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Hiya Everybody!


Posted: 10 Jul, 2018 18:29
Last Edit: 11 Jul, 2018 01:29
Hello! My username is TheAutisticGamer. And before you ask, Yes. I do have the autism spectrum. I also happen to have a RetroPie Console that I use to play achivements. I just have a few questions before I start out getting achievements (got a few already though).

1) What does Hardcore Mode do?
2) Where do I post when a achievement doesn't work?
3) I need some more jokes. Got any good ones?

Anyway. I got a funny personality (look at question #3) And I am hoping this fourm will get better and better! Feel free to ask any questions onto this fourm about me. I will respond very kindly. No personal info questions or It will result in me saying "screw that question. I'm not answering that" and so fourth.

Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 20:20
Last Edit: 11 Jul, 2018 20:22
Hi there and welcome to the community!

1) Hardcore mode doubles the points you get AND makes it so that you cannot use save states.

2) When an achievement doesn't work I usually post in the comment section on that specific game

3) What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y.

Additionally I would recommend checking out the github to get more info on the community and how to actively participate

Posted: 12 Jul, 2018 03:39
Hey there, welcome!

The most proper thing to do when an achievement doesn't work is to do a ticket report, either via the emulator on "RetroAchievements -> Report Broken Achievement", or going to the achievement page here in the site and clicking on "Report an issue for this achievement".

Anyway, if you also want to post about it on the comments section of the game or in the game's topic too, there's no problem at all.


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