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Psychic World (SMS)


Posted: 19 Apr, 2018 21:33
Last Edit: 31 May, 2018 06:49
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Created 19 Apr, 2018 21:33 by

1. Psychic World (Europe).sms
Psychic World (EB) [!].sms
Psychic World (1991)(Sega).bin
psychic world (europe).bin
RA Checksum: 1076f6358527d1cec1e1e75143997293
CRC32 Checksum: 5C0B1F0F


Box Text

Dr. Knavik needs you to use his special "ESP Booster" to rescue young Cecile. She and her sister, Lucia, were his assistants, and the monsters Dr. Knavik kept for experiments escaped with her! Venture out into this frightening, mystical, often beautiful world, fend off the many creatures and dangers, and save poor Cecile!

__/ Trivia \___________________________

Psycho World is a 1988 game for the MSX by Hertz and it later was ported to the Master System and Game Gear. This version streamlines several parts from the MSX version the term "World" is changed to "Round" like others Master System games.

Information about Master System:

Posted: 24 Apr, 2018 22:38
Last Edit: 10 May, 2018 05:21
The set is done!

The set has 150 points, there's not much to do here, this is a short and easy game.

Rich Presence:

Lucia fighting in Praire | 💯:00000

Map symbols: ▌▌=Paused, 💯=Score

==== Notes ====

These achievements resets if you lose energy of life gauge or if you use the ESP Power Shield in the room where the achievement is trigged.

Then you must follow the instruction:

1- Before accessing both areas ahead, make sure that the shield doesn't up.

Power Ascended achievements:

Need collect these ESP Power in each achievement.

- (4) Pys Cannon, (3) Shield, (1) Teleportation, (1) Hydro Wave "Boss drop"

- (4) Hydro Wave, (3) Explosion, (2) Shield, (1) Teleportation, (1) Burning Bullet "Boss drop"

- (4) Burning Bullet, (2) Explosion, (1) Freeze Ray, (1) Ultra Sonic "Boss drop"

- (5) Levitation, (4) Freeze Ray, (4) Ultra Sonic

❗❗ In many achievements doesn't allowed to use the teleportation trick to gain more power, same goes for cheat code.


📣 Retroarch players use the Genesis Plus GX core instead of the Picodrive core!


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