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I finally understand what happened in Deyvid's case


Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:08
Last Edit: 13 Jun, 2018 21:27
So, this guy emerged in Top 25 RA like crazy, with ~4 months of account creation. That caught my attention, so I made some calculations to find out how many points top 50 RA earned in average ( ), and it was 280,85. Deyvid, though, was the biggest outlier, earning 815,84 per day. Yes, more than one full set per day. Everyday. Seemed pretty unreal, so I decided to go a little bit further.

First very weird thing I found out was when I checked his comments section in his profile. He now deleted it, but I have a backup. There was a chat with a friend. His friend tells him from a new acconut he is "Raphael 0202". Deyvid then asks why his friend made another account. His friend says he didn't know which game to go next to master, so he made another account to master the same ones again, but now from a new account. Deyvid, then, says this: "tipo sofrer 2x kkejkejeeiui, mas te entendo. eu tenho outra conta aqui mas e s pra caso eu tomar ban nessa sei l", which translates into "like you're gonna suffer 2x lol, but I got you. I have another account also, but only in case this one gets banned, dunno". Why would he care about his account getting banned? Weird, huh?

Digged a little bit further and found out he was the same person from "Consoli" account, a banned/untracked account from early 2017 ( ). Don't know what was the story behind this one (didn't research into this, tbh).

Then I went to take a look at Deyvid's cheevos. Found some theoretical impossible timestamp, like in (a brazilian "Who wants to be a millionaire?" game). There was a cheevo to lose in the final question and a cheevo to win in it. He got the cheevo for losing, and like 1 minute later got the cheevo for winning in it.

This game has no passwords, he should have to go through all 15 questions before getting to the last one again and winning in it. Yes, I know. The cheevo code could be glitched somehow. I checked the code, though, and it seemed fine, I spent some efforts doing tests and stuff, but it really seemed solid. Well, still could be something I couldn't find, so I went to move on.

Then I found something very obvious. He was always looking to load 100% saves into games and easily get the cheevos. He went from 0% to mastered in DKC, DKC2 and DKC3 in the same day.

I asked to kdecks if someone who loads saves to earn cheevos is considered a cheater in RA's eyes, and if that was enough to untrack the person. He said if there's many examples as a clear attempt to abuse the system, then yes, "say higher than 3".

Well, as I already had 3 examples, I easily found 1 more, .

Even included another one, from .

I found more weird stuff, like in where the first cheevo he got was for beating the penultimate boss, and then he started earning the cheevos in the regular order, with very good times as he does in a suspicious (in my opinion) amount of games. In this specific case I found a code in the Internet to go straight to the last level, so maybe he used the code and this triggered the cheevo to beating the penultimate boss? I don't know, this is speculation, I haven't done further research.

Also found weird how good was his timestamps in , take a look:

3:20 KO one of 3 shadaloo member perfect level 7 (hardest)
3:24 KO M. Bison perfect level 7
3:25 finish the game in level 7 without using continues
3:25 ken level 7
3:43 dhalsim level 7
3:58 zangief level 7
4:10 chun-li level 7
4:30 honda level 7
4:43 guile level 7
4:54 ryu level 7
5:06 blanka level 7

In his first run with Ken he already got every one from the toughest cheevos in the set, then beat the rest of the set with the other characters quite easy. Yes, if someone is really good at Street Fighter/fighting games, they can do it, specially because the knowledge you got from a Street Fighter game goes to the other. Anyway, I asked him about this, and he said he actually always pressed start with the 2nd controller in fighting games in story mode, so he could get all the cheevos, and this was also the case here. Most fighting games sets doesn't have protection for this behavior, it seemed indeed. Still I asked , the SFII set dev about this, but he assured me this wasn't possible at this specifically set, as he took very care about this issue. Well, again this doesn't prove anything, but it is another weird thing.

Anyway, as I already had enough proof (specially the 5 examples of loading saves/using passwords to abuse RA's system), I sent all this stuff to the admins. Some days later Deyvid got untracked. He said he could explain everything (sure). Still, even he got untracked, he kept playing in his account earning points very fast, in the same rhythm. I have no idea why, but honestly didn't care. A proved cheater was out of the rankings, that was enough. For my surprise, though, a few months later, when he had enough points to be in the top 5, he got un-untracked. If you check his DKC cheevos, you can see he reset it and earned again with "regular" timestamps. If you check his DKC2 ones, you can see he reset it. Got lazy to look into the other ones, but I'm still wondering: why the f* the admins changed their mind? Well, recently posted he "asked Deyvid to reset the points he got by cheating" (I suppose the ones I sent as proofs), he did it, then meleu brought him back. Yes, all this time Deyvid had a free ticket to cheating. What about everyone who plays fairly and care about the rankings being legit? A big f* you to you.

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:12


Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:34
Last Edit: 13 Jun, 2018 21:36
I did set based on the first one (by ) and I can't think in a honest way to get those cheevos in that order/velocity.

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 23:10
Good work, detective Thoreau. This is a good post with actual evidence that shouldn't be being buried by the other thread, so I'll give it a bump.

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 23:13
"up" by

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 23:49
Last Edit: 17 Jun, 2018 01:36
Note: My old post was different from the current one, but I think that I was unnecessarily rude with the admins in the old one (with various wtrong informations and even quoting names), so I decided to edit this post, it was a disrespect to them, being that they did very important things on the site, but here are the most important parts of the post.

[Family Friendly Mode On]

I REALLY didn't wanted to be that kind of Admin, I've never even banished anyone since today! But, seeing the situation that RA is today... thousands of people cheating and thousands of people getting upset for those same persons... I decided that I will be THE BAN/UNTRACKED ADMIN here. And I'll start this by:

-Keep Deyvid untracked until him resets all his points (due to the evidence above);

If you see any cheater and have evidence of him using cheats, REMEBER TO SEND A PM TO RADMIN. Showing all your evidence you have of the person that is possible using cheats, them me (or possible another admin) will check this case.

[Family Friendly Mode off]

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 23:52
That is the right thing to do

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 23:56
this deyvid guy should be banned, not ask him to reset all his points.

Posted: 14 Jun, 2018 00:03
Good job with investigating this case @. This is how a Cheater Report should look like. We got a lot broken Cheevos (Triggered at wrong time) but in these examples you have posted seems that Deyvid did it all on purpose, not by accident.

Posted: 14 Jun, 2018 03:37
Last Edit: 14 Jun, 2018 03:56
[This post was just a joke]

Posted: 14 Jun, 2018 03:46
Last Edit: 14 Jun, 2018 03:47
What about DonCosmo?


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