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River Raid


Posted: 16 Mar, 2018 19:51
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Created 16 Mar, 2018 19:51 by


Posted: 14 Jul, 2018 18:56
Let's Raid Some Rivers
- Earn 1000 Points

Love the smell of petrol in the morning
- Destroy 10 fuel tanks

You Sunk My Battleship!
- Sink 10 Ships

Look Ma, No Seatbelts!
- Earn 1500 Points without dying

No worries chief, I'm a natural.
- Earn 3000 Points

If only my boss would see me now
- Earn 8000 points

Better fish out all that scrap
- Destroy 36 enemies

- What a waste of all the fuel
Destroy 50 fuel tanks

Just in time!
- Get a bonus life

Am I the only one who isn't seasick?
- Beat 3 levels without losing a life

Don't use it all at once
- Clear a stage without firing

Smooth Flying
- Clear a stage without getting hit

Artful Dodger
- Clear 3 stages without getting hit

Savant of The Skies
- Earn 15,000 Points

- Clear 3 stages without firing

Posted: 22 Aug, 2018 23:21
Last Edit: 25 Aug, 2018 13:54
Can add:

Sink 10 Helicopters
Sink 10 Planes
Destroy 5 fuel tanks while low on fuel (less than half)
Points can go a tad higher (i'd do up to 50 or 100k, takes around 12 minutes to get to 50k, 25 minutes to 100k)
Get your first extra Life
Reach 5 lives
Reach 9 Lives (doable at around 60k points IF you dont ever die - might be a tad too hard)
Clear a stage without refueling (might add one for 2 and 3, gotta test if its possible)

Btw im intrested in coding this one if you dont :)

Posted: 23 Aug, 2018 19:27
Last Edit: 25 Aug, 2018 16:58
It's on my list of interests too, but I won't be doing it anytime soon.
edit. Change of plans. I think I will take a break with my arcade plan and do some Atari devvin.

Posted: 12 Oct, 2018 00:32
Would love to see this set come to fruition. I'm hoping to dive into developing achievements once I get a little more comfortable with the site.


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