside the Cell in Dusky Doomed Dale (needs BLJ)
- A secret level in the third Overworld (needs BLJ)
- Toad's flags in the Lava minigame (needs extra movement speed by using the platforms)

For the secret level I still created a leaderboard for the fastest time.
If you find any other easter egg, let me know so I can add an achievement for it.

Posted: 30 Sep, 2019 22:29
Last Edit: 30 Sep, 2019 22:30
i think achievements for those are fine since the game expects you to do it and has something for it. While i understand not including the game over ones because those are just tedious the hack creator clearly intends people to be able to BLJ so it's more of a feature than a glitch in this case. Shame to have an entire level not be represented.

Posted: 30 Sep, 2019 22:38
The two BLJ easter eggs are pretty hard (even the hack creator used save states for the jail one because you need perfect BLJs and movement). The level is also more like a beta level which the creator didn't remove and hide an invisible pipe out of bounds which brings you into the level. Even the star at the end doesn't count as a real star and it's just a small jump and run level.

Posted: 30 Sep, 2019 22:47
Last Edit: 30 Sep, 2019 22:48

I still think they should be included personally. If not the frame and angle perfect bljs then at least the reasonable ones. Stuff like the beta level that's still accessable is really cool, and someone who has zero interest in leaderboards like me have no reason to go find it.

Posted: 30 Sep, 2019 22:50
You don't even are interested to play the game :deng:

Posted: 30 Sep, 2019 23:01
Last Edit: 30 Sep, 2019 23:01
i'm one of 3 people on this planet that think glitches in a core set are fine as long as they're fair since we're not xbox or sony making official sets so you have a point
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