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Operation Ticket Buster

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Posted: 06 Jun, 2018 03:17
Last Edit: 06 Jun, 2018 03:47
A recent improvement implemented to the site was the possibility to get a list of the games with the most outstanding tickets:

This feature was implemented in a hope that if developers see a game they love with open tickets, they can help to resolve them.

And now (5-June-2018), 10 days after this feature was implemented, I'm very glad to see that many tickets were fixed and some games don't even appear on that list anymore (example: I noticed that and fixed all the tickets for , which is the game that was on the top of that list with 37 tickets, thanks guys!).

I would like to thank every dev who helps on this front. And encourage others to try to help on fixing the tickets we have.

PLEASE: add comments about the changes you've made on the logic before closing the ticket as resolved.

And for users/players: add as many details as you can, such as the state of your game, when it triggered/didn't trigger, what game mode, where you were when it happened/didn't happen, if you had reset the game recently, anything else you think may be relevant to the achievement. This is helps a lot to fix the problem.

Posted: 06 Jun, 2018 03:23
I'm taking care of revision for , that means I will also fix all isues and improve the code overall.

Posted: 06 Jun, 2018 08:19
Last Edit: 07 Jun, 2018 00:15
Working on .
I fixed the tickets: 540, 1369, 3603, 5528, 5084,12979, 6559, 10560, 10561, 10562 and 10563.

THIS GAME WAS TICKET BUSTED! No more open tickets for broken cheevos now.


Posted: 06 Jun, 2018 08:28
Last Edit: 06 Jun, 2018 10:09
I've already finished up the majority of but the last two tickets will require some grinding to fully understand how they work, what might go wrong with them, and how to fix them. so those will come in due time unless someone beats me to the punch.

I'm also working to fix up

Posted: 06 Jun, 2018 11:03
I've closed ~15 tickets for earlier. There were tickets for Green pendant and the lamp triggered in wrong time (right after game load) after SRAM protection was added.

Posted: 06 Jun, 2018 16:19
Last Edit: 07 Jun, 2018 01:34
I think the best for this intitiative would be not just resolving tickets, but testing the set generally especially if it's heaviily bugged, and especially testing for false positives, which are rarely reported.
Also the best would be not to get hotheaded about bug-busting, and double check the achievement and bring a proof of it being fixed. Just single unlock is good, but the best would be to ask players to test it. Maybe it could be announced on discord somehow. If we are fixing something let's also prevent new tickets from comming in the future.

Posted: 07 Jun, 2018 00:25
Last Edit: 07 Jun, 2018 00:35
I agree. Those old sets have a fragile code. But the old tickets of game sets made by inactive developers must be solved because they are duplicating themselves and normally they are "easy" to solve. We should detect and create a list of those games that needs revision. I think this operation aims to prevent the duplication of old open tickets, something like "to kill some bugs before the pest control comes"

Posted: 07 Jun, 2018 01:42
You guys can use this forum thread to list the games you think deserve a revision:

Posted: 07 Jun, 2018 03:01
I don't mean revision exactly, but checking every achievement in those heavily bugged sets, not only the reported ones. I've noticed only a particle of bugs are being raported, and most of them are when the achievement don't trigger. There are also a lot of players who don't send tickets but leaving comments on the game or achievement wall, or don't do anything at all.

Posted: 07 Jun, 2018 13:12
I can take . Revision is planned by me this summer.

Posted: 07 Jun, 2018 16:24
Last Edit: 07 Jun, 2018 18:09
As a non-dev, would I be welcome to try to diagnose the problems with some of these tickets and post suggested code improvements here? In particular, I've gone through Ducktales 2 pretty recently and wouldn't mind replaying it some more.

EDIT: Just noticed Salsa already said she was going to be working on that one, but I'd still be interested in helping clean up old code on some of the others.

Posted: 07 Jun, 2018 17:51
, you and any other community member are very welcome to help on this front. It's extremely handy to have good players aboard wanting to help and test things.

I recomend putting your suggestions for fixes not here on this thread, but on the tickets themselves. If there's no ticket, feel free to open a new one adding all useful info (just like that way you suggested on that other forum topic you started).

Regarding Ducktales 2, if you know it well and like the game, I'm sure will appreciate to have you as a beta-tester for her revision.

By the way, I suggest to any player who wants to see new sets (or revisions for very basic and old sets) to post on the official game's forum topic that you are a volunteer to be a beta-tester for the dev who wants to work on that game. And, of course, suggesting fun/challenging cheevos for the games you know very well always helps.

Posted: 07 Jun, 2018 18:11
Cool. Moved my notes to the Mod of Balance tickets. Someone may be able to knock out all 13 of those without even changing anything. I may look at more of these later when I'm at home.

Posted: 15 Jun, 2018 03:51
Last Edit: 15 Jun, 2018 04:24
Working on

Fixed the achievements:
reported on tickets: 6623, 11307, 10601 and 9579.
reported on tickets: 10600, 11306 and 11745.
reported on tickets: 11305 and 11744.
reported on tickets: 9063, 11302 and 11475.
reported on tickets: 9064, 11303, 12443, 11740, and 11476.
reported on tickets: 11304, and 11743.
reported on ticket: 11308.

THIS GAME WAS TICKET BUSTED! No more open tickets for broken cheevos now.


Posted: 15 Jun, 2018 17:35
Last Edit: 15 Jun, 2018 17:36
I'm fixing some Mega Man games from SNES and also I'm aiming for the Castlevania games.

So far I fixed and (as meleu said). Also, I'm almost finishing and .

I'm planning to do , , and , but if someone want to fix them, go for it, I will probably take some time.
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