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Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 19:16
OMG I'll start playing to get 100000000000000000 points

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:06
Last Edit: 13 Jun, 2018 21:10
People are gonna cheat no matter what. No matter how many strict security checks are in place people are gonna find ways to cheat. The memory editor and external tools make it pretty easy to cheat, especially games with save files (hack stats to 999, save+reset for example). Maybe instead of removing key features for the sole purpose of "unincentivising cheaters" that are gonna cheat anyway do more important things and update the site to make it more fun for the other 90% of us.

Personally i don't see doncosmeme as a complete cheater but that's just my opinion. He's probably done a few suspicious things at some point but everyone has, and if he wasn't number one no one would care. I've used save file editors once or twice and used a 100% save file for latios in pokemon pinball but you don't see people yelling at me for being a cheater on a daily basis.

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:22
Sets i cheated:

Pokemon Crystal (Tyrogue Sux)
Pokemon FireRed (Tyrogue Sux)
Dragon Quest 1
Diddy Kong Racing (Lost my save and didn't want to redo 80% of tt trials to get back to where i was)
Pokemon Pinball - Ruby/Sapphire (Latios was taking literal days)

Sets i glitched to the point of cheating:

Pokemon Crystal (Roamin Legends Sux)
Pokemon Red/Blue

Untrack pls

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:27

Unfortunatelly there is not enough proof against you

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:27
BerzerkerBR is just a lonely Fernando roadie. He will get over himself one day, prove it or stfu.

I did not join this site to get anyones approval, I didn't expect to reach this spot. Personally I hope we do away with the global leaderboard and shut these whiny entitled kids up.

And yes I was aggressive when you approached me about video. Until I was hurt I was a very busy person, with luck ill again be a very busy person. Being in a bed, all casted up, with my arms free doesn't leave me with much BUT this to do. I am not really up for backflips at the moment. Such a necessity being asked of me is honestly really screwed up.

Also I deleted achievements not as some kind of admission, I did it becuse losing one game I can do again sometime is no big loss. And it shut everyone the hell up. I cant wait until an achievement or rich presense glitches and says im playing with mario in a zelda game, invincible with 9999 lives and someone tries to convince everyone its some devious motive.

I am not getting chased off, Fernando left because he assumed everyone as good as or better than him was a cheater and threw fits until he couldn't stand it. Grow the fuck up.

Seriously please implement save checksum verification for every possible save point in every game, make sure every rom is checksum verified, disable linking by anyone you find even remotely shady, I have bigger things to worry about like walking again than how impressed a bunch of crybaby millennials are, I do not care.

Implement screenshots that the whole world sees with time stamps when achievements trigger every single time and they upload and can not be changed by the user without admin approval.

Pick an emulator, disable the ra ones and rely only on ralibretro or retroarch, settle on one. Put in verification on the emulators executable as well, and make updating mandatory. Please make this impossible, please work on rich presence bugs, please make sure that no old sets have impossible achievements that somehow unlock anyway and cause false blame.

And PLEASE add an option to flawlessly and completely block others users from seeing your playpostsexistence, but never can be invisible to admins. I will assist in any way I can that doesn't involve standing up.

Also I am not even the guy who let you know about what happened to me, personally I wouldn't have.

Also there is no prestige, THIS, what you see here is what its like being in the number one spot. If it is appealing to you to be harassed by naive morons who can't hack it go for the gold.

My grip is not as good as it was and it's still too early to know what my full function will be. I could get beat at any time, probably by Max honestly. Maybe I will when I can record some playthroughs and you can see that it doesn't take as much effort as some of you think, and people are not "Godly", just trained.

Kdecks, feel free to let me know if I can ever be of any assistance in regards to helping make cheating here impossible. I am sick of this bullshit.

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:33
I wont even bother to read all this bull****.

if you dont care about global then i think you wont care to be made untracked right?

Just to satisfy our curiosity show us a Picture of you bedridden.

Show us the vĂ­deo that your friend made while you were comatose.

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:40
Last Edit: 13 Jun, 2018 21:41
You could bottle all this salt and sell it on Etsy.

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:41
Its not the most important thing to me. But i would really like to see RA get somekind of better system for catching and banning cheaters.easier said than done i know

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:43
doncosmeme face reveal? :eyes:

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:46
BerzerkerBR, Im just going to let you keep embarassing yourself. Get good, or go home.

What you believe is as irrelevant as you are, don't care.

Also, do you really think admins would retrack me because I got hit by a truck? Do you think they give two shits?

It's not like I'm on a box of wheaties, nobody knows who I am, there is no fame, I'm still stuck in a bed, and I still work for a living from home via my laptop. If you got here, you would not like it.

Kindly stop addressing me, you are irritating. Go give Fernando a big kiss and settle down.

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 21:57
Looks like your sob story worked and some guys are too embarassed to admit they fell for it.

I dont believe anyone will do something about it, but please continue with your excuses they get even more elaborate each time.

Who more irritates you? me, Fernando, HippoppotamusRex maybe? In other words everybody that kept exposing you?

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 22:01

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 22:03
english is not my first language i couldnt care less about gramar or spelling

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 22:08
I was more referring to the evidence

Posted: 13 Jun, 2018 22:09
the frogger thing is seriously one of the dumbest things i've seen in a while tbh
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