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Site Improvements


Posted: 12 Jul, 2018 14:12
Last Edit: 12 Jul, 2018 16:08
Hello Gamers Friends!

I come here to give ideas to improve your site in terms of ranking, community and some improvements in achievements.

For Ranking it would be nice to have more filters, such as My ranking, country and system.

For the community the possibility of creating groups, to make it easier to create competitions.

In achievements, it would be top to have playstation 1 trophies!

I hope to have helped to improve this spectacular community!


Posted: 13 Jul, 2018 15:09
I would make cross-game site achievements for example: you finish all street fighter games? You get a custom site badge and a wallpaper.

You break the car in Final Fight and Street Fighter(s)? You'll get a custom badge and wallpaper... That'd be amazing!

Posted: 15 Jul, 2018 17:51
ERVI brings up something that might be interesting.

I can think of that also in the context of 'meta achievements'

Something like 'One Man Army' as just making something up on the spot. That would entail having to do complete a certain amount of no death challenges from a set of games in the meta. The meta would just pull from certain sets that have a theme to them and to get the meta you would need to complete a certain amount of the ones in the meta.

Like 'complete any 3 of these'

No Death Contra
No Death Contra (Multi)
No Death Super C
No Death Hard Corps (Any ending)
No Death Contra 3

Posted: 15 Jul, 2018 19:25
Last Edit: 15 Jul, 2018 19:27
If i remember and had some similar ideas a year ago or so for completing eg. all mega man games on a console or across multiple consoles getting badges or experience like on steam. Also awarding badges or exp for completing achievement of the week/month. They put many more ideas on the table but the post probably got lost in the forum. I am curious if they plan to implement any of these on the new site or left it for a later time.

Posted: 21 Jul, 2018 23:41
some kind of description that changes when you get the cheevo.


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