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Chopper Command

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Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 01:53
Last Edit: 11 Jul, 2018 02:07
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Created 11 Jul, 2018 01:53 by

Chopper Command (USA).a26
Chopper Command (1982) (Activision) [!].a26
RA Checksum: c1cb228470a87beb5f36e90ac745da26
CRC32 Checksum: 1DFA64DF


Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 02:08
Achievement idea:

War sure is hell, son
- Earn 1000 points

What are you doing in the army, boy?!
- Lose all your lives with no points whatsoever

Let's see how you fire that weapon, soldier
- Destroy 15 enemies

Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 02:11
"Not a pacifist, sir. I'm a coward"
- spend 3 minutes in a level without destroying enemies

Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 02:17
Last Edit: 11 Jul, 2018 02:18
One big pile of scrap
- Destroy 35 enemies

I'm actually getting the hang of this...
- Earn 2000 points

Medal of endurance
- Complete 5 stages without losing a life

Well, that was quick.
- Finish any stage under a minute

I haven't seen that much destruction since Vietnam!
- Destroy 150 enemies

Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 02:21
*insert stock sound effect of a dive bomber, Wilhelm scream and an explosion*
- Destroy 100 enemies

Splendid! Reinforcements have arrived!
- Earn a bonus life

Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 02:36
Rambo it ain't
- Earn 3000 points

- Earn 2500 points without losing a life

Chopper Commander
- Earn 4000 points

Today, you are a marine
- Earn 5000 points

How many stamps did you put on your Chopper?
- Destroy 20 enemies without dying

Get to the--- oh you get the point.
- Earn 1000 points without dying

Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 02:43
This is what goes in Michael Bay's head 24/7
- Destroy 50 enemies without dying

Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 20:27
Set done by request of . Made according to suggestions, which cover pretty much everything. There may be a few more achievements I can add, but this is probably pretty much complete.

Requirements changed somewhat in some cases more appropriate for actual gameplay. It's possible experts will think this too easy. After level 11 you can gain 12-13k per level if you're good, and speed doesn't increase. Game ends at 999999, but i'm not making that a requirement. Maybe someone can create a leaderboard to cover that aspect of the set.

Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 22:16
Added a Hi-Score Leaderboard, let me know if there any issues.

Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 22:19
Oh, I forgot to suggest this funny little cheevo:

Choppers and martinis are a bad combination
- Smash yourself into an enemy

Posted: 12 Jul, 2018 16:09
Last Edit: 12 Jul, 2018 16:11
Some logic issues regarding the set have been fixed, thanks to the user who reported it. These relate to the "without dying" achievements. I thought people were just having a hard time surviving despite the decent high scores. I tested them more carefully, they should work now.

Posted: 14 Jul, 2018 05:12
I feel like the 50k and 100k and getting the 6 bonus lives is way too much compared to the rest of them to be honest

Posted: 14 Jul, 2018 05:59
Last Edit: 14 Jul, 2018 06:16
I've gotta agree with Haruda on this one. I wanna see the video of someone who manages to get 6 lives and over 50k especially 100k points. It's kinda over the top IMO.

Posted: 14 Jul, 2018 16:39
Last Edit: 14 Jul, 2018 16:56
I can demote them if no one gets them after a while. Here;s a link of a guy getting the high score - 999999+

Getting 100k is only a tenth of the way there. When it came out, magazines told people to send in your scores if you broke 10k. Back when they though no one could possibly get above a certain score and failed to add code in the game to prevent bugs if it happened. This game does have protection, it says you "win" in the manual when you reach that score, but the game doesn't have any victory screen or anything. You just get something similar to when you clear the level and the game ends.

100k would take some dedicated playing. There was originally a plan to make a cheevo for killing 150 enemies. If you do reasonably well, don't lose too many trucks, you can get 100k+ before that in stage ~12/13. If I had continued in the same vein, the next cheevos would have been for 160 and 200 enemies. You would have 150-170k by that point, but i didn't want to discourage players from attempting the set..that's probably better left to leaderboards. Maybe someone can add one for enemies killed. I generally make sets for games i''m familiar with and i don't make something i would not find fun to get. I made this set "easy" in the sense that you could get everything just by reaching level 11 at the highest speed level. After that, it's just repetition. I didn't add requirements that it be attained in commando difficulty (3). So you might want to try that for a while and then see how easy (1) is by comparison in the early levels. These are supposed to be achievements, and they are doable with some practice. You need to master the controls and make sure you're not speeding into enemies. Just changing directions, can help you get away, just make sure you don't crash into something.

Getting a 1up in levels 8+ is pretty much guaranteed as long as you don't lose more than 1 or 2 trucks. So you only need to survive 4 levels in the higher range to get the max life requirement.

It may seem difficult, but there should be several people on this site who can pull off even the high score, let alone a measly 100k. If you lose no more than one life per level, you are pretty much guaranteed to make it to the very end, so long as you're not too slow.

Posted: 16 Jul, 2018 00:41
The badges (achievement icons) are bland at this point. It could use some custom artwork.
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