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Unofficial Achievements are NOT awarded anymore

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Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 00:27
Last Edit: 05 Jun, 2018 00:29
I dig that you're not a programmer, but it's not hard to patch a rom and change the checksum. Nowadays it's mostly automated. I can help you with that, and as the poster before me mentioned, Salsa (bless her heart) loves to help others here.

I also appreciate that you're passionate about this topic, and you make a well rounded argument. But I'm not new to the emulation community in general, and there are always lots of people willing to help you test things. I've never had a shortage of beta testers for anything I've developed. Most of these people do it for the love of the hobby, expecting nothing in return.

I'm also a QA professional (I actually run the QA department at a SaaS company), so I thoroughly test my own work before I put it out there. Sure, not everyone has that luxury, but a shout in the chat/forum looking for volunteers is most likely enough. If you think there needs to be incentive, a simple thanks in the game thread or the option to come up with a cheevos idea is probably enough for most. Maybe even get the site admin to throw down a karma/spirit meter.

I still think it's a good idea to stop awarding points for unofficial achievements. And I also agree that developers shouldn't continue to utilize that space for achievements that would not normally be promoted to core. But I mostly agree that if it wasn't for developers like yourself, I wouldn't be here playing the games I grew up on.

What's done is done, I hope you don't stop developing. I was hoping your Parallel Worlds set would get an update to 1.23. :)

Posted: 09 Feb, 2019 14:22
On my Retroarch, I only can see the official achievements.

How can I see all (official and unofficial) achievements list?

Thank you in advance

Posted: 09 Feb, 2019 14:33
Last Edit: 09 Feb, 2019 14:39
Unofficial achievements is a holding place for achievements in various states:

- A developer is placing it in public view for bug testing, review or is preparing to publish them to official.
- An achievement has been determined as unsuitable. It is depreciated and left here. Often unofficial achievements have unwelcome concepts, are broken, incomplete or empty.

Either way unofficial achievements are not intended for normal play. If you're curious, they can be viewed and played using any of the RA emulators. Open the Retroachievments menu in the emulator, selecting "Achievements Sets" option, choose the "unofficial User-Submitted Achievements" radio button. You'll need to activate (turn on) individually the ones you'd like to play/test, or activate them all at once.

As far as I know there's not a way to see them in Retroarch. If anyone knows otherwise I'll be happy to be corrected.

Posted: 09 Feb, 2019 14:33
Enable advanced settings:
Settings > User Interface > Show Advanced Settings

And then enable unofficial achievements:
Settings > Achievements > Test Unofficial Achievements
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