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Lost World: Jurassic Park, The


Posted: 04 Apr, 2018 14:12
Last Edit: 04 Apr, 2018 19:58
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Created 4 Apr, 2018 14:12 by


Posted: 29 Jan, 2020 06:17
I'm going to try and develop Achievements for this game, nobody asked for it but its a great game of my childhood, so i hope that with a set more people get to know it.
Will post the Achievement Plan soon.

Posted: 31 Jan, 2020 02:30
Last Edit: 31 Jan, 2020 02:31
Complete Mobile Lab
Complete Cave Rescue
Complete Activate The Sensors
Complete Stegos Abduction
Complete The Bike Race
Complete Raptor Nest Hunt
Complete Defend Transport
Complete Trike Rescue
Complete T-Rex Escape
Complete T-Rex Chase
Complete Hunter Camp Sabotage
Complete Cave Maze
Complete River Raft Battle
Complete Egg Hunt
Complete Rough Road
Complete Amber Mine
Complete Ptenarodon Attack
Complete Jungle Firestorm
Complete The Final Countdown
Complete Isla Sorna Site 1 Without using Passwords
Complete Isla Sorna Site 2 Without using Passwords
Complete Isla Sorna Site 3 Without using Passwords
Complete Isla Sorna Site 4 Without using Passwords
Boss Specific Achievement 1
Boss Specific Achievement 2
Boss Specific Achievement 3
Boss Specific Achievement 4
First Full Air Supply
9 Lives
Weapon Achievements if possible
More if i find interesting addresses.

Posted: 02 Feb, 2020 23:18
So theres a lot that i wanted to be done, but i either can't find the right addresses for it or i found the adresses but are not consistant at all, i'll push what i have (which is mainly progression Achievements) to Unofficial, feel free to use them (Or not) for the future, i might come back to it later in life, but for now thats it.

Posted: 29 Jun, 2020 10:01
Last Edit: 29 Jun, 2020 17:28
Maybe We'll Come Back
Complete The Final Countdown

No work.

rom Jurassic Park 2 - The Lost World (U) [!].gen
emu RaLibRetro 1.2

Posted: 30 Jun, 2020 05:13
Still not working? It seems like something was broken with either the Achievement logic or the game RAM with some update, since it had no problems when i created it back in February. Nonetheless i'll look into it. Thank you for letting me know.


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